Spring Basho 2013: Day 12

MatagioI come back from work with a smile on my face… its been a while where should I begin.  I pick up a pack of smokes, run down to the local market and support it with food and munchies for after the fact.  I put a fag in my mouth while driving to calm the excitement for the events so come.  I start walking up the stairs legs jittering with anticipation.  I open the door with a rush and tear off my work clothes.  I jump into my casual gear and grab a towel.  I plug my computer in and launch the google chrome … incognito.  The song lyrics – “Tonights gonna be a good night, tonights gonna be a good good niiight” – is ringing in my head.  I type into the search “Connolly nudes” Without looking I grab me lotion and …. “Awww yeah now we begin!“ first thing to come up is Valentine’s face … talk about a mood killer.  I guess since I’ve already gone and oiled myself I may as well get cracking on the sumo.

Fujiazuma vs. Wakanosato

Well the first several bouts were to me of course in significant or people I just don’t really care bout… so sue me.  Anyways, these to have relatively similar records so I was hoping it’d be a good one.  It wasn’t terrible.  They both go in with arms ready to push away at their opponents chest at tachiai which is what happens.  It morphs into some tsuppari – mostly on Waka’s side- and Fuji stops it with his arms on Waka’s shoulders.  Waka tries to get an underarm grip but Fuji scurries about applying pressure to Waka’s back.  They get to the edge and as Fuji is going back he kinda outstretches Waka.  Before Waka falls to the ground, Fuji steps outside the ring.  Waka wins.

Takarafuji vs. Yoshikaze

Classic Yoshi with a twist!  Yoshi trying to use his speed as an advantage goes into tachiai, then immediately pulls out and tries a takedown.  Completely misses. He follows with a quick sidestep and slips to his knees.  Easy win for Takara.

Okinoumi vs. Aoiyama

Really great bout by Okinoumi.  They both head into each other, but surprise, surprise… Aoi uses his strength to push Oki back into tsuppari range and unleashes.  Oki eventually fends Aoi off by sneaking himself a grip.  Once Aoi is completely done tsuppari’ing, Oki managing to get another belt grip (one over the arm and one under).  Aoi lies in wait for a little while Oki moves forward.  Once Oki feels that he is close enough to the edge, he hip thrusts Aoi until he goes out.

Shotenro vs. Toyohibiki

Pretty straightforward bout.  They had the same plan in the beginning it seemed.  Both decided to tsuppari… Toyo just got the upper hand and drove Tenro to the edge and out.

Sadanofuji vs. Kitataiki

From the get go Kitataiki was pushing up and keeping Sada upright.  However, by doing so it seemed like Kita was completely outstretched.  Sada eventually tries to do a side take down and Kita immediately leg trips Sada.  Sada turns to the side and falls to the ground.  I was surprised at the outcome… I would have said it was Sada’s to win.  Nice win by Kita though..

Tochiozan vs. Shohozan

Domination by Tochi.  I could be wrong but I think Shoho was overpowered at the tachiai causing him to slide back and a little to the side.  Tochi capitalizes on this by knocking his arms down then pulling him down.  Nice.

Goeido vs. Toyonoshima

What seemed to be a slow tachiai and a slow start to a bout ended like 10 secs later.  Toyonoshima tries for a belt grip while Goeido gets in an arm lock.  Capitalizing on this arm lock Goeido pivots his shoulder drag Toyo to the side.  Goeido now facing Toyo’s side pushes him out of the ring.

Myogiryu vs. Baruto

At tachiai Baruto quickly drags Myogiryu to the side and almost hits the Gyoji. In my opinion by doing this Baruto slips a little on his previously injured leg and eases the power off.  Myogiryu quickly pushes forward and there is no stopping Baruto from going out.  Baruto tries to turn the tides by twisting Myogi down first but ultimately fails.  Win for Myogi

Kakuryu beats Ikioi.  Lets just face there was a lot…a lot.. of harite and tsuppari on Kak’s part.  Eventually he gets the 2-9 Ikioi out.

Harumafuji vs. Kotoshogiku

Quick as lightning Haruma gets two under arm grips on Geeku.  He pushes Geeku back and Geeku tries a side take down.  This does nothing but slow the Haruma’s momentum down slightly.  In no time Geeku is but at the edge and take out by Haruma.

Kisenosato vs. Hakuho

Hakuho gets the old boy a jolly harite right before getting his grip.  Kise locks Hakuho’s arm and pushes up and forward.  It doesn’t do too much because Hakuho keeps the pressure on and eventually Kise caves back and to the side.  At this point Hakuho has a belt grip and pivots on that side of his body for his classic side throw.  Haks remains undefeated!

At the end of the day Hakuho is still in the lead followed by Haruma and Kitataiki if I’m not mistaken.  Well its been a pleasure and to the next reporter… please refrain from looking up nudes of Connolly … It’s a trap 😦

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