Osaka Basho Day 13

MatagisawaI am drunk as a skunk, it’s day 13, let’s go.  Today’s soundtrack is the Stan Kenton Orchestra : New Concepts of Artistry in Rhythym.  Frank Rosolino and Conte Candoli are geniuses on this album.  Check it out… unless you’re an asshole.

Sotairyu v Sadanofuji – after a mata a tsuppari battle ensued, although Sotairyu can hang with the tsuppari crowd, Sadanofuji had the day. 4-9, 7-6.

Shotenro v Daido – Although Daido definitely was at a disadvantage from the tachiai he managed a less-than-exciting  tsukidashi-looking uwatenage at the bales.  6-7, 7-6

Takarafuji v Oiwato – Oiwato got the better of the tachiai, gaining a quick morozashi, but Takara struck back and, while moving to the side, struck Kanbayashi down.  that leaves Takara at 9-4 with a chance at a sansho and Oiwato at 5-8 with a chance at nothing but demotion.

Yoshikaze shrugged off a flagrant Chiyonokuni mata, and got behind the younger man, trying to get an okuridashi, but Chiyo was too flight of feet to allow it, Yoshi still managed a yorikiri to bring the rikishi to 6-7 and 8-5 a piece.  DeGama’s pants just got tighter.

Veteran doshi Kyokutenho and Wakanosato.  Kyoku had this from the tachiai, but it was a classic belt battle.  Waka keeps his KK at 8-5 and Kyoku moves up to 6-7.

Aoiyama v Takekaze – Take lost this bout at the tachiai, but tried back-peddaling and side-stepping while pulling down, but DD wasn’t phased and secured another win to get his KK and leave Take wanting at 7-6.

Jokoryu v Toyohibiki – There are some that may argue that Jokoryu ain’t ready for the big show.  And after the gross henka a few days ago I would agree if it weren’t for today.  Beeker has got a good tachiai and he brought it to bear, Joker absorbed and made a belt battle out of the affair and within a few seconds secured the win by uwatenage.  Cat is doin well, picking up his KK Beeker is Beeker at 6-7.

Masunoyama v Kaisei – Huffy-Puffy did his best to keep this a thrusting battle, but Hairy was having non of that, they locked up and it was soon over by a definitive yorikiri.  Both are still losers at 5-8, 3-10.

Fujiazuma v Shohozan – Both me locked up out of the gates with hidari yotsu, Shoho went for a throw but Fuji stood tall.  Shoho went for a subtle uchigake, which also failed.  Fuji drove for the bales, but Shoho was able to keep the dream alive.  After dueling for better position Shoho scored a left hand inside and was able to pull a sweet uwatedashinage. 8-5 and Shoho keeps the KK dream alive at 7-6.

Tamawashi v Ikioi – Perhaps hometown advantage means something in baseball, but apparently it has shit-all to do with sumo, as Ikioi (2-11) was powered out by Tamawashi (4-9)

Tokitenku v Gagmaru – Just as I expected Toki pivoted to the side, exploiting The Lady’s weak lateral movement to get an easy tsukiotoshi win. 4-9 a piece.  Boo to both ladies and gentlemen.

Kitataiki v Myogiryu – Two rikishi I like.  Yogi won the tachiai, driving Taiki back and getting a hidari yotsu , which quickly turned to morozashi.   Taiki struggled, but it was not to be.  Taiki stays cool at 9-4 and Yogi moves to 7-6, hoping for that KK.

Takayasu v Tochinoshin – Takayasu did the opposite of what I would have done if i were him, by locking up with Noshin.  both men with migi yotsu.  Noshin went for the shitate, but Super-savings held in, going chest to chest for whatever reason, and Noshin easily finished the youngster off. 4-9, 6-7

Let’s be fair, no one cares about this bout.  Aran v Aminishiki – To be fair there were no henkas, but it was a dirty slap fest with no direction.  It was as uncomfortable to watch as DeGama’s parents’ sextape.  Aran incidentally picks up a KK, and the Sneak goes to 5-8.

Tochiozan v Okinoumi – I’m gonna be honest, I am too drunk to report on this bout, but it was pretty good.  Both of these guys have been decent this basho, Oki more so than Ozan.  But Ozan nailed this one.  If you are gonna watch any non-sanyaku bout today, it should be this one.  Oki holds on to his special prize with 10-3 and Ozan picks up his KK… surprise surprise.  No Yaocho… seriously.  Good bout.

Toyonoshima v Baruto – As usual against Bart, Toyo got morozashi and Bart had the right hand uwate way over the top.  I gotta give Toyo the credit for having the balls to go for a tsuridashi, but it was never gonna happen.  Baruto picks up a default kimetaoshi.  Long time since i’ve seen that kimarite.  7-6, KK for Bart on day 13.

Kid v Geek – The Kid has the tendency to let everyone inside at the tachiai, and he didn’t disappoint today.  Geek got the hidari yotsu from second-one.  The Kid also managed the same, and put up more of a fight than most would.  Kid stood the Geek up and moved him back, but the Geek dropped the hips and held fast.  Geek went for an exploratory shitatenage, but found it unattainable.  In the end the kid took advantage of an off balance Geek for the katasukashi.  8-5,  7-6. Not totally sure that one was on the level.

This one was.  Goeido v Hakuho – Haks set up a bit behind the shikirisen as he has been of late.  Immediately he scored his migiyotsu with the hidari uwate and it was seconds before the inevitable uwatenage showed its face.  Hakuho picks up his 24th yusho, tying Kitanoumi, one yusho behind Asashoryu.  Being only 28, this cat is destined to break that record within the year.  How do you spell Dai-Yokozuna? … oh yeah… just like that.

How about our other Yokozuna?  Harry drove Fish-face back at the tachiai with a few slaps and a hidari yotsu, which the Kak negotiated into a hidari yotsu/migi uwate.  Haruma was at a big disadvantage here.  He went for a forward charge, which was easily nullified.  The Kak moved forward and had the Yok on the ropes for a second, but Haruma brought the battle back to the center of the ring.  Haruma pulled the Kak in tight and went forward for the kill, but was a bit high, and the Kak was able to fight back from the bales, pushing Haruma back, and in a moment of bad dohyo-kan, the Yokozuna stepped out with his left foot.

leader board looks like this.

Yusho – Hakuho

Jun-ysho – Okinoumi

Thats all for day 13, some poor fucker will be here tomorrow. But it won’t be this guy.  Kiss my Yankee, American ass.


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