Natsu Basho 2013 Shonichi

MatagidanI’m not sure who had the wind-up for this basho. If it’s been posted, I haven’t had a chance to read it. All that said, I am excited to see how injured Masunoyama, Chiyotairyu, Kotooshu, and the ever injured Baruto hold up this basho.

S & S Rikishi on the Rise & Makushita favorites Endo, Osunaarashi, and Sakakiyama all won their first bouts of the basho today, but I don’t have time to go into details. Let’s get straight to the Makuuchi Action!

Kaisei got the upper hand at the tachi-ai against Chiyootori driving him back with a powerful push. Chiyootori regrouped with the right hand outside grips. Kaisei attempted the throw at the bales but Chiyooooo’s grip was too good not to fall the Brazilian.

Masunoyama is back and he took Daido to school today. A couple of powerful thrusts to Daido’s face and he hit the dirt. Three seconds and even Masunoyama was still breathing fine after this one. Yama moves to 1-0.

Gagamaru and Shotenro met today and it feels to me like the big dog is running out of gas. Shotenro was in control from the tachi-ai and directed Lord Gaga around the dohyo and out like a damn puppeteer. Shotenro picks up an easy first win.

Pusher thrusters Chiyotairyu and Toyohibiki faced off the for second time in their careers. The powerful rookie Tairyu, looked to have recovered from his injury last basho, but he was up to his same push pull garbage sumo. In an interesting twist Toyohibiki kept driving Chiyo back but the young Ryu was able to grab the outside left hand grip to throw Beeker out of the ring first! Nice save after some crappy sumo by the young’n. They’ve now split their first two bouts between each other.

Kyokutenho gained the left hand grip at the tachi-ai and drove Ikio round and round until he decided to unleash the uwatenage! Ikio spins to the dirt while defending Natsu Basho Champion, Kyokutenho, yes you read that correctly, new reader, moves to 1-0!

The joke was on Jokoryu today when he got played by old Akitan veteran, Takekaze via hikiotoshi. Henka me bijin, Akita’s only son is 1-0.

Shohozan gets under my skin. I just don’t buy that he’s even on the same level of some of the dudes he’s beating. Today he got under Takayasu’s neck and drove one of my favorite Makuuchi rikishi out of the ring. Oshitaoshi win for the Shohozan.

Aoiyama slapped Toyonoshima around today. The Shima made no effort to maneuver around him, but I think it was more about how fast the Blue Mountain came at Toyo. Aoiyama’s Avalanche of forward moving sumo rewards the Bulgarian with a great 1-0 start.

Alan grabbed the early outside grip against Baruto today but when he made the attempt to drive the Estonian out Bart gained the upper hand. Aran falls easily while Bart drives in win number one.

The KotoOzeki’s both won today, but the last time they won  a basho was in May 2008, so forgive me if I just move on without going into the nitty gritty.

Sneaky and Kakuryu went all pusher thurster on us today as well. Kakuryu kept his arms tight inside and blasted Aminishiki right off the dohyo. Ozeki are 3-0 today.

Question: How come Kisenosato never apologizes for false starting? Myogiryu got the jump on Kissy the second time, but The Former Kid was able to bust out a last second left handed arm bar throw to win. Judge called a meeting, but the ruling stands and Ozeki’s go 4-0 today.

Yokozuna Harumafuji uses a wide left hand outside grip at the tachi-ai to easily take Okinoumi out of the ring without a fight. Yokozuna wins this one easily.

Hakuho gets the under Tochiozan at the tachi-ai but Ozan sliped away and was working Hakuho back for a milisecond before the Dai Yokozuna regained control and pushed him out of the ring with ease (and an extra shove for good measure).

Wish I knew who was rapping at ya tomorrow, but your guess is as good as mine. Keep an eye out for more rikishi on the rise updates coming soon.

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