Natsu Basho 2013: Day 4

Day 4 already? What? I just took a look at the win-loss records and see (but don’t quite believe) that all (read: ALL!) 4 ozeki still have perfect scores! I didn’t think that was even possible anymore. Am I dreaming? Maybe. I don’t believe I ever reported on Day 4 with all ozeki still with a perfect record. Nor do I usually have a hairy Brazilian beside me. Oh man, I need a drink!

Shotenro vs. Chiyootori
After the tachi-ai Shotenro found Chiyoo too far forward and pulled on the back of his head. But he didn’t pull hard enough! Chiyoo kept his balance and drove forward. With Shotenro now upright, it was an easy win. That’s the rikishi to lose his perfect score.

Kyokutenho vs. Masunoyama
Masu came in and tried to push back on Kyokutenho’s face. But Kyoku kept himself together and drove forward with some power, pushing No lungs off balance and hopping out. And the second rikishi loses his perfect score.

Tokitenku vs. Chiyotairyu
Tokitenku mush have been Tokithinking a bit too much before this one as
Tokitenku landed a beautiful left handed slap to Chiyotairyu’s face from the tachi-ai. He then found himself with a solid right hand inside. Chiyotairyu tried to go makikae but the Mongolian blocked it effectively. And as soon as Toki got his left hand on the belt he was able to force Chiyo back and out. Toki keeps his perfect record, 4-0.

Sadanofuji vs. Takekaze
Takekaze stepss to his left and slapped Sadonofuji straight down. Takekaze keeps his perfect record, 4-0.

Aoiyama vs. Takayasu
Takayasu has had his mawashi with ass included handed to him on a place each and every time he has met Aoiyama in this division. And today was to be no different. Aoiyama with his long arms and droopy boobs pushed the hairy Takayasu up, stepped to the side and dropped him to the dirt. Easy win. And Aoiyama keeps his perfect record.

Goeido vs. Okinoumi
Goeido has dominated Okinoumi in previous match ups, 7-1. Today Goeido came in fact and got his head under Okinoumi’s chin, and forced him upwards. Getting a left handed grip allowed him to drive, and although he lost that grip at the edge, he was able to belly-bop Oki and all the islands he stands for, out of the ring.

Kotoshogiku vs. Takarafuji
Ok, ozeki time. Are we gonna see the 4 guys keep their balls in tact and inject some adrenaline into the arse of the natsu basho? I think we all know the answer to that silly question! Takarafuji wasn’t down as low as he should have been, even before he left the tachi-ai. Kotoshogiku came in perfectly, got a right hand inside, but to be honest he didn’t even need it. He had raised Takarafuji enough to have him moving back easily. Takara was out in less than 2 seconds. Ok, so there is our first ozeki to remain flawless.

Myogiryu vs. Kakuryu
Kakuryu has a slight edge in this rivalry, 5-3, but with Myogiryu looking good, having taken down Harumafuji just two days ago, you’d have to admit, he has a real chance. Myogiryu was well fired up for this one, coming in fast, both wrestlers exchanging some vicious slaps. Then foolishly the ozeki went for a pull down, which he couldn’t fully execute, and gave the advantage to the Myogi. But some excellent recovery footwork from the ozeki saw him slip around 180 deg and put himself back in the fight. Another nice slap to Myogi’s face and in quick to for a frontal grip set the ozeki up to take the win via yorikiri. 2 ozeki remain flawless!

Kisenosato vs. Tochiozan
Tochiozan has been able to get the better of Kisenosato in January and March this year. No doubt that crossed his mind as he was going to sleep last night. After 3 mata’s the fight finally got underway. Tochiozan owned the fight. He was able to get his head under the ozekis chin, and take advantage as the ozeki tried to slip to the side mid fight. He was able to break Kissy grip every time he got a sniff of his belt. But the ozeki was able to do enough to just prevent Tochiozan for winning. As the two locked up, with Tochi in a slightly advantageous position, Kisenosato then backedup up ever so slightly and pulled out a beautiful beltless arm throw. Kissy keeps a perfect score.

Baruto vs. Kotooshu
If Baruto wants to get himself repromoted to the ozeki ranks he will need to beat the ozeki. Yesterday he lost to Kakuryu, and has a chance with fellow Eurozeki today. Strangely Big Boy Bart hasn’t done so well again Big Shoes, winning only 2 of their last 6 encounters. Kotooshu got his left hand inside and high while his left had the front of Baruto’s belt, and he also managed to keep his head centered and under Baruto’s chin. This prevented the former ozeki from doing much. Baruto went makikae, but Kotooshu returned the favour immediately, and then rushed Baruto back and out. Kotooshu won this one at the tachi-ai. And kept all ozeki with a perfect record.

Hakuho vs. Kitataiki
Kitataiki has never beaten Hakuho in their 5 meetings to date. Hakuho forced his right hand inside of Kitataiki, took the belt, forced him back slightly before launching an armlock throw.

Tochinoshin vs. Harumafuji
The Yolk needs to improve his sumo dramatically if he wishes to stay in the yusho race. Having lost to Myogiryu on Day 2 and just scraping a win past Kitataiki yesterday he is struggling. He has a much easier day today however, as Tochinoshin is a little out of his depth at M2. Tochinoshin jumped to the side to try henka-mafuji. But the yokoyuna had his right hand on Tochi’s leg which he was able to use to keep his balance, swing around and at the same time drop Tochinoshin to the dirt. Maybe this one lasted a second!

Well there they are, the bouts of interest in Day 4.

Perfect rikishi:

Undefeated rikishi:
Kotooshu, Kisenosato, Kakuryu, Kotoshogiku, Aoiyama, Takekaze, and Tokitenku.

They say his dad cleans toilets. He says they’re damn important toilets. All we know is, he’s called de Gama! And he’s gonna be wiping up after Day 5.


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