Natsu Basho 2013 Day 7

MatagisawaMan, this time of year is tough for sumo.  We were supposed to have a guest reporter today, but all 3 guys we had in mind backed out.  So it looks like I am back in the saddle.  But seeing as I’m on house arrest this weekend, I won’t complain.  By the way, anyone know how to get rid of a locator device strapped to one’s ankle?

We’ll begin with a bit of a glance down the banzuke.  Down on the upper side of makushita the only man with a perfect 4-0 record is Osunaarashi.  We have been following this guy since right before he entered sumo.  He is on fire, and will almost certainly be in juryo next basho.

Tokushoryu is on top of the pile in Juryo.  Takanoyama ain’t doing half bad at 5-2, but Homasho is at 3-4.  Now onto the makuuchi action for day 7.

I must say Homarefuji’s tsuppari was impressive, and Daido did a good job standing up to it.  After being worked back to the bales Daido must have seen an over enthusiastic look in Homer’s eyes because he knew just when to side step and slap down the overstretched man.

Daikiho met Wakanosato’s tachiai dead on and spent some time pushing and thrusting, trying to get a good grip while keeping Waka off the belt.  He did manage a superior grip.  Wakanosato may be old, but he’s built his career off of being solid on the belt.  Much too solid for a rascal like daikiho to upset him.  The youngster was dumped on the clay near the bales, and seemed to be nursing an eye wound.

Today was Gagamaru at his best.  No resistance from the tachiai at all from Azumaryu.  It was good movement, Gaga kept low, and looked good.  I just realized how boring Gagamaru is.  I feel like it’s more exciting for him to lose than for him to win.

Another guy pretty much at his best.  Toyohibiki steamrollered Kyokushuho, working him up and back with repeated thrusts to the throat and face.  Although not terribly exciting when so one sided, it was much more entertaining than watching Gaga take a brief walk across the dohyo.

After getting to the side of Chiyootori, Ikioi looked to have the bout sealed up with a right hand DEEP on the belt, and moving around the side for what was certain to be an okuridashi, but the Bird was quick to swing around, and caught Ikioi at a funny angle which spelled the win for the Wolf’s Bird.

Chiyonokuni looked to be in lots of trouble when Kyokutenho was unaffected by his tsuppari.  When bent over backwards, in a Toyonoshiman display of flexability, at the bales, Chiyo got a double inside grip, hugged the shit out of Kyoku and spun around grasping victory form the jaws of defeat.

Again, another looking in top form in a slightly boring way.  Kaisei got in low and fast against Tokitenku who didn’t even have a chance to unleash his 100% effective ketaguri.  Tenkkers as back and out before you could even say “shit that was fast”.

Jokoryu is desperate for a win.  He gave an Aran style henka and grabbed the back of Chiyotairyu’s mawashi spinngin and pulling to get the guy out.  However he had become seriously off balanced by his leap to the right, and a light push from Chiyo’s elbow sent the Joker tumbling out of the ring.  Henkas are so much funnier when they fail.

Fujiazuma and Masunoyama are pretty evenly matched, and so, predictably, it was a pretty even match.  Both exchanged pushes and thrusts, but the bout went on just a bit too long, and Masunoyama just can’t hang when the bouts drag on.  In a fit of bad dohyo-kan he placed a foot outside the ring.

Skipping a bit… Takekaze was pushed out by Shotenro, Takayasu came back from a defecit to beat Sadanofuji, Shohozan slapped Yoshikaze right down at the tachiai, Kitataiki also failed at a henka allowing Toyonoshima morozashi and the win, and Myogiryu blew Aran out of the water with a double inside grip and ample forward motion.

Aminishiki got to the side of Goeido, and looked to have him dead to rights, but Eido’s grip on Sneakers’ belt as too strong and Goeido switched the momentum, turning Sneaky’s advantage to a disadvantage, and picking up a win.

Kakuryu barreled into Tochinoshin getting a very shallow outside left hand grip on the mawashi, effectively locking up Noshin’s arm.  Noshin was a bit high and the Kak cashed in his chips.  To remain perfect this basho.

Bart and Kise locked up immediately, both with a right hand inside, but Bart had the left hand outside as well.  Kise made a charge, and Bart went for a shitatenage spinning Kise around, but unfortunately Bart’s back as facing the bales, and he hit the ground first, wrenching his weak knee on the way down.  Kise got the win, and it looks like Myogiryu will be picking up a fusensho tomorrow.

Kotooshu lost to Okinoumi.  He needs to be demoted.

Tochiozan needed to get the better inside grip on Kotoshogiku to keep him from getting the hug-n-chug going.  Better ight have been a hit and shift, but instead he went right inside, but surrendered the better grip and was hugged-n-chugged back and out.

Harumafuji got a very shallow outside grip on Aoiyama’s belt and a MUCH lower position.  Moving forward got Aoiyama at an awkward angle, allowing a uwatedashinage to follow.

I was really hoping for a more dignified showing from Takarafuji against Hakuho.  However, Haks got him turned around and was working on an okuridashi, Takara was able to turn around, but was either confused, or scared becasue he turned around again and got a shove from Hakuho that made it look like he ran out of the ring in fear.  Too bad.

7-0 : Hakuho, Kisenosato, Kakuryu

5-2 : Harumafuji, Kotoshogiku, Goeido

probable kyujo : Kotooshu

almost certain kyujo : Baruto

Tomorrow’s reporter : Virgil Valentine

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