Natsu Basho 2013: Day 10

It’s Day 10 and at the start of today we had 2 men undefeated. Read on to find out what happened during the latter half of todays action.

W-M4 Toyonoshima 4-5 vs. W-M2 Tochinoshin 0-9
I chose to report on this bout only because Tochinoshin is the only rikishi who has yet to get himself a win. In fairness to him he has met both yokozuna and all the current and previous ozeki. He also lost to his buddy Aran and yesterday to Takarafuji (who was winless until yesterday!). Today Tochinowins came in looking for a left handed grip, Toyonoshima blocked him and pushed him to the right. As NoWins adjusted, he found him being pushed in the other direction, before Yoyo got under his armpits pushed him up and back for a straightforward win. 0-10 ouch!

E-K Tochiozan 2-7 vs. W-M1 Aminishiki 3-6
Aminishiki did what he does — HENKA — luckily Tochiozan reacted well and kept his balance. He then clamped the snakes arms and forced him back before releasing the pressure and dropping the snake to the dirt… where he belongs.

E-M1 Myogiryu 6-3 vs. W-K Okinoumi 1-8
Myogiru has had a pretty damn solid basho so far, only losing to Hakuho, Kisenosato and Kakuryu. Oki on the other hand is learning how good some of the top guys actually are, with his only win coming from Kotooshu. Myogiryu came in strong getting his hands inside and driving back. Without even getting his hand on Oki’s belt he had him back and out.

E-O Kisenosato 9-0 vs. W-O Kotooshu 6-3
Kisenosato is now at the stage where his biggest opponent is himself (well until he meets Hakuho at least). We have seen him before get to this stage before crumbling under the pressure that having a real shot at a jun-yusho brings. Kotooshu is shit, make no mistake about it. Strangely Kotooshu has a significant edge over Kissy 28-16. Kissy looked nervous during todays fight. It looked like Kissy was trying to raise up NoShoes and keep him away from his belt while his opponent was happy to take a few swipes at his belt. But with a drive forward he had Kotooshu slip over the tawari. So the ozeki moves to 10-0, a personal best.

E-O Kotoshogiku 7-2 vs. E-M4 Aoiyama 5-4
This two men have only met once to date, with the ozeki winning via a kotenage or armlock throw. Aoiyama is coming into today from a 4 loss streak that he would be more than happy to shed today. Aoi looked to be in a descent position getting a left hand inside mawashi grip, with the ozeki getting a right hand outside grip. Aoi was able to withstand the first throw attempt, but the second throw sent him rolling across the dohyo. KK for Kotoshogiku.

W-M3 Aran 4-5 vs. W-O Kakuryu 8-1
I was very disappointed to see the Kak not only defeated by Kotoshogiku yesterday, but completely destroyed. Your tachi-ai really does need to be absolutely perfect. Aran was always going to have his work cut out for him today. The ozeki got his front grip and basically won it from there. Aran wasn’t in this one at all. Too bas the Kak didn’t assert so much authority yesterday. Still he isn’t out of the running yet.

E-Y Hakuho 9-0 vs. E-S Goeido 5-4
Goeido beat Hakuho in the May tournament last year. That was his only ever win over the yokozuna, who has beaten him an impressive 18 times. Sometimes Goeido impresses us, sometimes not. Today was definitely the latter and the yokozuna found a free arm that he caught just after the tachi-ai. Hakuho took that arm with both oh his hands and pulled Goeido over his leg and down to the ground in less that 2 seconds.

E-M5 Shohozan 6-3 vs. W-Y Harumafuji 7-2
Harumafuji has been on fire for the last 2 or 3 days going straight for his opponents jugular and not giving them a chance to do anything. Today he meets the gold-belted Shohozan, who has never beaten him, but in sumo you can never underestimate your opponent, or the brightness of his belt. The yokozuna came in fast and hard as de Gama has been doing lately… I mean, as he has been doing recently. He followed up with some good footwork and forward pushing to drive goldy-belt out easily.

Ok so after Day 10 we still have Hakuho and Kisenosato leading the group.
I’ll be back tomorrow to cover Day 11.

2 responses to “Natsu Basho 2013: Day 10

  1. ScreechingOwl

    Thank you for the informative report. You have the history of Kotoshogiku-Aoiyama reversed, as the ozeki lost via a kotenage. Of all the top rikishi, Aoiyama matches up best with Kotoshogiku because he has the most limited technique. But Koto was methodical, and I don’t think Aoiyama ever looked like he had a decent position, as his grip on the mawashi was shallow and only obtained after Koto had his superior mawashi grip first.

  2. Oh wow, I did totally mix up the Kotoshokigu vs Aoiyama records. Thank you for pointing that out. I must have read what the record “should” have been! 🙂

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