Natsu Basho 2013: Day 11

Welcome to Day 11 ladies and ladyboys. As we enter the last third of the tournament we can see it take the shape of a pear shaped woman. Hakuho and Kisenosato are its head, Kakuryu its neck, Harumafuji, Kotoshogiku and Tokitenku its shoulders, followed by a load of pears, all sitting upon a Georgian called Tochinoshin. Let’s see what effect todays action have upon this beast of a woman we call the Natsu Basho.

But first let me take you down to Makushita (the level below jury) to a very important match up between Osunaarashi vs Sasanoyama. Both men came in to today with 5-0 records. At the tachi-ai Osunaarashi came in to high as his opponent came in at the perfect angle and got some good pushing going on. Osuna tried to find a way to Sasa’s belt but there wasn’t one. Then Osuna employed a strong right handed lateral push to knock Sasa off his feet. That win puts Osunaarashi at 6-0 from Ms7 he is guaranteed to move up to Juryo next tournament. He only needs one more win to win the yusho too!

E-M16 Azumaryu 5-5 vs. E-J2 Takanoiwa 5-5
Takanoiwa proved his strength today as he only needed two shoves to get Azumaryu on the bales. He then dropped his hips, kept his legs wide and finished him off, making it look easy.

E-J1 Tamawashi 7-3 vs. W-M15 Homarefuji 3-7
A slap-dance fest from these boyos. Tamawashi was always on top, but a slip and a missed slap from Homarefuji left himself with his back facing Tamahwashi. And from there he hadn’t a hope.

W-M14 Chiyootori 5-5 vs. W-M11 Gagamaru 7-3
Chiyotori started well behind the lines but all his momentum was absorbed perfectly into Gagamaru’s huge body. After some fishing around for a good grip Gaga found himself in a great position to lock up Chiyootori’s arm. And he did it perfectly, he widened his stance, move to the side and tossed Chiyo to the dirt. That’s Gaga’s first kachikoshi this year!

E-M11 Shotenro 5-5 vs. E-M15 Chiyonokuni 5-5
Shotenro went straight for Chiyonokuni’s neck at the tachi-ai. So Chiyo reversed quickly and circled around backwards. Shotenro was moving fast though, so Chiyo was actually circling around the tawari. Shotenro followed him all the way around and inadvertantely stepped over the tawari himself. A bit of a disappointed.

W-M13 Masunoyama 5-5 vs. W-M10 Toyohibiki 6-4
If you have a spare lung or heart that you don’t need we and help getting it passed onto Masunoyama. Sometimes he looks like he doesn’t need them though, and today was suck an example. They cracked heads before he got a solid right hand frontal grip and had his left hand under Toyohibiki’s armpit, raising him and driving him backwards. Hibi was wiggling and waggling but NoLungs man humped him over the edge.

E-M10 Chiyotairyu 7-3 vs. E-M14 Kaisei 5-5
Chiyotaiyu pushed Taisei up and tried to slap him down at the start. Then the two settled in the centre of the ring where Taisei had a right hand inside, Chio left hand inside. The 2 tried for better position for about a minute. Chio finally gor a shallow grip and then had the leverage to raise Kaisei and drive him back. He couldn’t finish him off the first time though, but when he got a deeper grip around the back of Kaiseis belt he was able to forced him off centre and out. KK for him.

E-M9 Kyokutenho 5-5 vs. E-M13 Daido 6-4
Kyokutenho drove forward ensuring he got the right hand inside and before Daido had any grip at all Kyoku had him over the straw bales.

E-M8 Tokitenku 8-2 vs. E-M12 Wakanosato 4-6
Both men with single grips after the tachi-ai looked like Tokitenku had the advantage. Tokitenku tried to slap the knee of the old man to gain the advantage but that didn’t work out. Now Toki stretched for a shallow grip and in that exact moment WataOldsato moved back and to his left, and arm bar throwing Tokitenku around. In fear of being injured (and possibly pain) Tokitenku lost easily.

At this point in the broadcast the NHK broadcast showed a replay of the 1994 Day 5 July Basho fight between Mainoumi and Musoyama. It’s well worth a watch! What a guy!

W-M16 Daikiho 1-9 vs. W-M7 Jokoryu 2-8
Joe got a strong right hand outter grip on Daikiho’s red belt and immediately went for a throw.It didn’t quite work though but it did spin Daiki around to the point that he was facing away. Joe then strongly jostled Daikiho in the back lifting laughing him clear off his feet! There should be some good pics of that on the Internet tomorrow!

E-M6 Yoshikaze 5-5 vs. W-M9 Ikioi 6-4
A fast match from these boys. Ikioi initially driving Yoshi back before he could dig in and stop the drive. A mistimed pull down attempt handed the win to Yoshikaze who was already running Ikioi backwards.

E-M7 Fujiazuma 6-4 vs. W-M5 Takayasu 5-5
All tsuppari for the first half of this one, before Fujiazuma could get in to get a grip. Fuji drove forward as Takaysu reversed and pushed the mountain to the ground.

E-M3 Takarafuji 2-8 vs. W-M8 Sadanofuji 2-8
Sada had a great throat push going on, but couldn’t finish off Taka with it. When Taka broke that grip Sada got right under his armpits and forced his way to victory.

W-M6 Takekaze 5-5 vs. W-M1 Aminishiki 3-7
Akita vs Aomori. Aminishiki drove Takekaze back before Take used a right handed shove to break the pressure. A slight slip as Take went for the pull down gave Aminishiki the advantage to drive Mr. Big out. Somehow Akita nutralised the threat, got underneath Ami’s armpits and ran him across the ring and launched him off the dohyo. Aomori landed in the front fow before ploughing through the second row and into the third! Happy days as Ami picks up his losing record.

E-M1 Myogiryu 7-3 vs. E-M5 Shohozan 6-4
Myogiryu possibly went for a henka at the start, but as yellow belt wasn’t really moving forwad he had time to make amends. Myogiryu then used perfect tsuppari to push Sho back, pull him down, then continue to push him back and over the edge. Good stuff, if you ignore the initial henka attempt. KK for him, too.

W-M2 Tochinoshin 0-10 vs. W-K Okinoumi 1-9
Combined, this guys have fought 20 fights this basho, and combined have managed to win only 1. If you think that’s pretty disgraceful, you are correct. Okinoumi has had the much more difficult run this tourny though, so I fully expected him to man handle TochinoWins. However Tochi looked like he had a long hard talk with himself last night. A fierce battle between these guys both throwing each other. Both looking like they were about to win at any point. TochiGotSome finally won the throwing battle with an uwatenage overarm throw. Epic stuff – the best bout of the day…. thus far!

E-K Tochiozan 3-7 vs. E-M2 Kitataiki 1-9
Kitataiki had a great tachi-ai, a perfect looking angle, but somehow didn’t get a good position or grip, as Tochi blocked his hands. Tochi forced his hands to an inside grip and while keeping Kita at a Nishi angle drove him out quite easily. That makes double digit losses for Daly’s boy.

E-S Goeido 5-5 vs. W-M4 Toyonoshima 5-5
A powerful shoulder charge put Toyonoshima moving backwards from the tachi-ai. Goeido followed up with some pushing. But Toyo was blocking him from launching pushed with real power. Then as Goeido looked to seal the deal, Toyo balancing on the tawara slipped to the side, and let Goeido with his forward moving momentum hop out of the ring by himself. Toyo’s heel looked real close to the sand, there could have easily been a mono-ii. Goeido will be gutted after this one, he should have won, and he knows it.

E-M4 Aoiyama 5-5 vs. W-O Kakuryu 9-1
They both exchanged some face slaps, Kakuryu missed with two slaps though and Aoiyama went in for the kill, putting all his eggs in the basket with a powerful shove. The ozeki stepped to the side and back slightly and watched Aoiyama break all of his eggs. Kakuryu keeps nibbling at Hakuho’s heels. And tomorrow he will have the whole cake placed in front of him!

E-O Kisenosato 10-0 vs. W-M3 Aran 4-6
Kisenosato has never gone 10-0 before. If he keeps his head he has the ability to take his perfect record to the Day 14 or possibly even 15. Today against Aran he should be looking to play things safe and not get too giddy at the thoughts of what might happen in 4 days time. Aran tried to slap Kissy down after the initial contact. Kisenosato had solid footwork though and drove Aran back to the bales, there he then tried to slap Aran down which totally didn’t work. But with 2 or 3 pushes Aran accidentally stepped over the bales. He won today but his sumo wasn’t so convincing. Tomorrow he faces yokozuna Harumafuji and will need to be on his A-game to win that one. But I will be shouting for him. Ganbatte buddy!

E-O Kotoshogiku 8-2 vs. W-Y Harumafuji 8-2
This ozeki has a majority of wins over the yokozuna, 28-17. The last few days Harumafji came out of his tachi-ai lightning fast going straight for the throat, I’m sure Kotoshogiku has noticed this and will be expecting it. So for me this one is up in the air! After the initial contact the Yokozuna shifts to his side and got an left handed grip and circles around after the ozeki. It settled for about a half a second before the ozeki tried to get a better grip, and as soon as he moved Harumafuji backed up and pulled the ozeki forward, using his hand to trip his leg for style. A great win by the yokozuna who makes you wish he would always fight like this!

E-Y Hakuho 10-0 vs. W-O Kotooshu 6-4
I was surprised to see that Kotooshu has beaten the dai-Yokozuna on both of their last encounters. It’s funny the things you block from your mind hey! I have no recollection of that. But I’m hoping for Kotoo to lose 4 more, and no better man than Hakuho to start the realisation of that dream for me! Today Hakuho got an inside grip from the tachi-ai and before you know it, and before he even had a grip, he pulles out a beautiful uwatenage overarm throw. Excellent stuff!

The leader boards now looks like this:

Hakuho (faces Kakuryu tomorrow)
Kisenosato (faces Harumafuji tomorrow)



Tomorrow is going to be a very important day with respect to the yusho!

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