Natsu Basho May 2013: Day 12

S&S Bertrum

Good evening to you fine fellows! I would like to say that I’m about ¼ of a bottle down on a rough Bourbon or cheap blended scotch like Bells, having a nice relaxing evening and smoking a Cabin Roast. But sadly, a long day of looking for a new apartment, and a discussion with the wife has prevented that. Will do what I can on this report though, despite my sober state. Creswell, when you bend down to take off that locator strapped to your ankle, you might wanna peer between those ankles to see this Englishman coming to fuck you raw!

Bit the pillow, it’s time for today’s bouts…

Asasekiryu vs. Takanoyama

Man this was real cracker to watch! Ase pretty much kept going for the throat, and Yama at one point slipped over about to fall, but some how shifted the balance towards the rope and used that to bounce back. He had Ase’s leg grappled at one point, dropped for a trip and out. But the judges called a re-match.

On round two, it was a looooong bout! Again Ase going for the throat, and one point he pulled down hard on his head (I can see you grinning at this Creswell) and must have got nothing short of a strain. In the end though Taka won by his enduring stamina, but it was a hard one for him for sure! ;o)

Daido vs. Gagamaru
Gaga went in low (and dint seem able to straighten up at all) and used a lot of to and fro push and pulls to eventually off balance Dido for hatatikomi. This moves him to 9-3
Kyokutenho vs. Chiyotairyu
Appalling Sumo! Some sloppy pushes on both parts that must have brought Montana memories of love making to his bird! Not worth commenting on except that Chiyo is on 9-3 also
Tokitenku vs. Ikioi

These two went in hard together! Ikioi did not like that Toki went for his head, and got all riled up about it.  Toki tries a leg sweep that Iki saw coming, and uses this failed attempt to get catch Toki off balance, flip him around and push him out.  Ikioi on 7-5 to Tokitenku’s 8-4

Fujiazuma vs.  Chiyonokuni
At First Fujiazuma just slowly walks forward, disregarding all of Chiyo’s attempts as if he was a terminator or something, but Chiyo manages to get a right hand mawashi grip and turn to lift him out for a yorikiri. This gives Chiyo a 7-4 as well

Chiyotori vs. Takekaze

Take being little, gets in nicely with his shoulder under the armpit of Chiyo, for an oshidashi. Good drive if you ask me, he now on 7-5

Shotenro vs. Takayasu

Bit of a stare down Psych out start for these two, which the crowd was loving! Neither looks so fazed, until they hit off the Tachiai, u could hear one of them was clearly winded! Shotenro keeps the drive going, but Taka works round and helps push him to the floor. He no on 7-5 too!

Myogiru vs. Aminishiki
The sheek tries to grab Myogi down but kinda slipped in the process, bit disappointing, but not when you consider his record of only 3 wins. Myogi moves to 9-3

Kotoshogiku vs. Aran
Koto just charged up and under on Aran, at one point I thought he was going to make a comeback off the rope, but he seemed to just give up. Koto also 9-3
Aoiyama vs. Kotooshu
Easy win for Oshu who went in low for a change. I kind of wish that he didn’t get this tho, he now as I do agree he needs to go down. He’s on 7-5

Hakuho vs. Kakuryu
Hak starts of with a good right hand grip, tries to push kak out with one arm, but just spins him around on the spot instead! Pretty funny to watch. The kak tries to recover, but Hak set himself up for the final pushout. Hak remains undefeated, kak moves to 10-2

Kisenosato vs. Harumafuji
Kise was just on form! He looked like he knew what he was doing – went in low and drove with the legs. Haruma had a grip, but he couldn’t stop the momentum. Kise threw the Yokozuna straight out! And remains also undefeated.

So that’s the end of the day! Not the most interesting by and by, and the most deserved bouts have to be Takanoyamas and Ikiois. Hakuho and Kisenosato remain undefeated. But hey, let’s Tally ‘Ho on to tomorrow, as that should be a bit Spicy with Ikkioi, Chiyonokuni, Takekaze, Takayasu and Kotooshu each looking to get their Kachikoshi, De Gama will be bringing it to you all wrapped up in a burrito.


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