Natsu Basho May 2013: Day 13

S&S DeGamaI am annoyed at a few things that I recently read.  The first things is pointed to Montana.  After reading Bertrum’s report is was made clear that you have been holding out on me.  Not even have you been recording you and your bird making sloppy sex tapes, but you decided to show the Englishman and not your loveable Cuban plush toy.  Needless to say I cannot blame good ol’Bert for viewing it, however I can blame the guy for Ernie’ing it up with Creswell.  I thought I was your Ernie, bud … it hurts.  On the other hand, no worries Creswell… I got your back.  Whenever the Englishman pillaging the cargo, the Armada is always not too far behind.  I’ll hitch my train to his caboose and leave enough spice back there that in the morning it’ll seem like he had Indian curry the previous night.  That said we all should get our knives and forks out because things just got delicioso!

So Blah blah blah … guys is juryo and makushita… blah blah… and on to Makuuchi

Chiyonokuni vs. Azumaryu

Chiyo came into this thing with a hunger immediately pushing Azu back forcefully.  It was clear at this point that nothing could be done.  Azu tries and failed to recover to the side but Chiyo honed inon his ass and took him out.  Well played

Wakanosato vs. Kaisei

A sloppy bout in my opinion.  Kaisei came in wanting some kind of belt grip and Waka just allowed himself to be put back. Kaisei switched gears and played the pushing game to get Waka out.

Toyohibiki vs. Ikioi

Kind of funny to watch.  From the beginning Toyo exerts himself  forward wanting to stiff arm Ikioi on the neck.  He semi-succeeds to push Iki to the edge of the ring.  But, Iki at this point moves to the side and pushes Toyo downward.  Toyo plops on the ground.

Fujiazuma vs. Kyokutenho

Quickly the come at each other trying for belt grips.  Kyoku suddenly locks Fuji’s arm and gives and twirl.  Fuji not being able to defend gets circles around and on the floor.  Nice quick bout by Kyoku.

Yoshikaze vs. Gagamaru

Might have been a fault of the shinpan for not calling a false start on Yoshi who clearly was confused as to why the bout was still going on.  Gagamaru with no fucks being given proceeds to tsuppari the confused Yoshi to his defeat.

Chiyotairyu vs. Toyonoshima

I thought Chiyo had the better position at tachiai but I feel that Chiyo was too bothered in getting the right grip while Toyo was more about getting the momentum and finding the grip later.  Toyo’s strategy seemed to work more because by the time Chiyo was at the edge Toyo had the grip and got him out.

Myogiryu vs. Tokitenku

What a disappointment for Myogi!  From the start Myogi was aggressive pushing sternly upward on Toki’s upper body and neck.  This made Toki fall back to the edge. Now little did Myogi know that back when Toki was a child he was an expert leap frogger.  Toki raised his leg and pushed down on Myogi’s back … hence leaping over Myogi to safety while Myogi hits the floor.

Tochiozan vs. Shohozan

Shohoz was looking for the win today… Both had a quick forward tachiai that evolved into a slapfest.  After a few nice slaps they got to arm hooking each other around the neck.  Tochi got to the edge and fought for his dear life to stay alive, but Shohoz gave him that last push over.

Goeido vs. Takayasu

Goeido trying to reclaim his seat on the Japanese Rising Sun Sumo Throne goes into tachiai forcefully taking a grip somewhere.  However, Takayasu had the same thing in mind so they end up looking like they are having a brokeback mountain moment… and for those who don’t know its called rough man love.  Goeido then locks Taka’s arm and tries to swing him out but completely loses the lock.  This allows Taka to jump back and slap Goeido down.  Very nice on Taka.

Kisenosato vs. Kakuryu

Wow. Kise showing a nice feat of strength by simply driving Kak back from tachiai and out.  Nothing much to be really said.  Kise is looking good.

Kotooshu vs. Harumafuji

Meh… Haruma outstretches to grab Oshu’s belt … then he goes to the side and pushes Oshu past him. Oshu crumbles.  If you are going to do something like a henka might as well be on Oshu … hes like a guaranteed win anyways.

Hakuho vs. Kotoshogiku

At the tachiai the Geeku grips some grip and tries to pump and thrust. Everyone knows hes going to do this.  Hakuho lifts Geeku’s arms up and slaps Geeku’s face.  Hakuho quickly gets in and eventually two belt grips.  Haks pulls him back toward himself and pushes Geeku down by the head

Kise and Haks still undefeated but the real question will be who will get slaughtered at tomorrow’s festivities.  Only time will tell….

2 responses to “Natsu Basho May 2013: Day 13

  1. ScreechingOwl

    This is Kisenosato’s basho. (Granted, I have said that once before.) Sooner or later the oldest “kid” on the block, and the biggest too, was going to win at least one yusho. This be that. Let the rejoicing begin as the seven year drought is ended — may seven years of (intermittent) feasting commence.

    • Samuél de Gama

      Unfortunately this was not the course of events. I was still hoping for Harry to beat Ol’ Haks yesterday and for Kise to down Geeku, I guess this one just wasn’t the Kid’s block..

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