Natsu 2013: Senshuraku

MatagiyamaA most marvelous time was spent last night at the 31st Sumo & Stogies gathering.  Well, it started with me coming with a delivery guy (I never got his name), then Creswell provided hot, succulent legs for all of us to enjoy (not too much hair).  It’s a shame de Gama wasn’t there, cos we could have used some of his latin spice.  Truth be told, we all had it all over our faces.  Once the real event started, we took pictures to share with others, but for posterity sake as well.  We always like to take pictures while it’s going on.  Typical of him, Connolly came late, but fortunately we had it in us to go another round and take pictures all over again.  Late in the night, we went to a private bar and sat around playing each other’s instruments while some screamed and some sang (no grunting, as our South African associate couldn’t make it).  By the end of the night, Bertrum was pooped, and he had a nagging rectal pain.


And on that note, for all the marbles in Juryo J6E Tokushoryu (12-2) took on J3W Kotoyuki (12-2).  Kotoyuki thrust right into Tokushoryu’s chest at the tachiai.  Tokushoryu tried pulling at Kotoyuki’s neck, but it didn’t matter at Kotoyuki had a clean, forward drive taking his heavier opponent out of the ring.  Kotoyuki picks up a Juryo championship and will take quite a jump up in the bantzuke into Makuuchi.


The only double 7-7 bout today was M6E Yoshikaze (7-7) vs. M13E Daido (7-7). Daido brought more power to the tachiai, knocking Yoshikaze back.  Dildo pulled his opponent in close and drove forward with an easy win and an earned KK.  Yoshikaze falls to 7-8.


M1E Myogiryu (10-4) vs. M10E Chiyotairyu (10-4): Chiyo had to win this one for a Fighting Spirit Prize, but it wasn’t to be as Myogi simply drove forward and ousted Chiyotairyu with an easy force-out win.  Myogiryu improves to 11-4 and picks up the only special prize awarded (Technique Prize).  Chiyotairyu falls to 10-5 to finish the tournament.


A strange one ensued between OW Kotooshu (7-7) and OW Kakuryu (10-4).  After fluffing up the first tachiai, they redid it and the Eurozeki used an arm-bar to twist the Kak around and the Eurozeki shoved the Kak out with a rear push out win.  Kotooshu just barely shakes off the kadoban monkey, Kakuryu finishes at 10-5 and everyone goes home with warm fuzzy feelings.


OE Kisenosato (13-1) vs. OE Kotoshogiku (10-4).  Does the Geek really have a chance here?  I mean, imagine the ramification if he takes this bout on seriously and accidently wins?  He’ll be shunned, outcasted, tarred-and-feathered.  Tachiai, and…I wish I wouldn’t have typed that.  The Geek was fired up.  From the tachiai, Geek had his head down and clearly won the inside position.  A powerful force-down win by the Geek results in a collective forehead smack across the nation (well, the 0.001% of the nation which cares).  Honestly good sumo from the Geek, but this commentator was fully expecting him to play by the party rules.  Kissy falls to 13-2, which is not really worthy of Yokozuna promotion talk.  The Geek improves to 11-4 to finish the basho.


And for the afterthought of the year, YE Hakuho (14-0) vs. YW Harumafuji (11-3).  Harumafuji was a live wire at the tachiai, but make no mistake—these two were horsing around like it was jungyo.  Harumafuji kind of jumped out, making it look like Hakuho pushed him out.  Hakuho got his 10th 15-0 zensho championship, and he owes Haruma a favor sometime later down the line.


With this yusho, Hakuho has now tied Asashoryu for third all time yushos, with 25.  Hakuho is currently 28 years old and two months.  When Taiho was 28 years old and two months, he was one ahead of Hakuho with 26 yushos.  It is within the realms of possibility Hakuho will surpass the record of all records (32 career Makuuchi yushos), and something which will make the next few years of sumo more interesting.

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  1. Samuél de Gama

    So descriptive it was like I was really there!

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