Nagoya 2013 Day 2

MatagisawaA particularly moody Monday here in Akita, lots of heavy, violent rain coming out of nowhere, ruining my plans for walking to work without getting soaked.  I had a class start at about 6:00 and though I could push it and finish watching makuuchi, but thought better of it before the halfway point.  Besides, what kind of major upset would happen on day 2, with this schedule.  Let’s just say today’s weather couldn’t be a better analogy for today’s sumo.  (This is what we in the literary world call “foreshadowing”… or it could be “misdirection”… guess you’ll just have to read my report to find out.

In the effort to save everyone involved time, I will be glossing over unimportant or uninteresting bouts and bringing you only what’s important, as day 2 usually is not the non-stop thrill ride that even senshuraku can’t usually stack up to.  I’ll start today’s report down in juryo.  Takanoyama was up against one of the bigger juryo men, Tokushinho, today.  Not exactly sure what Taka’s plan was, but Shinho had the presence of mind to keep the smaller man off the belt, and tire him out a bit before working him out with tsuppari.  Taka went for his usually try at a tottari or utchari at the bales, but he missed a bit.  Osunaarashi surprised me a bit by defeating Satoyama.  I was sure the smaller, more agile, more experienced Satoyama would have the Sandstorm up and out in no time.  But Sandy did a good Baruto impression, and went for an out side grip over the back, relying on his massive strength to see him through, which it did.  Good job, buddy.  We all know Homasho is a defensive rikishi, a solid one.  It’s not that he doesn’t move forward, he just does it carefully and with purpose.  Today against Daikiho we could see him hopping around the dohyo like someone in a sack-race for cigar store indians.  When Daikiho realized that forward motion would be no good against Homey, he went for the backward-circling pull down, and was a bit faster, laterally, than Homey.  Shit-sumo from Daikiho.  He’s supposed to be better than that.

On to Makuuchi… Tokushoryu was slapped down by juryo visitor Chiyootori.  Shotenro’s pushing attack over powered Wakanosato, even though the latter had a belt grip (looks like gramps might be checking into a home soon).  Today was probably the best chance for a win Sokokurai had, but even Tamaasuka could beat him.  Kokurai put up a fight though.

Masunoyama seems to put everything into his forward motion.  Once someone gets to the side of him, it usually ends, and that right embarrassingly.  Tamawashi did just that today.  Masu got off to a good start, but Eagle-nuts got to the side of him and nearly got the okuri dashi, but instead settled for a thrust down.  It seems everyone has caught on to the fact that all you have to do against Masa is wait a second, then calmly avoid his frantic attack.

I usually wouldn’t comment on Kotoyuki, but he looked damn good against Jokoryu.  The Joker couldn’t get an attack going, and Yuki’s solid footwork and tsuppari did exactly what they should.  Kaisei strong in against Daido immediately with a shoulder blast and maemitsu, sealed up a tidy win.  Chiyonokuni was way off balance and moving backwards when attemtping a thrusting attack against Tochinoshin.  Noshin pushed him back and up, grabbed the mawashi and would have body slammed the little guy, if it weren’t for Chiyo catching himself with his right arm, still a solid win for Noshin.  Aran henkaed to the left and slapped down Aoiyama, who had a good long moment to look into the Russian’s eyes and give him the “you trashy cunt” stare.  The Kitataiki and Sadanofuji bout was a replay of the previous bout, but in this case the trashy cunt was Kitataiki.

Takarafuji did 50% of the work to get his win today, he stepped to the side and gently caressed Toyohibiki’s arm, causing Beeker to topple over due to being over stretched.  Okinoumi is looking a bit more focused if I have to judge by day 1 and 2.  Yoshikaze’s ever-erratic movements did little to phase Casanova, who even used Yoshi’s own pull down attempt as an opportunity to push Yoshi to the clay.  Clean work.

Ikioi was on today.  Colliding with Kyokutenho and grabbing the right hand inside grip.  He went for a massive shitatenage attempt, but his grip was broken at the terminal point.  Tenho was, however, off balance, and was distracted as he suddenly realized he was about to miss Matlock, so Ikioi had no problems finishing things off with a final shove.  Tenho was later quoted as saying “who are all these people?  I can’t find my fanny pack, or my juice box…give me a pudding.”

Toyonoshima was textbook today.  He was up against a thruster and wanted to shoulder-blast into a morozashi, and keep things close.  It didn’t work, so he held his ground looking for his opening, which came as soon as Fujiazuma openend with a new round of tsuppari.  Toyo got one, then two hand on the belt, worked back, as just as Fuji went for the slapdown, Toyo was, predictably, on his tippy-toes, pushing Fuji out just before hitting the clay himself.  Can’t count the number of times I have seen this exact same fight, just with another wrestler in the losers spot.

Aminishiki was not his sneaky self against Myogiryu today.  He came straight in at the tachiai, with no shenanigans.  After jostling for position, Both ended up with the right hand inside.  Sneaky tried to apply pressure on Yogi’s right eblow joint and go for the kotenage, but Yogi flipped his palm up and used the Sneak’s center of gravity shift to move things back.  Both men’s grips now broken, Yogi charged for a grip, Sneaky tried to dodge and slap down, which almost worked, but Yogi caught himself at the bales.  Yogi re-engaged from a lower, more balanced position, and Sneakers was last seen frolicking down into the 2nd row.

Now THAT is the Chiyiotairyu I want to see.  Explosive hit against Goeido, thrust to the face, keep up constant pressure spin Eido around, go for the belt, gabburi a bit, then switch things up at the bales and thrust out.  Goeido didn’t have time to think, and looked utterly out classed.  He was making the face of a child who is lost, a bit hungry, and has to go potty.

Not sure what, if anything, Tokitenku was going for here.  Half hearted harite from Tokitenku, allowed kise to snag an immediate left hand outside.  The Kid worked Toki back for a few paces before shifting backwards slightly and dumping the over-stretched Mongolian down with an uwatenage.  Just 11 more and Kisenosato is theoretically a yokozuna.  How horrible is that?

Tochiozan was inside on Kotooshu from the tachiai, but somehow managed to be a bit high against the ozeki.  Whilst getting moved up and back he went for a slapdown attempt on the ozeki which sounded like someone thumping a melon with an empty wooden tube.  Ozan goes out.  Oshu wins, which kind of upsets me.

Kakuryu butted heads with Lady Gaga, and snagged the outside left, allowing the lady the inside grip, as a gentleman should.  The Kak wiggled his hips a bit to loosen the Lady’s grip, then slipped to the side and executed a nice uwatenage, and dumped the lady on the floor when he was done with her.  Just like a gentleman should.

Shohozan’s style of sumo is just no suited for taking out guys like Kotoshogiku.  He either needs to add another trick to his proverbial pony, or get a lot bigger and stronger, because his thrusting attack just doesn’t budge the Geek.  take today as evidence.  The Geek hardly even needed the gabburi today to seal up the win.

Seeing Takayasu come up through the ranks, I knew a bout like today was inevitable.  He put up one hell of a fight against Hakuho.  Haks started off with the right hand inside, with Takayasu latching onto a deep outside left hand grip.  At this point Hakuho had right hand in, left hand out.  His favorite grip.  Haks moved for the bales, but Taka spun back in.  Haks had shifted position so that Taka couldn’t regain his left hand outside, so Taka throws caution to the wind and fakes a play for makikae, Hakuho denies the makikae, but uses the opporunity not to win, but to get makikae himself, now going morozashi.  However, Takayasu takes that chance to pull a successful makikae.  Now Hakuho has left hand in right hand out, and Takayasu has the same.  Hakuho flips Taka around and goes for a shitatenage, Taka is at the brink of toppling, but recovers.  Hakuho is caught a bit off balance and Taka is able to makikae back into the left hand inside position, Hakuho agains has the same.  Hakuho has had enough and attempts the shitatenage one more time, but Taka ain’t going down.  While moving back Taka clips his ankle on the tawara and Hakuho switches gears and uses Taka’s split second of bad dohyo-kan to crush him out from the side.  Let me say this about this bout.  Takayasu looked great (except at the VERY end), Hakuho did not.  It’s rare to get away with going makikae on Hakuho once, much less twice.  There were two or three times where Haks would have normally finished Takayasu off.  However, I could not spot any solid point in the bout where Takayasu was “winning”, just spots were we was losing less.  Takayasu has gotten a lot better, this is true, but regardless of the win, today Haks was not 100%.  Whether or not that was intentional, as has been speculated in various places, I leave to you to decide. Watch the bout for yourself.

This was anti-climactic.  Harumafuji collided with Takekaze one, two, three times, and the little Akitan was out.  Not even the Count from Sesame Street would get a boner off of that one.

If you haven’t guessed by now…. it was misdirection.

Day 2 is over and Kisenosato’s alleged “tsuna-tori” attempt is still “intact”, tomorrow, you’ll have our own “DeGama” here to “tell” you “all about” the “days bouts”… and to pee in your mouth, if that’s what you’re into.

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