Nagoya 2013 Day 4

Well what a day yesterday was. Kisenosato, Harumafuji and Osunaarashi all tasted the Nagoya dohyo for the first time this basho. Kissy obviously succumbing to the mounting national pressure that tried to have him will all of his first 14 bouts. And Harumafuji, what the hell happened there? Anyway, let’s jump in to Day 4. We all knew Osunaarashi couldn’t continue winning at the rate he was, but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

First let’s take a look at Boody’s bout from today…
Sotairyu vs. Osunaarashi
Boody seems to have a body somewhat similar to Aran, but it would appear he can use his body better! He started a bit behind the shikirisen and giving himself time to load power into his tachi-ai. When he hit Sotairyu he was a little too upright so the power was a little wasted. Sotairyu gor a maemitsu grip that Boody broke by landing a solid left hand slap to his face. So tairyu then pushed forward withough a grip, and Boody backed away while pulling down. This was unsuccessful, but it did allow him time to circle around, if only slightly. Sotai kept on his game, and allowed us to see some of the Egyptians defence and footwork, which was solid. When the two eventually settled into yotsuzumo Osuna waited for his opponent to make the first move, and reacted immediately. It turned into a power wiggle dance before Boody could lift and force Saotairyu out. Alhamdulillah!

Wakanosato vs. Kyokushuho
In the first match Wakanosato clearly pushed Kyokushuho out and won. However the gyogi got it wrong, a mono-ii ensued, and then all 5 gyogi couldn’t make the obvious correct call. So a rematch was held.
Second time around Kyoku got a nice maemitsu grip and used it effectively to set up a solid force out when the old guy timed a pull down very badly.

Masunoyama vs. Shotenro
Masu came in head first and cracked Shotenro nicely. He then gained a deep inside bletless grip and tried a beltless throw. Shotenro survived that attempt, but was now upright, and Masunoyama hand enough breath left in him to drive forward for a never-easy-for-him force out win. Good first win for him.

Tamawashi vs. Tokushoryu
Tamawashi was wound up a Choro-Q car at the tachi-ai. So after Tokushoryu took the initial contact and as Tamawashi’s wheels were spinning on the clay he simply stepped to the side and allowed the mini car drive itself off the dohyo.

Tamaasuka vs. Jokoryu
Tama got a solid right hand outside grip and left arm under Joe’s, raising his arm up and rendering it useless. Tama then drove forward with power. Tama looks great in this fight.

Kaisei vs. Sokokurai
Sokokurai moved to his left to get an easy grip on the much bigger Brazilian. Kaisei reacted quickly and kept his big long gorilla arms on the Mongolian and driving him back. Soko tried to circle around, but he ran out of space quickly and was pushed over the bales quite easily. He has he work cut out for himself if he wants to stay in this division.

Aran vs. Kotoyuki
Aran pulled out a dirty henka from his bag of henkas today. But followed it up with a slow reaction, and Kotoyuki got back into perfect position. Koto then shoved Russian twice and before gaining his victory. Shit, shit, shit sumo from Aran. On a side note he does look pretty similar to Osunaarashi, doesn’t he?

Aoiyama vs. Daido
Daido stalled before the tachi-ai, and I though Aoi was going to stand up. But he didn’t instead getting a great position with his right arm in under Daido’s and drove back. At the bales Aoiyama reversed and moving to the side pulled Daido forward and down to the dirt.

Tochinoshin vs. Sadanofuji
Great forward moving sumo from both guys as both were determined to gain the advantage from driving forward. Tochinoshin got a solid left and Sada got a solid right and both made multiple attempts at throwing each other to the dirt. Tochinoshi tried a few leg trips in the middle. And eventually as Tochinoshi drove forward Sada twisted him down on the bales. Fight time: 1 minute 29 seconds

Chiyonokuni vs. Yoshikaze
Yoshikaze was able to slip in under Chiyo after they crashed heads. Chiyo tried a head grip but they rarely work out, and with Yoshi much lower he was easily able to keep his balance and force him backwards at an angle.

Ikioi vs. Toyohibiki
Toyohibiki brought his A game, and packed it all into his right hand. Said right went straight for Ikioi’s neck and lifted him upright, and helped drive him back to the bales. There Toyo kept the pressure on with his left and the with his right. Ikioi’s toe then slipped over the straw. Great stuff from Toyohibiki.

Kitataiki vs. Toyonoshima
Kitataiki got a really deep right hand grip and was driving Toyo back. Toyo broke that grip, and let him get it back almost immediately. Again he broke it and this time kept him away. It still looked like Kita’s to win. But from seemingly nowhere Toyo ran across the dohyo and dumped Kita off the dohyo!

Kyokutenho vs. Takarafuji
Kyokutenho got a solid right hand grip, but allowed Takara to get a solif left too. Kyoku stedied himself got his right hand settled under Takara’s arm and then when to drive him out. Taka resisted very well at the edge though, so Kyoku dropped him forward instead.

Okinoumi vs. Fujiazuma
Fuji completely took the impact out of Oki’s tachi-ai and used his paws to keep him away from his belt. Then Fuji pulled and Oki went tumbling forward, but not out or down. So Fuji re-enguaged with his face and neck pushing before pulling and again sending Oki past him, but again not out or down. This time Oki was able to get his shit together and got a left hand grip and right hand under Fuji’s raising it up very high. From the Oki was able to force him out. And fair play to him too, rarely you see guys surviving two pull down attempts like that.

Aminishiki vs. Takayasu
Aminishiki got a double inside grip and had Takayasu on the bales almost immediately. Takayasu in desperation tried a headlock throw, but his arms slipped over the snakes head, but somehow managed to knock Aminishi off balance, and Taka could then easily finish off the snake with one easy push down. Ami must have got excited or something, he had a double inside grip! Whatever, just happy to see him lose.

Tokitenku vs. Goeido
Goeido came in straight before moving slightly to the left to get a deep grip on the back of Tokitenku’s mawashi and pulled in it tight. He then got his right hand on the front of Tokitenku’s belt and with him completely at an angle he was able to drive straight to victory. Toki is still winless.

Kakuryu vs. Myogiryu
Ozeki time! Myogiryu went for a hand pull just after the initial contact, and completely missed. He then remembered that was a shit thing to do, and drove forward. He looked like he was about to win too, but Kakuryu is well skilled at tip-toeing around at the edge. And he does it beautifully. Myogiryu needed to keep the ozeki in front of him. Oh well.

Chiyotairyu vs. Kotoshogiku
Kotoshogiku does what he does best. A solid tachi-ai, got a right hand grip, dropped his hips and belly-humped his opponent straight out. 4-0 for Kotoshogiku.

Kisenosato vs. Shohozan
Kisenosato obviously needs to win today to keep the ridiculous idea of him being promoted to yokozuna alive. Today I thought he looked nervous, but when things got going he kept Shohozan in front of him. Shoho was trying to keep the ozeki away with pushes to the face and throat, but Kissy kept his eyes on him and kept moving forward. Why didn’t he do this yesterday? No bottle, that’s why.

Takekaze vs. Kotooshu
Tallest vs Smallest, Kotooshu grabbed the Akitian and brought him close. Takekaze can’t go chest to chest with many wrestlers, and definitely not with this Bulgarian. He hadn’t a chance. The ozeki slowly worked him back to the edge and then pushed him backwards and to the side over the bales.

Hakuho vs. Tochiozan
After the initial contact, Hakuho slipped to the left and pulled forward on Tochiozan’s arm twisting him to the ground. Maybe this fight lasted 1.5 seconds. That’s 34 wins in a row for Hakuho.

Gagamaru vs. Harumafuji
Here’s to hoping Harumafumble remembers how to move his feet today. Harumafuji hit hard and I thought there was a chance for Gaga to slap down the yokozuna, but we all know who can react faster, so he slapped down Gaga instead!

So today all 4 ozeki and 2 yokozuna won today.

That’s it for today ladies and gentlemen. If you have time tomorrow, put your valuables in a safe place, make sure you have a couple of escape routes, and keep you back to the wall as our new reporter prepares to release his first report all over you. Yesterday de Gama was completely unclear whether this new guy IS or HAS “a massive cock”. So I guess our readers will have to be the final judge of that! Take care…

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