Nagoya 2013 Day 10

MatagiyamaLeaderboard: Hakuho 9-0, followed by Kotooshu and Kaisei at 8-1.

M16E Tokushoryu (3-4) vs. J1E Takanoiwa (5-2): first bout of Makuuchi and it was a noteworthy one.  Toku drove Taka to the bales twice, but Taka chugged his way out and drove Tokushoryu out for a beautiful table-turning, ass-slappin’ win.

Am I obligated to talk about M15W Sokokurai?  Yeah, he was kind of interesting before he was kicked out, but the poor Chinaman is two years older now and rustier than the Tinman after an onsen.  He was screwed.  He was also manhandled by M12W Kotoyuki today, as a reminder.

M8E Toyohibiki (4-2) vs. M12E Kaisei (5-1) was a fun one.  Beeker nodowa-ed his opponent back, but the Brazilian waxed his opponent by utilizing his right hand on Beeker’s left shoulder blade and pulling his opponent around, finished him off with an ole’ yorikiri.  Kaisei stays on the leaderboard with a 6-1 while Beeker falls to 4-3.

M10E Aran (2-4) did some funky chicken-shit Greco-Roman wrestling stuff like shifting his wrists and slapping M7E Takarafuji’s (3-3) belt area, but it seems to pay off as the Russian won with a yoritaoshi force-down win.  Aran improves to 3-4 while Takarafuji falls to the same record.

M5E Ikioi (3-3) vs. M8W Kitataiki (3-3): hell of bout here.  Ikioi drove well on KeyTaTa, but once TaTa worked his way inside Ikioi’s chest he was able to drive forward and attempt an underarm throw.  Ikioi hung tough launching a simultaneous over-arm throw.  TaTa one upper that by using his free right hand to push Ikioi’s right knee off balance.  Both men tumbled down, with TaTa doing a frontal flip with the momentum gained from that push on Ikioi’s knee.  After a long monoii, the men in blake agreed to the gyoji’s decision to give Kitataiki the win.  A very well earned win by Kitataiki who really played smart to get this win and improve to 4-3.  Ikioi falls to 3-4.

M2W Gagamaru (0-6) was finally had someone he could pick on in the form of M4W Fujiazuma (1-5).  Gentleman Gaga improves to 1-6 with a push-out win.  Fujiazuma falls to the same record.

OW Kotoshogiku (5-1) is on suicide watch after losing that nasty-ass henka to Amisneaky yesterday.  The only thing worse than losing by henka is coming back the next day and losing by henka once again.  SE Myogiryu (2-4) did it.  Two days ago the Geek was 5-0 and looking like one of the top three on the dohyo.  Two nasty henkas and he’s down to 5-2 and with Kisenosato, off the leaderboard.  Myogiryu improves to 3-4.

OE Kisenosato’s (4-2) tsuna-tori dreams have been dashed by two dumb-ass losses, though on NHK they still talked as if there was a snowball’s chance.  Today, one-win SW Goeido (yes, only one win so far!) sealed the deal by manhandling Kissy right out of the rink, yorikiri style.  Kisenosato falls to 4-3 in his ‘tsunatori basho’ (snicker, snicker).  Goeido improves to ‘second worst disappointment of Japan’ with a 2-5.

OW Kotooshu (5-1) henka-ed M3W Aminishiki (2-4).  That was weird, but deserved for Sneaky’s shitty shinanigans (try saying that three times fast, and you might say a dirty word).  The Eurozeki improves to 6-1 while the Sneak falls to 2-5.

M4E Kyokutenho (3-3) vs. YW Harumafuji (5-1).  Ok, Haruma manhandled his countryman here, but you want to know why Kyokutenho has sustained such a long career?  It’s the way he looses.  He got in a compromised position turned bass-ackward with the Yokozuna riding his ass.  Rather than fight it, he just takes it.  None of us like watching a guy take it mid-bout, but this is one reason why Kyokutenho is still around at nearly 39 years old.  He just accepts compromising positions.  Thanks to Daly for pointing this out.  Haruma improves to 6-1 while Kyokutenho falls to 3-4.

M3E Chiyotairyu (5-1) really wanted this win against YE Hakuho (6-0).  He brought his umph, but often times too much umph results in not enough balance.  They bumped at the tachiai and Chiyo fell down.  End of it.

End of Day 10 and Hakuho remains along in the lead at 10-0.  He’s followed by Kotooshu and Kaisei at 9-1.

Hakuho is streakin’ at 40 straight.

Connolly, the man who always comes twice, is up tomorrow, and he’s also got a report coming your way.

2 responses to “Nagoya 2013 Day 10

  1. is this a work in progress?

  2. He’s making a comment about the quality of sumo on day 10, and the fact that day 7 was much better.

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