Nagoya 2013 Day 11

It’s Day 11 of the Nagoya basho, and things are getting interesting! Coming into this basho all focus was on Kisenosato and his possible promotion to yokozuna. Now with those chances quenched, the focus has switched to how far Hakuho can take his current undefeated streak to. There is also an interesting battle brewing for the jun-yusho position, as well as Harumafuji’s struggle to survive.

Let’s start of with 2 interesting line-ups in juryo.

W-J11 Takanoyama 2-8 vs W-J9 Osunaarashi 7-3
Many peoples favourite up and coming rikishi these days is Osunaarashi. He stormed up to the sekitori ranks and has been fairing well in his first juryo competition. He picked up 3 losses so far against Seiro on Day 3, Asahisho on Day 5, and in a really close bout to Homasho on Day 7. Takanoyama is also a crowd favourite though. Although his luck is heading in the opposite direction, and he only managed to queef out 2 wins thus far. This may well be his last basho in jury.
At the tachi-ai skinny Takanoyama henka-ed to his left, grabbed and pulled on Boody’s right hand and sending him straight to the dirt for a disappointing finish. I feel he really should have expected a henka though, and that has been Takanoyama’s go to weapon for a while now!

W-J13 Endo 9-1 vs W-J7 Daikiho 6-4
Endo has been in the limelight this basho, and for good reason too. His sumo has been solid. He only picked up the one loss so far against Tokushinho on Day 4, and as long as he can keep his shit together he looks set to yusho by Day 13 or 14.
Daikiho got the better position at the start, but when he decided to reverse he gave all advantage to Endo, who clinically moved forward and finished Dicky off with an easy yorikiri.

The juryo leaderboard after todays action looks like this:
10-1 – Endo
8-3 – Tochinowaka, Asasekiryu
7-4 – Yoshiazuma, Osunaarashi, Seiro, Homasho, Tenkaiho, Takanoiwa

Right, on to makuuchi.

E-M13 Tamawashi 4-6 vs W-M15 Sokokurai 4-6
Sokokurai started with a weak henka. It didn’t give him much of an advantage, but the two were separated with Tamawashi holding Soko away. Eventually Soko could drive him back around the ring and out.

E-M15 Wakanosato 4-6 vs W-M12 Kotoyuki 5-5
Koto came in strong, rose the old man and drove him straight back and out.

E-M10 Aran 5-5 vs E-M14 Masunoyama 6-4
Masunoyama burst out of the gates like there was a rocket up his arse and powered Aran straight back to the bales. He tippy toed around on the bales before they both went out. A mono-ii should have been held and the replay was not consisive in my opinion. But the win was given to No-Lungs.

E-M11 Daido 0-10 vs W-M9 Sadanofuji 3-7
All forward moving sumo for Sada, and the dodo, I mean Daido had nothing to offer in response. 0-11 ouch!

E-M16 Tokushoryu 6-4 vs W-M8 Kitataiki 5-5
Kitataiki tried to pull Toku down which is always a bad idea unless you are in perfect position. He wasn’t and he lost because of it. Also the judge that Tokushoryu landed on also lost.

E-M8 Toyohibiki 6-4 vs W-M16 Shotenro 7-3
Shotenro hit hard at the tachi-ai, he knew he was in good position, and then immediately stepped backwards and slapped Toyo to the dirt.

W-M14 Tamaasuka 5-5 vs W-M7 Yoshikaze 4-6
A strange tachi-ai from saw Yoshikaze stop half way before hitting Tama and ducked down a little further, getting himself under Tama and driving him around and out.

E-M7 Takarafuji 6-4 vs W-M13 Jokoryu 4-6
Joe’s face slaps go all the way around the world before the get close to his opponent. Takara kept his cool and while couldn’t find a way to get to Joe’s belt, he threw him with a arm bar throw to win the match.

E-M9 Aoiyama 8-2 vs W-M5 Toyonoshima 4-6
BlueMountain used his much longer and stronger arms to push Toyo back by the face, keeping him away from belt and body. Aoiyama then pulled on his face to drop Toyo forward and down. So Aoiyama keeps himself in the jun-yusho race.

E-M5 Ikioi 5-5 vs W-M6 Okinoumi 7-3
Okinoumi worked hard to get in under Sticky Ikky and was working him backwards. Ikioi rocked him to the left, to the right, then back to the left again, and moved himself to the right and watch Oki fall on all fours. Good stuff from Ikioi, and Oki will be kicking himself.

W-M4 Fujiazuma 3-7 vs W-M3 Aminishiki 3-7
Fuji kept his eyes on the snake and when Amini got both arms inside, Fuji arm bar locked on his bad arm and then drove him back. The ailing snake went out easily.

E-M3 Chiyotairyu 6-4 vs E-M12 Kaisei 9-1
With Kaisei keeping a very impressive score, it’s time for him to be hoisted up along the echelons to fight the stronger rikishi. Today he is paired up against the very much on-form Chiyotairyu who has so far beaten the 2 sekiwake, 1 ozeki and 1 yokozuna! Today Chiyotairyu got a solid left hand outside grip with his right hand under Aoiyama’s, probably beautiful smelling, armpit. Chiyotairyu quickly employed a beautiful uwatenage (overarm throw). So Kaisei drops back to 9-2.

W-M2 Gagamaru 2-8 vs W-K Tokitenku 2-8
Gaga looked to be in great position with his head buried into Toki’s chest, but unfortunately without a belt grip. So when he drove forward the Mongolian was easily able to twist the huge Georgian.

E-K Shohozan 3-7 vs E-M2 Tochiozan 7-3
Shohozan brought all the aggression for this one. He drove into Tochiozan, driving him around the dohyo. Tochi while being driven backwards was pushing down on Shoho to the right, and then switched quickly to the right and Shohozan was a little too low. And Shoho dropped out of his komusubi rank!

W-M1 Takayasu 6-4 vs W-S Goeido 3-7
Takayasu did a great job of keeping Goeido away from his belt. And Goeido who didn’t have a grip was able to drive forward but not push out Taka. Goeido then went makikae and sensing it, Taka reversed and tried to push down the forward moving Goeido. Both men went out together and the gyogi pointed Goeido’s way. The reply made me question if Goeido’s arm didn’t touch down first (read: it did!) but a mono-ii was not called. Win to Goeido.

E-M4 Kyokutenho 3-7 vs W-O Kotoshogiku 6-4
Kyokutenho couldn’t stop the gabburi-yori attack and was dry humped out. 7-4 for the ozeki who faces Hakuho tomorrow.

E-O Kisenosato 7-3 vs E-S Myogiryu 5-5
Kisenosato kept Myogiryu in front of him, got his hands under his armpits and drove him straight back. The ozeki knows how to fight when there is no pressure on him.

W-O Kotooshu 9-1 vs W-Y Harumafuji 6-4
The Bulgarians only loss this tournament came at the slapping hands of Takayasu. He has surprised me though, and I’m not talking about the kind of surprise you get when say, Johnson runs after you with a raging boner, and then later claims his innocence by saying it’s always like that. No, I’m talking more about No-shoes… does that clear up who I’m talking about…. and how he usually only does exactly enough to get by. This tournament he secured his kachikoshi by day 9! What’s going on there? Is he confused, did he forget that he didn’t get demoted down to sekiwake last basho (like he should have been), and doesn’t now need 10 wins to regain his position as the awful, awful ozeki that he is?
The other guy in this fight is Harumafuji! Although his score really doesn’t reflect it, he is actually a yokozuna! And as you can imagine he has been struggling this basho. Both these guys need to win today. Kotooshu wants to keep his jun-yosho (runner-up) dreams alive, and Harumafuji wants to keep the yokozuna deliberation council off his back. They will be saying he should be winning more, and if he isn’t he needs to retire.
Today the yokozuna moved to his right after crashing his head into his shoulder to get an easy grab on the ozeki’s arm. He then used that grip to pull Kotooshu forward, and arm bar thrown him down. Not yokozuna sumo, and strangely I kinda felt a little bad for the Bulgarian. I think I’ll get over that pretty quickly though…. Yep, all better!

E-Y Hakuho 10-0 vs E-O Kakuryu 7-3
Will Hakuho zensho-yusho this basho? Will he finish this tournament with a total of 45 consecutive wins? What is his current ambition? To break the 63 consecutive winning streak, or to beat his own personal record of 86 wins in a calendar year? Man, that would be impressive, and it would accomplish basically all our our dreams at the same time! But who knows. The unfortunate thing about the future is it’s pretty damn hard to see, not impossible, just hard. Ask Bertrum, he’ll show you how hard it is….
Anyway, when Hakuho’s put both fists down and moved forward from the tachi-ai the Kak had not yet put down his fists so Hakuho stopped. But the Kakuryu put down his fists and drove forward. It was awful, Hakuho basically stopped half way through his tachi-ai. But he should know to let the gyogi make that call!!
The Kak drove on gaining a left hand inside and started to drive. At this point, when Hakuho was upright and in a position that he could have easily lost, he realised that the fight was on! In slow motion you can see the point where he realised and got his game face on. Of course there was little time as the ozeki was driving him back. The dai-Yokozuna quickly twisted backwards around to his left and arm bar threw the Kak out of the ring. His face after the bout confirmed that he was incredibly lucky to have won that one! A perfect example of how amazingly skilled he really is!

The makuuchi leaderboard now looks like this:
11-0 – Hakuho
9-2 – Kotooshu, Kaisei, Aoiyama

I’m outahere, some guy from igirisu will be here tomorrow, is he can hold his.. ball….

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