Nagoya 2013 Day 12

S&S Briton-Meyer

I was out enjoying the fine summer weather on my bike today and thinking very little, my pedals were spinning around and around and my bike was flying forward.  With each spin of my feet, my mind emptied further and further.  At the time it was highly enjoyable, but now, I am afraid I have nothing in my mind to provide you with a good introduction.  So with nothing more from my empty mind, I give you… Day 12.

Seirou vs. Takanoyama – Bit of a henka display by Takanoyama at the tachiai as he dodges right and then spins Seirou right round like a rag doll.  Seirou, however, squares up at the edge and the two face down, Takanoyama bobbing from side to side like a box, Seirou ready to punish Takanoyama for his tachiai.  Takanoyama charges, Seirou ready with a hand to the back of the head in WWE throwing style ready to end it, but somehow Takanoyama doesn’t go out of the ring and Seirou is running backwards along the rope.  Takanoyama headbutts Seirou in the belly, which earns him a swat upside the head.  The two finally lock up on the mawashi and rock back and forth, but then Seirou somehow finds Takanoyama behind him, he spins to get out of the embarrassing position at the expense of his footwork and Takanoyama slams Seirou to the floor.

Kotomisen vs Oosunaarashi – the Missing Thing and the Sand Storm lock up at arms length and then Oosunaarashi plays

Kotomisen like a drum all the way to a tsukidashi win – 8th win of the Big Sand Storm.

Takanoiwa vs Endou – Daly was catching me up on what I missed during my absence from the Sumo scene and mentioned Endou as an up and comer.  The bout today was pretty conservative sumo on both rikishi’s parts.  Endou did have a nice rebalance in the middle that eventually led him on to the win.

Daidou vs Tamawashi  – Just cuing up my “White Flag” here, I mean the lyrics just fit Daidou’s situation so well.  0-11.  He is going down with his ship.

Aran vs. Shoutenrou – Not a huge Aran fan, but the man got a win today.

Wakanosato vs. Sadanofuji – gonna root for Sadanofuji here.  Both rikishi evenly matched witha 4-7 record, Sadanofuji with the higher rank… and they’re off… Sadanofuji retreating, now attacking, all somewhat in slow motion…  one more push and he should have… oh… he is down on his face.  Bout goes to Wakanosato.

Skipping forward a bit – Takarafuji vs. Masunoyama – one of these guys will get their kachikoshi today and the odds favor Takarafuji.  I have to say that these two look like what I imagined sumo wrestlers would look like before I knew aught about the sport.  Their bout looks like what a sumo bout looked like in my imagination back then.  Both could be wearing inflatable suits.  Takarafuji wins.

Jokoryu vs. Yoshikaze – WOW what a henka by Yoshi, the Joker doesn’t even know where his opponent went.  Yoshi on the attack, pretty rough toss out and the win goes to Yoshi.

Kaisei vs. Okinoumi – Oki manhandles Kaisei from the get go.  Solid sumo there.  Nice win for Oki.

skipping forward  to the next really interesting bout – hmmm… when will it arrive… lots of rikishi just kind of falling over here… hmmm…  Kisenosato vs. Kotooshu – I’m suprised this is the next bout I’m going to report on, but WOW that was fought to the bitter end by the big man. Perhaps a little bit of lateral movement at the tachiai on the part of Kotooshu, the two lock up… looking for advantage… Kotooshu grabs for the belt, misses, he’s up against the edge, but refuses to go out, the two go over the edge together and the win goes to Kisenosato.

Hakuho vs. Kotoshougiku – blows are exchanged, Hak gets a grip and flings Kotoshougiku over to get the win, but he grimaces and stretches his side… is Hak ok?  That is some very ginger walking.

Kakuryu vs Harumafuji – The two hit it, lock up, going back and forth looking for the advantage, Haruma finds it and out Kakuryu goes.  Fairly controlled sumo there.

And that is Day 12.  Tomorrow will be Day 13 and I’d better tell you who will be bringing it to you before Bertrum does lest ye become confused.  It’ll be Chalmers.

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