Nagoya 2013 Day 13

Aloha kakou, Sumo Geeks! Chalmers reporting from sunny Hawaii!  It’s good to be back for this summer basho!  Today was certainly a scorcher, by Hawaii standards!  It may have even hit the low 90’s, or low 30’s for the rest of the uninitiated world.  And I am supposed to be living on the cool side of paradise!  On with the show

Leader Board:  Hakuho leads undefeated, while Aoiyama hot on his heels.  If Aoiyama loses today, Hakuho will take the Yusho AND the record for most consecutive Yusho of all time.  Hakuho is currently tied for it with his one and only rival and former great, Asashoryu.

From Juryo: The Egyption Prince continues to do well with 9 wins, so far.  Though Endo is in it to win it, Osunaarashi is looking to come in a close second!  Our fan-favorite, Takanoyama won today, and will hopefully stay in juryo with another win tomorrow.

12E Kaisei (9-3) vs. 14E Masunoyama (7-5): The two wrap up and slow dance until Masu’s little lungs give out.  The Brazilian walks Masu out and Blank Balls to a solid 10 wins (and tied for second?).

10E Aran (6-6) vs. 16E Tokushoryu (8-4): A text book push back/ pull down Hatakikomi win at the tachiai for Alan.  Shame on him, picking on the rookie.

14W Tamaasuka (5-7) vs. 8W Kitataiki (6-6):  Kitataiki starts solid with a torpedo headbutt worthy of praise Sir Edmond Honda, himself, pushing Tamaasuka back a few steps.  Kitataiki attempts to change his grip, but fails as his opponent gives up and flops to the sand.  Shitatenage puts Kitataiki a step closer to promotion, Tamaasuka at a definite demotion, possibly to Juryo.

8E Toyohibiki (6-6) vs. 13W Jokoryu (4-8): The Beak makes short work of The Joke with two hands on the chin and pushing him back to the bails and into the first row.  Oshitaoshi puts The Beak one away from promotion, and The Joke one away from Juryo.

15W Sokokurai (5-7) vs. 7W Yoshikaze (6-6): I think Soko was expecting another Yoshi-henka, so the tachiai was weak.  All Yoshi has to do is wrap up and push out, oshidashi.  And with that, Soko is assured a place in Juryo.

7E Takarafuji (8-4) vs. 16W Shotenro (8-4): The match starts without Takarafuji, and Shoten schoolyard bully’s him out, oshidashi to 9 wins.

15E Wakanosato (5-7) vs. 8W Okinoumi (8-4): The two wrap up at the tachiai and stalemate for a  while.  Oki waits out Waka until fatigue sets into the old-timer.  Waka works on a morozashi grip change while Oki works on laying the old man to the Makekoshi sand, then lying on top of him, Kubinage.  Waka needs the next two to avoid Juryo.

13E Tamawashi (5-7) vs. 5W Toyonoshima (5-7): It’s like the two are allergic to each other, both avoiding a belt match.  They patty cake and look at each other for a little while until King Tama gets clever and throws a heavy right hook, which would have worked had he not missed.  Toyo graps the spinning Tama from behind and bulls him over the bails, okuritaoshi to 6-7.

12W Kotoyuki (6-6) vs. 4W Fujiazuma (4-8):  A solid tachiai and tsupari sumo from both.  Kotoyki showing to be more stable as he stays on target and works Fujiazuma to the bails and over. Oshidashi win gives Kotoyuki 7.

4E Kyokutenho (3-9) vs. 11E Daido (0-12):  Team Mongol wraps Daido in her white flag (see Briton-Meyer’s day 12 post to get that joke) and walks her out, yorikiri keeps Daido’s record at a perfect 0-13.

9W Sadonofuji (4-8) vs. 2W Gagamaru (2-10): The two wrap up at the tachiai and stand there for a while.  Sado waits out the behemoth, who’s too top heavy for his little legs which always give out after 10 seconds.  Sado lays the Lady to rest, sukuinage to a better losing record.

9E Aoiyama (10-2) vs. 1W Takayasu (6-6):  Awful… just awful.  Cheap henka for SuperCheap (Takayasu).  Hakuho now only needs one more to win it all.

KE Shohozan (4-8) vs. 3W Aminishiki (4-8): A rock-solid head-butt by Big Sho bounces The Sneak back on his heels.  Big Sho with an aggressive Tsupari barrage leaves The Sneak with little chance.  Despite his best efforts, The Sneak is worked to the bails and off the dohyo, Tsukidashi.  Good show from the Big Sho.

5E Ikioi (7-5) vs. SW Goeido (5-7):  Goeido shows he’s still got it, hitting hard at the tachiai, going up top for a hatakikomi, and going back down for the shove, yorikiri, and all within 4 seconds.  Goeido keeps his head above water.

SE Myogiryu (6-6) vs. 2E Tochiozan (8-4):  A hard hitting tachiai from both, Myogiryu shows Tochi who wants it more.  Tochi tries to get a grip, tries for a slap-down, but despite his best efforts, Myogiryu keeps his footing and pushes Tochiozan out, oshidashi.  Myogiryu one away from his Kachi.

OE Kakuryu (7-5) vs. 3E Chiyotairyu (7-5):  Who wants it? Chiyo wins the tachiai as The Kak gets rocked back by the head-butt heard ‘round the world.  The Kak wakes up from daze and is quickly back in the game, locking up with the smaller Chiyo and working him over the bails.  Yorikiri gives The Kak his Kach, Chiyo will have to wait.

KW Tokitenku (4-8) vs. OW Kotoshogiku (7-5): Tokitenku bets bulled back and out for a quickie.  Yorikiri gives The Geek his Kachikoshi.

OE Kisenosato (9-3) vs. YW Harumafuji (8-4): Haruma wins the tachiai with his head, but loses the size match and is pushed around the ring by Kisenosato.  Kisenosato makes short work of the Yokozuna, putting him on the bails and then squashing him, abisetaoshi.  Kisenosato, with one of possibly two gold stars this basho, showing that he is still yokozuna material.

YE Hakuho (12-0) vs. OW Kotooshu (9-3): Kotooshu puts up a great effort as he withstands a painful arm-bar, then exchanges grip and position with the yokozuna, almost besting him a couple of times.  The Hak proves he’s the best, never giving the Bulgarian any ground, works Oshu to the bails, over the bails, and then gives the last hurrah to put Oshu into the crowd.

That seals it: Hakuho wins this Natsu Basho, his 26th, his 43 consecutive win, and his 8th consecutive yusho.  Hakuho is officially the record holder for MOST CONSECUTIVE YUSHO of all time.  Sorry Asashoryu, but this Mongol is unstoppable!

That’s it for today, and I’ll see you all right back here tomorrow!

A hui ho!



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