Aki 2013 Day 3

Good evening all, I’m here with my impressions on the more interesting fights of the day. Oh by the way have ye guys checked out the new official English website of the Sumo association yet? What do ye think? I really like how there is quick access to all 6 divisions (but not yet used to the new colour scheme). Also, you can watch all the fights right to your phone now, too. Sweet!

Wakanosato vs Asahisho
Asahi blasted the old man, standing him upright, before slapping him down.

Jokoryu vs Homasho
First time meeting between these two. Joe started really fast, and drove Homasho straight back to the bales. But with a simple twist down at the edge gave him an easy win. Poor footwork by Joe lost this one for him.

Endo vs Masunoyama
No Lungs got the better position from the tachi-ai who drove forward and launched a quick belt less underarm throw. Endo got a right hand grip at the last moment and was able to throw Masunoyama forcing him to the ground a split second before him. Endo got away with this one. His tachi-ai was lazy.

Tamawashi vs Sadanofuji
Tamawashi drove straight Sadanofuji with all his might, and Sada had little objections. Straightforward win for Tama.

Tokushoryu vs Takekaze
First time meeting between these boyos. Take tries to push up and pull down immediately from the tachi-ai. But with good foot work from Tokushoryu he kept the Akitian in front of him and drove forward. Take launched a beltless underarm throw, but again Tokushoryu defended it well and continued to drive forward for his win.

Kotoyuki vs Yoshikaze
Kotoyuki came in with a double handed shove that worked well on the first shove. But as he went to shove again, Yoshikaze deflected it and slipped in under Koto’s arms raising him up, and driving him out before he even realised his second shove had missed! Great stuff from Yoshi.

Fujiazuma vs Gagamaru
Fuji (not the mountain) took on Gaga (the mountain) head on, and actually managed to move him back a little. But when Gaga drove forward Fuji decided to take him on again, instead of slipping to the side. Gaga deflected one of Fuji’s pushes and got under his arms and with one forceful shove knocked him clean off his feet.

Toyonoshima vs Kyokutenho
Kyokutenho got an over hand grip as Toyonoshima wiggled around looking for a left hand frontal grip. When Toyo slipped backwards as Kyoku tried a slap down the two separated and as the two engaged again Toyo got a double inside beltless grip. Kyoku was without a grip so had to squeeze onto the two arms around him. It was Toyonoshima who the tried to shove forward while also leg trip the Mongolian. Kyo reacted with a throw attempt, which caused Toyo to leg hook for balance. And when Kyoku threw again Toyonoshima did the splits as both men hit the dirt. Toyo was in quite a lot of pain, and probably wasn’t thinking about the fact the he had just lost. It took him a good while to get up off the ground. Let’s hope he is ok tomorrow.

Kitataiki vs Aran
Kitataiki hit Aran before Aran had moved and got a much better position. But aran without any form of a grip, got his hand behind Kitataiki’s knee and shoved forward. This got Kita off balance and he was driven out by a determined Russian.

Toyohibiki vs Tokitenku
Toyohibiki drove straight forward leaving Tokitenku to spin around on the bales. A mono-ii was called but the slow motion replay cleared showed Toyohibiki’s hand touch down before Tokitenku’s heel touched down outside the bales. Win to Tokitenku.

Tochiozan vs Goeido
Goeido hit hard and drove Tochiozan back to the edge, but couldn’t finish him off. So he pulled forward and tried to push down Tochi by the head. That didn’t work either so he slipped inside and finished him off via yorikiri.

Myogiryu vs Takayasu
Takayasu got the better position and looked positioned to win quickly. But seemed to stay waiting for Myogiryu to do something. I was shouting at Myogiryu to go makikae, but when he did Takayasu threw him perfectly.

Aoiyama vs Kakuryu
Kakuryu got a deep right hand inside grip and while keeping his head in Aoiyamas face he switched side quickly and got a deep left too. From there he was able to slip around the Bulgarian while throwing him at the same time.

Kisenosato vs Okinoumi
Okinoumi has never beaten this ozeki in his 9 attempts. At the tachi-ai Kisenosato stalled enough to put him off. Oki was able to get a left hand inside though, and prevented the ozeki from getting any grip. As both jostled for better positions, the ozeki made the awful mistake of trying to reverse and pull down. This completely failed and gave Oki the momentum to drive forwards. The ozeki was wise and circled around, but ran out of space fast. Oki was able to yorikiri his way to victory! A nice warm up before facing the dai-Yokozuna tomorrow.

Chiyotairyu vs Kotooshu
Chiyotairyu forgot to move at the tachi-ai and got smothered by the Bulgarian who gained a double inside grip and drove straight forward. Easy day for him.

Kotoshogiku vs Takarafuji
Kotoshogiku came in slightly to his right and got a solid grip. Takarafuji had a left, but the ozeki broke it quite easily, and then did what he does. Man lovin’.

Ikioi vs Harumafuji
With Harumafuji’s early loss yesterday all eyes are on him to see what kind of record he will finish with. History suggest it’ll be 11 wins at the very best! Probably 10, but only time will tell. The yokozuna came in with a two armed shove, but was very wobbly on his feet. Harumafuji kept his focus though and was able to slap Ikioi in the face before lowering his centre of gravity and shoving in over the bales.

Hakuho vs Shohozan
Shohozan beat Harumafuji yesterday, but surly knew that fighting Hakuho was a different kettle of fish. Sho led with a double hand shove to Haks face area. The Hak then tugged on his arm, almost arm barring him. But Sho kept moving and prevented that. Shohozan was like an abu, he kept bumping into Hakuho’s face and annoying him. But with most abu eventually you’ll land a perfect slap and have them drop to the ground. The Yokozuna slap was more of a shove caused Sho to slip on the clay/salt mix and was done. Good work from the little horsefly though.

Cheers for stopping by, I’ll be back again tomorrow with (hopefully) a more thorough report.
Till then..

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