Aki 2013 Day 4

It’s Day 4 and already with have Kisenosato and Harumafuji with a loss each. Both of those are fighting guys today who not only have never beaten them, but have also yet to win a fight this tournament. Kotoshogiku takes on Goeido, and those two have been sharing wins evenly for the last year or so. Kakuryu takes on Tochiozan a guy who he has beaten as often as he has lost to! Myogiryu takes on the Shoe box and Okinoumi will try his luck against one of the greatest sumo wrestlers of all time.

Endo(2-1) vs Tamawashi(3-0)
Endo took his time before starting, and when he did he couldn’t find his way in to Tamawashi’s mawashi. He didn’t need it though, he kept himself low, and while Tama was busy keeping him away from the belt he wasn’t working enough to get a grip for himself. Endo kept pushing forward and forced him out. Both men now on 3-1.

Tenkaiho(1-2) vs Jokoryu(1-2)
Joe got a solid left hand grip from the tachi-ai that he never let go of. He put his right hand under Tenkaiho’s armpit and kept him off balance. Tenny kept trying to get out of that position, but it only worked in Joe’s favour. He eventually worked the wiggling Tenkaiho over the straw bales.

Asahisho(2-1) vs Sadanofuji(1-2)
Sada came in with a two handed shove to the face, as Asashi launched a tsuppari attack of his own, and boy was it lively. Sada was only able to try deflect the barrage and wasn’t either able to be offensive or even get Asa under control. Asa kept working Sada until he had him oshidashied over the edge.

Takekaze(1-2) vs Wakanosato(0-3)
The Akitan jumped up and pushed down on Waka’s hands from the tachi-ai. He then quickly got around the back of him and forced him out easily.

Tamaasuka(2-1) vs Shotenro(1-2)
Shotenro brought all the aggression to this fight. He drove Tama back with little resistance except when he tried to twist him at the edge. Shotenro was having none of it though, and continued his march forward.

Gagamaru(1-2) vs Masunoyama(1-2)
Masunoyama hit Gaga with every ounce of energy he had today, and moved him back only a fraction. Gaga’s powerful arms shoved his head back towards breaking point. But Masu slipped to the side of his hand and pushed back. Again Gaga came back with determination but with a sweet deflection from Masa he went tumbling forward, but not down, or out. No Lungs went in for the kill, he couldn’t yorikiri him out though, instead going for the reverse and drop him forward move. Poor Masu collapsed from exhaustion too, but Gaga hit down first. What a guy!

Homasho(2-1) vs Kotoyuki(1-2)
Shoves from both men, some deflections that almost worked, more shoving. Homasho showed he knows where he is on the dohyo and can circulate around well. But another shove from Kotoyuki has Homey on the bales and unable to escape. One final shove put both men on 2-2.

Tochinowaka(2-1) vs Yoshikaze(3-0)
Yoshikaze forced Tochinowaka upright at the tachi-ai, then stepped to the side and pulled him forward. Simple sumo from Yoshi, awful reactions from Taka.

Tokushoryu(2-1) vs Kyokutenho(3-0)
Tokushoryu tried to get to the right of Kyokutenho and pull on his arm, but Kyokutenho knows what he is doing. He stuck in to Toku and followed him around in a circle before backing him over the edge. Uninspiring sumo from Tokushoryu as Kyokutenho moves to 4-0.

Tokitenku(1-2) vs Fujiazuma(1-2)
Fujiazuma barged forward, gaining a solid left grip on the Mongolian, and moved him immediately back. Tokitenku simply reversed and turned to his left, and Fuji landed outside the ring.

Toyonoshima(0-3) vs Aminishiki(2-1)
Both men standing on bandaged right legs. Aminishiki got a solid left while keeping Toyonoshima beltless. Aminishi kept him off centre making it very awkward for Toyo to gain the advantage. When Ami-chan drove forward Toyo tried to spin around and hoped for a miracle that never materialised. Aminishiki was then able to hump him from behind, out.

Toyohibiki(2-1) vs Aran(2-1)
Aran was caught sleeping at the tachi-ai today. Hibi caught him with a double frontal grip and charged forward. Aran tried to reverse and circle away, but really just handed an easy victory to Toyonoshima.

Kitataiki(1-2) vs Kaisei(1-2)
Kitataiki came in low, and looked to be at a good angle of attach, however Kaisei came in lifted him up to chest level. With a solid left hand grip and his right under Kita’s armpit he drove forward, keeping him on an angle which prevented him from defending the attack. Precise sumo from Kaisei who completely neutralised Kitataiki.

Takarafuji(0-3) vs Chiyotairyu(0-3)
Chiyotairyu looked like Yoshikaze of old, when he looked like he drank about 6 cans of red bull before his fight. He launched all sorts tsuppari pushing and pulling attacks, bouncing around the dohyo like some sort of demented Gummi Bear. Takata got a decent grip at one stage but couldn’t hold on. Chiyo finally finished him off via oshidashi push out. Career victory 100 for him too!

Shohozan(1-2) vs Takayasu(1-2)
Shohozan followed Chiyotairyu’s caffinated lead by attacking Takayasu with good tsuppari. Takayasu reacted very well though, he landed about 12 pushing slaps to Sho’s chin in about 3 seconds. Sho weathered it well though, and when Taka ran out of steam he rushed him forward and over the edge.

Kotoshogiku(3-0) vs Goeido(2-1)
Goeido came in lightning fast to get a left hand grip on the front of the ozekis, he then shifted to his left before driving into the ozeki. Kotoshogiku broke his grip quickly but Goeido kept moving and wend makikae to keep on the offensive. Putting his head under the ozekis chin, and after gaining a double handed grip he rushed the ozeki backwards at an angle that had him hopping backwards and out. EXCELLENT sumo from Goeido.

Tochiozan(0-3) vs Kakuryu(3-0)
The Kak tried to thrust Tochi back with face and neck pushes. But Tochi was at a good angle of attack and it was he who was on the offensive. He got his left hand under the ozekis right armpit and rised him up and pushed he off balance, and quickly off the dohyo. That’s 2 ozeki losses!

Kisenosato(2-1) vs Ikioi(0-3)
At the tachi-ai Kise hit Ikioi in the face with his head which left him stunned for a bit, and retreating somewhat. He recovered and returned the headbut to the face of the ozeki and gained a tiny bit of ground. Then as the ozeki forced him back again, Ikioi slipped backwards and tried to push the ozeki down. Kise knew where his feet were, and where they needed to go to keep his balance though. So when Iki abandoned that plan, the ozeki got his arm under the armpit and raised his opponent, dropped his hips, and forced him out of the ring.

Myogiryu(2-1) vs Kotooshu(3-0)
Myogiryu put his left paw into the ozekis throat and tried to raise him up. No Shoes just took it though and went to drive forward, his opponent tried to slip out of the way, but not very well. So now Kotoo had Myogiru clinging onto the tawara by his toes and it looked decided. Myogiryu went chest to chest with the much taller opponent and got a very deep double grip and managed to escape, and then started forcing the Bulgarian towards the edge. When Shoe’s heel hit the tawara he turned and launched a throw, and even got his hand on Myogiryus head to spin him over. Still, Myogiryu held on somehow threw Kotooshu at the same time. Now as I have my TV paused, both mens head are inches from the ground, and Myogiryu’s right leg and Kotooshus left leg at pointing to the roof. All the poeple in the audience have their mouths dropped wide open. Forward just a fraction and you see the ozekis hand start to move towards the ground at the same time as Myogiryus head.
A mono-ii was called and they decided that Myogiryu’s head hit the clay first. I however strongly disagree with that decision, I think that Kotooshu’s hand touched down first, and because it was so close I feel they should have fought again. Unfortunately I have absolutely no say in these matters. Not yet anyway…

Hakuho(3-0) vs Okinoumi(2-1)
Okinoumi has yet to figure out a way to beat the dai-Yokozuna (in fairness though, most people are struggling with that one!), losing in all previous 8 encounters. Oki blocked the yokozuna from getting his preferred grip at the tachi-ai, this left Hakuho somewhat high, so he tried to put both hands on Oki’s back and force him to the ground. Oki was moving fast though, and prevailed pushing the yokozuna backwards. Oki now had an outer right grip, while the Hak was without. When the yokozuna managed to stop himself, circled backwards to create an opening to go makikae, he then locked up the fast paced Okinoumi until he also tried to go makikae. Hak was now in control though and used that opening to force Oki out, resisting a twist down attempt on the way. The yokozuna got a work out today, but remains perfect at 4-0.

Aoiyama(0-3) vs Harumafuji(2-1)
Aoiyama has yet to beat Harumafuji, having lost to him 3 times to date. Harumafuji jumped the gun and the tachi-ai had to be reset. This time Aoiyama was waiting and met the yokozuna with as good as he got. Harumafuji was the one able to drive forwards though, and he looked set to win easily. Aoiyama was able to lock Harumafujis right arm and force him to the left. He then followed it up quickly with a shove to the side of the yokozunas face and upper body, and everyone in the kokugikan picked up their zabutons and threw them at the dohyo. That was the first kinboshi for Aoiyama, and he was a little emotional in the interview room.

As a point of interest Hakuho has given up 8 kinboshi or gold star during his 37 tournaments as a yokozuna. Harumafuji has given up 9 in only 6 tournaments. A kinboshi is when a wrestler from the maegashira rank defeats a yokozuna.
Harumafuji is in some serious trouble!

Johnson will be putting the kin into your tama tomorrow.

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