Aki 2013 Day 6

MatagisawaI’m feeling rather jovial for today’s report.  Perhaps it was the 5 pints I had prior to the writing this report, or perhaps its that tomorrow is the Sumo & Stogies gathering.  I was having a conversation tonight with a buddy at the bar about how more and more the younger generation of men is becoming more and more pussified.  So it tickles me down below just a bit to know that tomorrow I’ll be hanging out, smoking fine cigars, drinking good scotch whisky, and watching sumo with some real men.

Starting down in the lower ranks Musashikuni (jonokuchi) picked up his 3rd win leaving him at 3-0 so far this tourney.  Like I said on day 2, he’s not particularly fast right now, but his technique is solid.  Uncle Moose is teaching him right.  Tatsu (makushita) is at 2-1 after a definitive tsukidashi win over Tokachiumi.

Osunaarashi came in with tsuppari after a mata and was driven back to the bales by Tokushinho (heaviest sekitori) and was looking like he was going to lose, but he grabbed the belt spun thing around, went for a gabburi (ala Geeku) then was able to sukuinage the bigger man down.  Good work Boody.

On to makuuchi.  There were a fair amount of piss poor bouts today which i will gloss over, to keep things interesting.  Embarrassing loss for Wakanosato by Homasho, 3 more losses and Waka is down in juryo for sure.  Jokoryu survived Sadanofuji’s hatakikomi attempt, but was still off balance and was taken out.  Despite his efforts Asahisho’s pushing attacks were no match for Takekaze’s pulling and “back and to the left” tactics.

Endo stayed low at the tachiai against Tochinowaka and locked into a hidari yotsu, moving the taller man up and back.  Tochi brought things back to the center.  Endo’s right uwate grip was broken, but he managed to slip in and upgrade to a maemawashi grip, slipped his left hand grip a bit deeper, shifted tochi to the side and dropped his hips.  Game over for Tochi.  4-2 for the new guy.

Masunoyama got under and inside on Tokushoryu quicker than Berturm does on DeGama when no one is looking.  Shotenro got turned around and humped out by Tenkaiho.  Pushing battle between Tamawashi and Kotoyuki went Tamawashi’s way.  Tamaasuka tied up Fujiazuma from the start and neutralized his game just about as effectively as whisky does for Connelly’s.  Toyonoshima lost by making the awful mistake of backing away and trying to slap down Gagamaru (who is looking pretty trash this basho himself).  Aran wrapped up Tokitenku’s arms and got a fairly easy kimedashi win.  Aminishiki pushed Yoshikaze to the side after initial contact, just barely keeping himself in the ring before Yoshi ran out (monoii included).  Kyokutenho easily swung down Toyohibiki (who was a bit too eager in his tachiai).

Mirror hidari yotsu grips for both Kitataiki and Takarafuji.  Kitataiki looke like he was trying to spin left and go for a shitatenage, putting his hand on the back of Takara’s head for the closer, but Takara kept low and took the shift in balance to move forward and oust Taiki.

Chiyotairyu blasted back Kaisei with some palms to the neck and face, then instead of keeping the forward motion up and doing good sumo, he went for the metrosexual way out and tried a pull with a backward step.  Kaisei read it like a titty magazine featuring Aoiyama and used Chiyo’s backward momentum to work get the win.

Myogiryu stiff-armed Ikioi in the throat, working him back, and causing Ikioi to step out backwards.

Aoiyama had Kisenosato on the run with some tsuppari, but Kise fought back with his own thrusts from the gap.  Aoiyama leaned too far forward, noticed it then over compensated a bit.  It seemed that the lower half of his body kept moving forward whilst the top half wanted to move away, Kise’s paw to the chest sent the bulgarian sprawling.  Reminded me of a malfunction during a robot demonstration.

Shohozan’s initial tsuppari against Kotooshu were a bit off target and Oshu got him moving back.  Shoho slipped to the side and looked to have the okuridashi (which got my Johnson sense tingling a bit), but Oshu managed to right himself in time to avoid the burt reynolds.  However Oshu’s balance was a bit compromised.  Shoho kept moving thrusting wildly.  Oshu had a few moments of bad dohyo-kan which handed Shoho a matching ozeki scalp for his kinboshi.

Takayasu decided not to go with his usual tsuappari against Kotoshigiku.  Giku locked him up and engaged rape-mode, Taka fought back a bit, but Geeku’s turbo-rape kicked in and Taka didn’t have a chance.  Johnson got a boner (for a change) in his sleep.

Goeido HAD Kakuryu moving back and out at the tachiai, but at the bales Kakuryu managed to get and arm inside and sukinaged Goeido, spinning on the tawara with one foot.  Dirty win for the Kak.

Remember that famous video of a guy slugging The Jersey Shore’s Snooky in the face at a bar.  Imagine that, but with an arm bar throw instead.  Hakuho v Tochiozan (i don’t really need to tell you who played Snooky’s part do I?)

Harumafuji came in against Okinoumi with some thrusting.  Oki fought back from the edge.  Haruma moved in for another thrusting attempt.  Then slipped inside for a morozashi getting Oki REALLY high and off balance finishing him off quite aggressively.

Leader board:

Hakuho – 6-0 (are we just gonna call this one already?)

5-1 Kise, Kak, Geek, Sneak, Tenho, Yoshi

4-2 Haruma, Oshu, Eido, Kaisei, Beeker, Take, Endo, Homey, Masu, Tama

DeGama and Bertrum will be taking a few minutes off from handling each others’ sausages to bring us the day 7 report tomorrow.



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