Aki 2013 Nakabi

Today marks the mid way point of the September basho. We have only one man undefeated on the board. Hopefully that won’t change today.
Apologies for the lack of report yesterday, we had our S&S gathering yesterday, and we left it to the two stogieless stooges to cover, apparently they were busy working each others meat to report.
Anyway, let’s get to it.

As a point of note the Bulgarian ozeki Kotooshu went kyujo yesterday, dropping out due to some injury. So he’ll be kadoban again next basho, and with the love of God he won’t get 8 wins next basho.

Kyokushuho (6-1) vs Jokoryu (4-3)
Kyokushuho looks to stay in 2nd place today, driving Joe back to the edge from the get go. Joe wasn’t giving up easily, launched a beautiful shitatenage throw, and with using his leg to nudge Kyoku over he flipped him out of the ring. Joe moves on to 5-3.

Tamaasuka (3-4) vs Homasho (5-2) – Take 1
Homey got under Tama’s Tamas and tried to raise him up, to move him back. Tama kept low though, and the battled for position, through about 4 headbuts. Tama came out in better position and drove forward. At the edge Homasho was pushing Tama down as he was going out. Both men touched down about the same time, and the mono-ii decided to do it all over again.

Tamaasuka (3-4) vs Homasho (5-2) – Take 2
This time Tama heasbutted and drove Homasho right back. Homey using his good ring sense circled around corrected his position. As Tama tried go makikae or change his grip from outter to inner Homo drove him forward and out.

Tenkaiho (3-4) vs Asahisho (3-4)
Asahisho was all in Tenkaihos face raising him up and moving him back, somewhat. Tenny kept his head though, got his hand on of the back Asas neck and reversed fast enough to drop him to the clay.

Masunoyama (5-2) vs Sadanofuji (3-4)
No Lungs gor in fast, immediately tries to throw him right, then right. And then broke Sada’s grip and set up again for another throw. This time he threw Sadanofuji but as he was tired he collapsed at the same time, so a mono-ii was called. They correctly awarded the victory to Sadanofuji.

Tamawashi (4-3) vs Tochinowaka (3-4)
Tamawashi stretched his arm out into Tochinowakas throat. Tochi deflected that attack and when Tama was off balance could overpower him easily.

Gagamaru (3-4) vs Endo (5-2)
Endo came in fast and reversed back around slapping on Gagas arms to try and down him. At the edge Endo got a right grip on the Georgians belt and tried a throw. They looked to go down at the same time, but no mono-ii was called. The gyogi pointed Gaga’s way. Which was too bad coz it looked like it was really close. But

Tokushoryu (2-5) vs Kotoyuki (3-4)
Koto hits hard and takes Toku back. Toku spins around gets the grip, and wiggles Koto over the tawara.

Fujiazuma (1-6) vs Wakanosato (0-7)
Wakanosato is old, and isn’t nearly as strong as he used to be. Today he had Fujiazuma set up to force out, but couldn’t. He kept Fuji away from his belt though, and ended up having to reverse around and throws his without a grip. They both went down but Waka kept his hands away from the clay the longest.

Shotenro (3-4) vs Toyonoshima (2-5)
Shotenro came in at a perfect angle against Toyonoshima, and set himself up to drive forward. As quick as lightning Toyo spun around and with a slight touch on Shotenro’s arm saw him dive forward. Toyo has speed and used it very well today.

Takekaze (5-2) vs Kyokutenho (5-2)
Take kept Kyokutenho away from his belt for as long as he could, but once Kyoku got it, he pulled the Akitian in close and forced him out.

Aran (3-4) vs Aminishiki (5-2)
Aran did an awful henka at the tachi-ai, but completely ineffective. Aminishiki then tried a pull down which allowed Aran to hold him away. Then Aran tried the pull down but that gave the advantage to Ami, and as he was driving forward, Aran was pushing him down. The gyoji pointed to Aran, but the mono-ii reversed that decision, and the win was given to the snake.

Yoshikaze (6-1) vs Kaisei (5-2)
Solid footwork from the Brazilian saw him hold his ground well from Yoshikaze’s fast charge. Kaisei kept his opponent in front of him, and used his strong arms to force Yoshi upright and off balance. 2 or 3 one handed pushes had Yoshi over the edge.

Okinoumi (2-5) vs Tokitenku (3-4)
A quick frontal push followed by a quick belt grip from Okinoumi and he was able to twist Toki off center and forced him out. Excellent execution of basic sumo.

Kitataiki (2-5) vs Aoiyama (2-5)
Kitataiki found Aoiyama waaaay to high at the tachi ai. He pushed him up and pulled him forward. Aoi fellforward and his hand got real close to the dirt. Kita regrouped and drove back into Aoi, looking to force him over the edge. Aoi had other, last ditch, plans in mind though, and while raining one leg and spinning around, he forced Kita down. At no stage did Aoiyama look in control of this fight! But he won.

Tochiozan (3-4) vs Takayasu (2-5)
Stong tachi-ai from both men saw them seperate for a second. Takayasu then launched a slapping attack on Tochiozans face/troat. Tochi weathered them well though, and when a gap appeared he had the position to move forward and kill Takayasu’s prospects.

Ikioi (1-6) vs Goeido (4-3)
Ikioi (勢) means momentum apparently. You learn something new everyday! Goeido henkas to the left (technically he hit first and then slipped to the left) and uses Momentums momentum against him. Goeido got a deep left grip in the process and was able to spin him around, and set him up for a push out, which in fairness Ikioi made him work for.

Kotoshogiku (5-2) vs Shohozan (4-3)
Keeping in line with technicality. Shohozan half-hit and henka-ed to the side, while slapping down on the too-low-ozeki. He was sent face first to the dirt. This one was over in 1 second flat. Awful loss for the ozeki. Shohozan has now beaten Harumafuji, Takayasu, Kotooshu, Goeido and Kotoshogiku today! That’s impressive.

Myogiryu (3-4) vs Kakuryu (6-1)
Both these guys were happy to have a slapping fight today. The Kak however was quite ineffective with his attack, not moving Myogiryu back at all. As the ozeki was nearing the bales, he knocked Myo off balance, but didn’t pounce on him fast enough to win. Then the ozeki tried a pull down, but Myogiryu was fast and pounced forward and rushed Kakuryu over the tawara. Myogiryu takes on Harumafuji tomorrow.

Kisenosato (6-1) vs Toyohibiki (4-3)
Toyohibiki started very strong getting a left grip on the ozekis belt, and move him back a few feet. But once Kise got a outer right grip, he was in control. The ozeki moved forward, and launched a throw. It wasn’t successful but it put Toyo off balance, and Kise was then easily able to take him to the edge. Toyo resisted as long as possible. And it looked like Kise didn’t really try so hard to force him out, almost looked like he was waiting for Hibi to step backwards, which he did, eventually. Good stuff from Kisenosato who moves to 7-1, the best performing ozeki.

Hakuho (7-0) vs Takarafuji (1-6)
The yokozuna drove forward without bothering to go for the belt. This gave Takara a glimmer of hope. But of course it didn’t last. When the Hak did get the belt he launched a yobimodoshi or pulling body slam. I had never heard of that move before, but it looked like a move from WWE wrestling. Hakuho pulled Takarafuji close then lifted him and slammed him into the ground. Looked sweet! Hakoho stays perfect at 8-0.

Chiyotairyu (2-5) vs Harumafuji (5-2)
These two have met only twice, but very interestingly, Chiyotairyu has won both matches! Today Chiyotairyu slapped the yokozuna in the face before being forced back and getting a slap in the face himself. Chiyo then tried to slap down on Harry arms, it threw him off for a split second, but the yokozuna then landed another solid slap to his face and followed up with his head to Chiyo’s chin and a left handed push to his chest that send him over the straw bales.

That’s it for today. I believe Creswell will be back with you again tomorrow.

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