Aki 2013 day 13

MatagisawaI want to be fair here.  I am really drunk.  Which is the way these reports need to written.  I know what you’re thinking.  “Fuck, another over-analytical report by Creswell”.  Well that’s not what you’re gonna get.  So I am just gonna ignore juryo for the time being.  Don’t worry, Osunaarashi won today.  Takanoyama? Your guess is as good as mine, but i did watch makuuchi.  So here we go.

I was really surprised to see Tamaasuka go right for the left hand inside against Tokushoryu, but it worked out well for Ocsar, who got the yorikiri win handily.

I am becoming more and more convinced that Wakanosato needs to call it a career.  Today’s bout with Kotoyuki further confirms my convictions.  Waka brought nothing to the table.  Not that Kotoyuki is an inferior rikishi… Waka is just outta juice.  Yuki owned Waka.  I’d be surprised if there wan’t an intai announcement soon.

Let’s all be honest, Gagamaru has looked shit this basho.  Even today’s bout with Tenkaiho was not the blowout it should have been.  Gaga’s weight will only take him so far, he needs to work on lateral motion.  Gaga looked all smug after pulling down Tenkaiho today… the Lady needs to realize he got lucky today and go back to basics.

As far as pusher thrusters go Asahisho ranks higher on my list than Fujiazuma.  Asahisho has some character, but he just isn’t that strong, as was in evidence today, when Fujiazuma pushed the salt-man out.

Tamawashi’s only hope against Toyonoshima was to keep him off the belt, which he managed quite handily.  Waddaya know.

So Aran’s strategy is to just give up at the tachiai now huh?  First time I’ve not seen Masunoyama out of breath.

Sadanofuji ranks up there with the guys whose sumo i couldn’t give two shits about.  Kyokutenho was right in with a morozashi, and out with the win.

After a straight up mata, Kitataiki pulled a dirty henka on Jokuoryu which was more than effective…  boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Very rarely do you see Aminishiki come in with an aggressive tachiai, but he did against Homasho today.  Homey answered back with his usual style, but Sneakers came out on top today.  Not a highlight bout.

Tokitenku didn’t henka against Tochinowaka, but he might as well have.  Toki shifted left right after initial contact, and Toichi was all over it.  He got Toki up high and moved him back and out with little effort.

Kaisei showed a weakness today against shorter rikishi that he hasn’t ever shown before.  After working Takekaze back to the bales, he mysterious let the little Akitan inside with a morozashi, then tripped over his own feet, handing Mr. Kaze the win.

Today Takarafuji showed us that he is a decent rikishi.  Shit-tenro wanted to end it by pushin, but Takara locked him up and finished things the way Harumafuji should be doin’.

Chiyotairyu decided that he was going to move forward today, surprise surprise he beat Ikioi.  Why doesn’t he do that every day?  Until he figures that out he will be stuck at Joii.

Truthfully when I saw Shohozan lock up in a belt battle with Okinoumi i though things were done.  But Shoho held on for a bit and made Oki fight for it.  I mean… Oki inevitably won, but not as handily as he should have.

Takayasu vs Toyohibiki is a hard call to make.  If Beeker is on his game, he is darn good, but so is Taka.  From the tachiai Beeker was the driving force, but Taka moved to the side and thrust down Beeker.

I was really happy to see Endo facing Tochiozan today.  Endo got undeneath Ozan’s tachiai, but within a second Ozan recoverd getting the uwate otsuke on Endo, trading up for the hidari yotsu and catching the younger man off balance and an easy victim for the sukuinage.  I see that as a teachable moment for Endo, he doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy that will let that happen twice.

Aoiyama came in with some pretty strong tsuppari against Myogiryu, but Yogi was lower and better balanced.  It was over real quick.  Aoiyama has had some good luck this basho, but his footwork and balance has been pretty shit.

Kisenosato was completely unfocused today against Goedio, a simple pull down attempt sent Kise completely off-balance and gave Eido an easy win.  There is Hakuho’s yusho right there.

Harumafuji had hidari yotsu against Kotoshogiku, and all he had to do was slip to the left and pull a throw, but he decided to go for a desperation kubinage instead, it’s like he wants to be forced to retire.  he won’t be, but it’s like he’s tempting the YDC to try and make him.  The Geek easily took the low ground during the kubinage nonsense, and won.

After seeing Kise and Haruma’s bouts Hakuho wanred to play around with Kauryu for a bit.  But just a bit… he pretty much fucked the Kak in the butt.  When someone can okuridashi a rikishi like kakuryu like that they are on their game.  So that’s an unofficial day 13 yusho for Haks.  Just just 5 away from the all time record.  I will live to see Taiho’s record smashed by the greatest yokozuna ever.  Don’t get me wrong, I much prefer Asashoryu, but Hakuho will be remembered for generations as THE daiyokozuna.  63 consecutive wins, at least 9 zensho yusho and over 32 yusho… easily.  No question about who rules the roost.  Regardless of which Japanese rikishi gets the rope handed to him on a silver platter we all know that Hakuho is the once and future king.

tomorrow and Sunday are a formality.  Of course there is the chance that Haks will throw his bouts tomorrow and sunday to force a playoff with Kise, but anyone who thinks that will actually happen needs to have their head examined.  Someone will be here tomorrow, either me or Connolly.  Enjoy it all the same.  Osaunaarashi will be up in makuuchi next basho, and Endo will be mid maegashira having won his first fighting spirit prize… as predicted.



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