November Kyushu Basho 2013 Day 2

S&S BertrumAs most of you realise, I’ve been out of the loop for a while… Without explaining anything, let’s crack on. All eyes will be on two people this tournament,:Despite taking a licking yesterday, it’s still early days to see if Osunaraashi can play with the big boys or not. He certainly has something to prove and this basho will be exciting just to see if he can.  The other wrestler is of course Hakuho who continues to inch his way towards being the greatest! In this harsh blistery freeze that is sweeping across Tohoku bringing on an early winter, Bertrum is here at your whim to turn up the heat just a notch for day 2 of the basho.

Shotenro vs. Takanoiwa
From the tachiai Shotenro goes in a lil high, but with power behind his arms to keep pushing at Taka’s neck and upper torso. He has good momentum and drive to keep him on the back foot for a relatively easy win. 2-0 victory for Shotenro

Tamaasuka vs. Osunaarashi
Osu started off in a similar way to Shotenro. He has huge power in those arms, and at one point it looked like Tama was gonna snap his back – I have no doubt he is feeling sore after this bout! That said, Strength alone isn’t going to win it, and Osu is looking real sloppy if I’m going to be honest. Tama’s experience enables him to capitalise on Osu going off balance and putting all his weight on his left leg, for a yorikiri. Osu drops to 0-2 – better luck tomorrow kid!

Yoshikaze vs. Tokushoryu
This was almost comical to watch after seeing the giant loose cannonball of Osu! Yoshikaze kinda looked like a medieval flail going at Toku. Yoshi get’s Toku to the rope, but both of them trip over it, and a monoii is called – re-match. A false start, and then we go.  Fortunate for Yoshi, toki started the same way as the false start, and Yoshi could read this, he jumped up and back wards, then pushed Toku down to the sand. Not the greatest of sumo, but well read by Yoshi. I’m sure de Gama got a chub on watching this!

Kyokushuho vs Gagamaru
This bout basically went the same way any of Gaga’s bouts do. I can’t see him in the game for much longer, and is really unimpressive to watch him bellyflop onto the ring!

Masunoyama vs. Fujiazuma
They engage, and it looked to be a straight up oshidashi win for Masu, but then at the rope edge, he reversed gears, offbalancing Fuji for a sukuinage. Good call.

Jokoryu vs. Tamawashi.
Tamawashi had is game hat on, and was dominating from the start, I think he would have won it anyway. That said, Jokoryu slips and puts his knee down. Disappointing, but there you go.

Sadanofuji vs. Kotoyuki
Sada slips just after tachiai.

Tokitenku vs. Kitataiki.
Another quick bout. Kita attacks, and Toki gets a good left hand mawashi grip, he goes with the momentum to help send Kita rolling out for tsukiotoshi.

Toyohibiki vs. Tenkaiho
What looked to be a promising engagement between equal fatties, Tenkaiho slips and goes down too. Another quick bout. Past few bouts haven’t been so impressive I must say, but I suppose it is still early in the tournament.

Takarafuji vs. Endo
There we go, a good bout to watch! They both grapple back and forth to settle into some mawashi grips. Endo tries to make an advance, being lower body to him, but Takara denies him, getting both hands on the belt for yoritaoshi. Hopefully things are picking up from here on!

Aoiyama vs Ikioi
Aoiyama had his hat on too, he looked controlled, but so too did Ikioi. Defending well against his attacks. At ring edge, ikioi lunges and pushes aoiyama out, and fortunate for him touches the dirt after aoiyama does.

Chiyotairu vs. Kaisei
Chiyo set himself up good here, shoulder in low with a left arm grip on the mawashi. Well played for him, and kaisei could do nowt but take the hit.

Takayasu vs. Tochinowaka
Easy Yorikiri win for Tochinowaka

Homasho vs. Takekaze
The Akita goes in low, and pushes his arms up and under Homer, who fails to recover at all, and remains off balanced giving the match to Take. An oshidashi for the littl’un

Goeido vs. Toyonoshima
Easy push down for Goeido

Kisenosato vs. Tochiozan
Not a very impressive bout really. Toyo tries a push down attempt, but it wasn’t strong enough.  All it did was enable Kise to get in low and drive with his legs and oshidashi.

Kyokutenho vs. Kotooshu
Oshu did alright today, didn’t charge in high like usual, but looked reserved. Both Had similar grips and postures. Kyoku tried a twist, but Oshu held his right hand grip and drove him out.

Kakuryu vs. Okinoumi
Kak started on the back foot. By the time he engages, a gets a left grip, but is in an awkward position with his left shoulder too high, and his right too low.  Okinoumi wrangles himself for a left hand grip, and they both tire and wait. Kak tries a trhow out, but fumbles it, and the two disengage. Again, kak resorts to the back foot, which is a shame because, he circles half the ring and steps out. Bit sloppy for an Ozeki, and Oki certainly had more awareness to what was going on. Hats off to him!

Shohoxan vs. Kotoshogiku
Both crash in heard, but Kotoshogiku just dominates him, and pushes him out.
Hakuho vs. Aminishiki
Easily Haks game,  he was aiming for that infamous grip of his, but reads the situation well and prods out the sheek when the time was right.

Myogiru vs. Harumafuji
A good attempt by Myogi, he tries to push Haruma down, but haruma recovered. It probably woulda worked on a lesser rikishi. Haruma recovers, almost gets Myogi out over the rope, bet retreats and then works with Myogi’s attacking momentum to slap him down. Good bout for Haruma, but I still feel he just doesn’t have the composure, skill or consistent brilliance that Hakuho does. It’ll be interesting to see if his record holds till the end of the basho.

Well that’s it my friends,  I’ll try and squeeze another report in before the tourney is out. In the meantime, check out Creswell tomorrow who is going to spit it at you like a camel.

L. Bertrum

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