Kyushu Basho 2013 Day 3

MatagisawaChrist on a cheesecake…Tuesday really fucking sucked for me.  Trains were cancelled so i had to take a bus which took twice as long and cost twice as much, two separate ATM touch screens were broken, the toilet at work was busted, power went off in the middle of the day (which left me with no light an no heat) and I had no access to the breaker and had to wait an hour for the landlord to show up, copy machine’s toner ran out at the last second, and then a few personal emails sent me over the edge.   Subsequently I dropped the report, apologies.  So I will just be reviewing highlight, or bouts of import.  One thing is for sure though, my day was not nearly as bad as the day Kotooshu is about to have.  On to the report.

Osunaarashi got the migiyotsu hidari uwate grip almost immediately but was… you guessed it… too high.  Chiyootori was able to move Cheops around the ring, but one thing Boody has going for him is strength.  He lifted Otori off the ground to compromize his balance then dumped him down with an uwatenage.  That was a good, Baruto-like, tactic to use in a bind where you are caught up high… but he nevcer should have been that high in the first place.  I want to see him focus more on technique than rely on brute strength and size to win bouts.  His body, and career would thank him for it.

Cheers to Kotoyuki.  Going up against Gagamaru he knew that, even a guy of his size and strength, trying to go dead ahead would be like a cancer patient running at the staypuft marshmallow man.  So Yuki did the smart thing, went in at the tachiai, worked Gaga forward, slipped to the side, worked on him for the side, slipped out again, repeat until Gaga is at the bales.  Then he overpowered the already up high and off balance Gaga.  Kotoyuki is becoming more and more interesting to watch.

Endo hooked up with Ikioi, getting the overall better of the tachiai, but couldn’t manage the maemawashi he was going for with the right hand.  Playing from the outside, he used an arm bar on Ikioi’s left arm to spin him around a bit getting Endo closer to the belt, which, had it worked would have been brilliant and would have set him up for a perfect uwatedashinage.  It, however, did not work.  Subsequently his lunge for the belt put him a bit far forward, and Ikioi could comfortably slap down the talk of the town.

Aoiyama came in blistering at Homasho.  Homey is usually quite good on the defense, but this attack was too well placed, and too powerful.  Homey could hang, and was out in no time.  Great work by Aoiyama.

Okinoumi looked calm and focused against Tochiozan.  He got the better of the Tachiai, shifted straight away with Ozan, keeping his center of balance, and then worked him straight back out from a nice low position, with good footwork.  Overall perfect effort from Okinoumi.

Kotoshogiku is out with a ruptured pectoralis major, Toyonoshima gets a free win.

Kise had Sneakers with a maemawashi grip with his left hand and was moving forward, but ol’ Sneakers kept Kise moving to the side.  Kise, for whatever reason, thought he had pushed the Snake out.  But the Snake danced across the tawara, and had Kise in a very awkward side stepping motion.  Kise could have locked Sneaks down with another hand on the mawashi, but would have risked more balance in going for the grip.  Catch 22.  Sneakers gets one over an Ozeki.

Shohozan came out like bottled dynamite against Kotooshu, sinking his arms into Oshu’s pits both men flying out of the ring.  Shoho landed on his feet, and Oshu landed on his left shoulder.  Very slow to get up.  Obvious injury.  That shoulder had to be slightly dislocated.  That’s it.  Oshu will go kyujo and sink to sekiwake for next basho.  Maybe my Tuesday wasn’t so bad after all.  I knew there was a reason I love Shohozan.

I have never known Kakuryu to be that badly off balance at the tachiai.  All it took was a quick slip to the side after initial contact and a shove on the Kak’s right elbow to send him tumbling down to a Goeido win.  Hmmmm.

Harumafuji was lightning from the tachiai.  He got a hidari yotsu and migi uwate that amounted to a double maemawashi right from the start,  add to that the fact that he was in a much lower position than Original Mongol Kyokutenho, and a quick win was the only way this was ending.

Myogiryu went in looking for a quick migiyotsu on Hakuho, but couldn’t get it.  Haks drove him back, but just at the bales Yogi nabbed the pic-a-nic basket he was after, and Haks got shifted back slightly.  No panic in his motions at all, Hakuho dropped his hips and moved Yogi out in better than average fashion.  That’s why he’s the best ladies and gents.

That’s day 3.  You got Connolly preaching the word of day 4 tomorrow, miss it and you’re going to hell.


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