November Kyushu Basho 2013 Day 4

I’d like to start of this report today by taking you back to Day 2. Kotoshogiku faced off against Shohozan, or Shohoxan as Bertrum referred to him as, although I do expect that was a typo.

Kotoshogiku totally overpowering the Ox, with all forward moving sumo. But after the bout he was in a lot of pain, holding his right shoulder. Murray Johnson thought it looked like a dislocated shoulder but after being taken to hospital it was announced that he tore his pectoral muscle, what you or me might call pecs. Either way he was told it’s going to take 3 months to heal correctly!

My beef with the reports about his injury is how he managed tear the muscle. Many websites are saying that as he was falling forward off the dohyo, after beating Shohozan, he caught his hand/arm/elbow in one of the clay steps built into the dohyo itself. But if you look back at the replays, you can see that as Kotoshogiku was driving forward, Shoho had his left hand under the ozeki’s right armpit lifting upwards. And as Kotoshogiku squares his body into Shoho’s you can see what looks like a pop, but I guess in reality it was a rip, in Kotoshogiku’s right shoulder Check it out, around the 8 sec mark:

Am I wrong?

Anyway, on to Day 4.
We currently have two undefeated Yokozuna on the board!

E-M13 Yoshikaze vs W-M16 Tamaasuka
Yoshi got his head right into Tama’s chest and kept it there. He tried to push him back but ran out of steam quickly. Yoshi tried to switch and tried to slip to the side of Tama, but got pushed out before Tama went out.

E-M12 Jokoryu vs E-M15 Shotenro
Shotenro was able to rise Joe’s centre of gravity well, and got him back to the bales. Then as Jow tried to slip to the side and throw the Show, Shoho used his hand to trip Joe’s leg and land him on the ground like a sack of spuds! Shotenro moves to 4-0.

W-M14 Tokushoryu vs W-M12 Fujiazuma
Tokushoryu came in at a really good angle getting under Fujiazuma. He couldn’t move the mountain backwards any though, and Fuji shifted slightly to his left and pushed Tokushoru to the left and sending him straight down.

W-M15 Osunaarashi vs W-M11 Tamawashi
The Egyptian picked up his first victory yesterday, so let’s see if he can’t build on that now. He started well back from the lines, hitting Tamawachi in the throat with his forearms. He forgot to lower his centre of gravity though, and was standing completely upright a few times. He showed some good footwork circling around to prolong the inevitable. Tama then caught him with a perfect shove and sent him off the ring, onto his knees. He has much to learn.

E-M14 Kyokushuho vs W-M10 Kotoyuki
Kotoyuki tried pushing up and then slapping down Kyokushuho today. But Kyoku was having none of it. He kept his eyes on his opponent and weathered the face slaps, and landed a few of his own. With solid feet he drove forward pushing Koto’s face upright, and a final shove to his chest gave him the victory.

E-M9 Sadanofuji vs W-M13 Gagamaru
Gaga had a fast tachi-ai, and got right into Sadanofuji’s chest. He drove Sada straight back to the bales, and had his two hands under his armpits. But for the life of him he couldn’t finish him off. Sada pushed up on Gaga’s elbows to get Gaga hands out of his armpits, and when he did, he turned slightly and pushed Gaga down.

E-M11 Masunoyama vs W-M8 Tenkaiho
Masunoyama hit hard, cracking Tenkaiho in the head, and started moving him back. He used a tsuppari attack until he got his left arm inside, and then quickly pulled a belt less underarm throw that dropped Tenkai perfectly.

E-M7 Toyohibiki vs W-M9 Kitataiki
Kitataiki got a deep left hand grip with his right hand on the front of Toyohibiki’s mawashi. Kitataiki kety his head under the Bulls chin and was able to man handle the much bigger opponent around the ring until he forced him to step out.

E-M10 Tokitenku vs W-M7 Endo
Endo is still in search of his first win this tournament. Tokitenku false stared on the first attempt, and landed a full force slap into Endos face. He then false started again. Toki threw an awful scowl at Endo before completely changing his expression and apologising to the head judge. On the 3rd attempt the for going and after Tokitenku landed a solid face slap Endo was pushing back into the Mongolians face. Tokitenku sensing Endo was outstretched tried to slap the newbie down, but lost his own balance. And Endo stuck into him and forced him out immediately. Not the best somo from either, but Endo took advantage of when situation he found himself in.

E-M5 Aoiyama vs E-M8 Takarafuji
Aoiyama was aggressive at the start, pushing into Taka’s face. But as Taka was deflecting and slapping on his arms, Aoiyama decided to reverse and pull down Takarafuji. It was a dangerous move, but he managed to keep one of his large hands on the back of Taka’s head and see him down. Taka tried to trip the Bulgarian as he went down, but it was too little too late.

E-M4 Homasho vs W-M6 Ikioi
Ikioi dominated Homasho this bout. He caught him at the tachi-ai and drove him straight back to the edge. Homasho was circling around, something that he is actually quite good at. He was also keeping himself quite low, but offering nothing in the was of an attack. Ikioi then tried to drop Homasho forward but no go, so he went to drive forward again. Then Ikioi slipped and Homasho was able to take advantage of his lack of balance and knock him over. Lucky!!

E-M6 Chiyotairyu vs W-M4 Tochinowaka
Chiyotaiyu moved forward bent down really low, and sprung up pushing Tochinowaka back. He then quickly repeated that exact move three times and had Tochi standing outside the tawara. Tochi was caught sleeping in this one.

W-M5 Kaisei vs W-M3 Takekaze
Takekaze moved to the side of the Brazilian from the tachi-ai. Take kept moving around so that he was pushing into the Nut at an angle. Kaisei was unable to right himself and with the Akitian pushing him upright, backwards and at an angle hadn’t a hope.

E-S Goeido vs E-K Shohozan
Goeido has had a great start this basho, winning all of his first three fights. This of course fans the flames of his ozeki promotion dreams, but he has a long way to go. Shohozan has however beaten Goeido the last two times they met, so he will need to be careful today. Today both men launched very fast and aggressive tsuppari attacks. Shohozan was landing the slaps, as Goeido was deflecting. Then Goeido slapped down on Shoho’s arms and stepped to the side, to watch him touch the ground and then go running across the ring. Goeido cruises to 4-0.

E-M3 Takayasu vs W-S Tochiozan
Takayasu forced his right had inside and got a solid and prevented Tochiozan from going makikae. He then drove straight forward forcing Tochiozan out. Takayasu looks to have hurt himself when he hit the ground himself, I wasn’t sure how though. And the instant replay clearly showed that Takayasu actually hit the ground before Tochiozan! There definitely should have been a mono-ii.

E-O Kakuryu vs W-M1 Aminishiki
Kakuryu has lost to Okinoumi and Goeiso on Days 2 and 3, surly he is gonna regroup himself and take care of Aminishi. But wait, Aminishiki, who can barely stand, has taken down ozeki Kotoshogiku and ozeki Kisenosato. WTF? Today both men had slow tachi-ai, simply holding each other away from each other. The ozeki then got his hand on the back of the Snakes head and dropped him forward.

E-O Kisenosato vs W-K Okinoumi
Last tournament when these two met, Okinoumi beat the ozeki via yorikiri. Having lost yesterday to a man with neither legs nor eyes how will he rebound today? Okinoumi managed to get a nice left handed inside grip from the start, but the ozeki was able to force Oki back and he searched for his right hand grip. When Kissy got it he was able to force Okinoumi over the bales.

E-M1 Myogiryu vs W-O Kotooshu
Recently I find myself praying before Kotoshu’s matches. Praying that he will be lazy, praying that he will make a mistake, praying that his opponent will be on form, praying that he will not get his 8 wins. The baby Jesus has listened to me though. Yesterday in Kotooshu’s fight against Shohozan the ozeki dislocated his shoulder, and today has gone kyujo! As Kotooshu is currently a kadoban ozeki, he will now lose his ozeki rank, and fall back to sekiwake. In January he will need to win 10 or more to be reinstated as an ozeki. Apparently he will need 4 weeks to recover.
Strangely today’s NHK commentator, Raja Pradhan, didn’t mention anything about the ozeki losing his rank..

E-Y Hakuho vs E-M2 Kyokutenho
Kyokutenho has never beaten Hakuho, and in all fairness to the 39-year-old, he more than likely never will. Hakuho has been looking good so far here in Kyushu, and has surly decided that this yusho is his. Hakuho came in very fast getting a right hand frontal grip. He lost it though, and when he couldn’t get it back quickly he put his left hand on Kyokutenho’s chest and with his right under Kyoku’s armpit forced him straight back. Impressive as always. Hakuho keeps it interesting at 4-0.

W-M2 Toyonoshima vs W-Y Harumafuji
Harumafuji has had a great start too. Well, on paper anyway. He hasn’t yet dropped a fight, and although everyone would love him not to drop a fight until senshuraku, we all know that is not a likely outcome. Watch for him to squander one or two bouts before nakabi. Today The yokozuna came out with a left paw to Toyo’s face. Toyo deflect it sending the yokozuna ever so slightly to the left. The yokozuna recovered immediately though and forced Toyo up against the tawara. Here Toyo twisted and sent the yokozuna south. Harumafuji was in serious trouble but kept his head. As he was going down he grabbed Toyonoshima’s heel with his hand, and lifted it off the ground. This sent Toyo over backwards hitting the ground just before the yokozuna. This type of move is called susotori. There may have been grounds to say that the yokozunas hand touched the class as he was picking the ankle, but nobody said nothin’. And I don’t think they should have either. It was a sweet move.

We got a new guy coming in to report with us from tomorrow. I think his name is Goldfinger or something…

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