Kyushu Basho 2013 Day 6

MatagisawaWe begin today with both Yokozuna undefeated and the only ozeki still in the running is Kisenosato.  In fact 2 out of 4 ozeki have dropped out, and next basho, with Kotooshu dropping to sekiwake, we’re only gonna have 3.  It’s gonna be a weird an interesting remainder to the basho.  If Goeido was ever gonna have a chance at ozeki, this is it.  With two ozeki down and out, he’s gotta a powder-puff second week (relatively speaking).  Outside of sanyaku things are relatively unexciting.  The only rikishi with decent scores will have no effect on the yusho race.  Shotenro (all the way down at M15) is at 5-0 along with Masunoyama (M11), and M12 Fujiazuma at 4-1, as are Aoiyama and Chiyotairyu (M5, and M6 respectively).  I would be a fool not to mention Kotoyuki, who is also sittin’ pretty at 4-1.  The youngster from Sadogatake is looking much more impressive than his ozeki sempai.  Give him a gander this basho.  This guy has joii written all over him.  On to the action for day 6.Osunaarashi had Aki’s Juryo Yusho winner  Terunofuji, who spanked him last basho.  Ramses wanted blood, in a way that only Goldstein’s people are familiar with.  Both men came in with thrusts, but in this department the Pharaoh has got the edge.  Boody, ende up with a delicious morozashi, and worked Teru back.  Tera’s mama didn’t raise no fool (apparently) because he immediately locked up Boody’s arms before Boody could lock both his elbows up.  Both men circled around the ring, Teru fighting for a an amiuchi or kotenage or something, but Boody wouldn’t give up and eventually Teru ran out of real estate.  Boody, having Teru on the ropes and from the side, slammed a thrust into his chest that ended this bout.  Boody got the win, but should have gotten it a lot sooner.  Still has some work to do.  Both men at 2-4.

Not sure what is up with Yoshikaze this basho.  He hasn’t been his coked-out-Danny-Devito self.  Kyokushuho got him locked up pretty quickly.  Yoshi managed to pull the win out, but he’s not looking so good.  Maybe he’s upset at the lack of DeGama love that he’s used to in the press. Yoshi 2-4, Kyoku 3-3.

Gagamaru and Tamaasuka gave the loudest headbutt sound I’ve ever heard from a sumo bout.  It sounded like someone throwing pumpkins out of a window onto some old TVs.  Gaga got his way and Tama had no say in the matter.  Gaga 3-3, Tama 2-4.

Undefeated Shotenro locked up undefeated Masunoyama’s arm, spinning him around and compromising Masu’s balance.  One more shove and Shotenro was the winner.  6-0, and 5-1 respectively.

It was odd to see Tamawashi and Fujiazuma lock up.  Both of these guys favor a pushing game, so this was unexpected… and weird.  Kind of like watching two fat guys arguing over a belt made of marzipan.  Not a good bout.  Fuji won advancing to 5-1, and Tama is at 2-4.

Tokushoryu got under Kotoyuki’s right arm and a hand on the belt, then was able to switch to a nodowa and pushed the youngest man out and down.  However as Yuki went down he collapsed onto his own left leg causing an obvious injury.  He couldn’t move for some time, and lay there groaing for quite a while before they helped him into a wheelchair.  Injury seems pretty serious and I doubt he will be back this basho.  This has been a terrible basho for Sadogatake, all 3 of their sekitori are out with injuries.  3-3, and 4-2.

Jokoryu henkaed back and to the left of Kitataiki, but a mata was called.  Like a fool, he did the same thing again, and Taiki had no choice but to treat him like the twat he was being.  2-4, 4-2.

Tokitenku waited for Tenkaiho’s excruciatingly slow tachiai to come to him, then with little dilly-dally dumped him on the ground with an uwate.

Chiyotairyu slammed into Sadanofuji and looked as if he was going to resort to his shitty pulling and running away moves, but common sense took over and he re-engaged with a migi uwate, locked up Sada’s elbow and moved forward.  Who would have thought you could win like that…

Ikioi and Takarafuji had one of the best bouts of the day thus far.  Ikioi tried to keep Takara off the belt with a shove, which didn’t work.  Takara locked up with Ikioi and both were battling for a better grip or position.  Ikioi had Takara moving backwards and went for a sukuinage, which failed and allowed Takara to push forward.  Ikioi then successfully pulled the same sukuinage for the win.  Still, a good bout.

Aoiyama has been showing some smart sumo of late.  He took Beeker’s charge (no small feat) then noticed Beeker was a bit over-ambitious and got one of those Doreen Simmons Hatakikomi-that-doesn’t-make-you-look-stupid’s.

Rookie mistake from Endo today.  He just about had Kaisei out with a pushing attack from the side and rear.  Figuring the bout was over, he let up.  Kaisei was able to spin things around and re-engage.  They locked up with Endo fighting from a bit of a disadvantage but still moving forward.  Kaisei moved back a bit, pulling Endo forward into an empty space then thrust him down.  Endo didn’t look as much injured today as a bit green.

Tochinowaka, although a bit high, was able to do what Kisenosato was not by keeping Sneakers in front of him, and keeping him from slipping about, sealing up the win.

Usually Shohozan looks good whilst he looses.  but today Myogiryu simply bested him at his own game with aggressive tsuppari.  Shoho couldn’t even really get started.  not his best effort.  Good stuff from Yogi.

We have seen more than a few over-eager rikishi today.  Now it’s Goeido’s turn.  He’s no fool, he knows this is his chance at ozeki.  He got morozashi on Kyokutenho, but was working way too low, with one hand on the belt and one hand behind kyoku’s knee.  Kyoku is 39 and has been in makuuchi for just about 14 years and is way too smart for that.  He slapped down Not-so-kool-eido.  Not looking so ozeki-like today.  He needs to pull his shit together if he wants to be holding up that sea-bream in a few weeks. 4-2, 1-5.

Textbook sumo from Tochiozan.  He kept his arms low and together bearing into Homasho’s chest pushing the cigar store indian back and out.

Toyonoshima must have watched Kise’s bout with Sneaky.  He did exactly what you need to beat Kise.  Kise was careful though.  Toyo kept moving and reengaging trying to keep Kise off the belt and keep him from blocking off his lateral motion.  He managed to get around Kise a few times, but Kise recovered each time.  Eventually Toyo ran out of time and dohyo.  Kise’s bouts don’t usually last that long.  But he hangs in there just 1 behind the leaders.

Takekaze did exactly as you’d guess against an ozeki that isn’t Kotooshu.  No… he didn’t henka, but he did lose pretty quickly to Kakuryu.  Nothing special to see here.

Takayasu looked pumped going in against Hakuho.  However right from the tachiai he chose not to move around, not to try and disorient the yokozuna, and apparently not to win.  Hakuho got the right hand inside that he prefers and within a heart beat had Takayasu down by sukui.

Unfortunately Harumafuji didn’t compete today.  Foruntaely Ama did.  Harry was in hard and fast with a DEEP outside grip on Okinoumi’s belt.  He spun Casanova around and had him out before you could say “HOT DAMN”!

Well, that’s all for day 6.  It’s me again tomorrow.  Good night, and Good luck.


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