Kyusho Basho 2013 Day 7

MatagisawaDay 7 of Kyushu and I feel like we are in Nagoya.  There has been so much talk of a slippery dohyo being thrown around.  However, there might be some merit to it.  There were quite a few hatakikomis, and even more attempts.  The English side of the broadcast had my new favorite color commentator, John Gunning.  I’m not just saying this because he’s buddies with Connolly.  Genuinely he’s one of the few that both knows his stuff and isn’t insufferable.  He needs to work a bit on his comedic material though.  Take a cue from us, man… dick and fart jokes.  They make the world go ’round.  Now onto action for day 7.

Chiyonokuni unleashed some furious tsuppari  pushing Tokushoryu back, then slapped down the bigger man, showing some juryo pride, which if he keeps this up will turn back into makuuchi pride.  He was only down in juryo after pulling a nutbusting split against Aoiyama back in Nagoya.  Chiyo 4-3, Toku 3-4

Shotenro was coming into this bout undefeated, and decided to use a pushing attack against Fujiazuma, but that is securely Fuji’s game, and Fuji moved to the left and slapped down Shotenro.  Another hatakikomi.  Both men now at 6-1.

Tamaasuka was looking to keep Jokoryu from getting morozashi with an otsuke elbow lock to the Joker’s right arm.  But the Joker couldn’t be denied and weaseled in, then won handily with a morozashi. Poor Tamaasuka, hasn’t had a winning record in makuuchi in his past 11 attempts… not off to a good start there on #12 at 2-5, Joker keeps improves slightly to 3-4.

Masunoyama had a good initial charge against Kyokushuho, who backpeddaled and moved to the left, leaving Masunoyama with too much momentum for the lack of weight in front of him, a quick flip and Masu went down via Katasukashi.   5-2, 4-3.


Tamawashi picked up a fusensho win as Kotoyuki is out with a serious injury.  Torn ACL and torn patellar tendon.  A few months at least to recover, all depends on the severity of the tear.  Too bad, his career was really getting on track.  Wish the guy a speedy and full recovery.

Injured Tokitenku vs stressed out and slightly injured Osunaarashi.  At the tachiai Kafra stepped backward and to the left a bit received Toki’s charge, then gently escorted him out of the ring.  Henka is not something Boody usually uses, but given the situation its understandable.  Tenku is a tricky guy, and Boody needed the win.  I just hope he doesn’t make it a habit.  Looked a lot like Aran today. Toki 2-5, Boody 3-4.

Quite a good bout between Yoshikaze and Takarafuji.  Yoshi was back to his normal self skipping about pushing, pulling, shifting again.  Takara kept moving forward trying to get to the belt.  Eventually Takara slipped his left arm under Yoshi’s right, pinning it in an awkward upward position, then slipped his weight underneath Yoshi and pushed him out. Yoshi 2-5, Takara 3-4.

Good stuff from Beeker today.  He absorbed Gagamaru’s tachiai, the shifted sideways using his uwate grip to lock up Gaga’s arm, then twisting him down by it for a kotenage win.  Beeker 4-3, the lady 3-4.

Ikioi got his hands inside on Kitataiki, but was high.  Kitataiki buried his head in Ikioi’s chest.  Taiki must have felt fairly confident, because he went for a makikae trying to get his right hand inside.  Ikioi responded correctly by thrusting Taiki down. 5-2 for Ikioi, 4-3 for Taiki.

Endo caught the business end of a good Chiyotairyu tachiai, getting forced back, but being much phased.  He tried to move forward looking for a belt grip, while Tairyu whent for the face and chest.  Endo locked up on a hidari inside grip, but chiyotairyu’s thrusting slipped inside and turned it into an outside grip.  Waited for Chiyo to make another move, then slipped to the left and uwatedashinaged the forward moving Chiyotairyu.  Tairyu is 5-2, Endo is 2-5.

Sadanofuji ran into Kaisei with a dual hand pushing attack.  Kaisei leaned into it, then took one step back and pulled on Sada’s hands for an easy hikiotoshi.  3-4, 4-3

Tenkaiho slammed into Aoiyama, causing Aoiyama to move back slightly while stiff arming Tenkaiho from getting a grip.  Aoiyama then turned on his tsuppari and went from being on the bales to having his opponent over the bales in a few seconds, good basho thus far for this Bulgarian.  1-6, 6-1.

Quite a long, but good bout between Takayasu and Kyokutenho.  Takayasu started off as usual, with tsuppari.  Kyoku was moving forward, unphased.  Taka tried a side step and slap down, but it only allowed Kyoku a chance to get inside.  Both locked up with opposing grips.  This would favor the more experienced Kyokutenho, but Takayasu put up a good fight moving Kyoku back to the bales.  Kyoku responded with a throw attempt, which didn’t work.  The two returned to the center of the ring.  Kyoku initiated a drive and took Taka to the bales throwing him down with a shitate. There is a reason Kyoku has hung in at makuuchi for 14 years.  1-6, 2-5.

Okinoumi went for an otsuke on Aminishiki, trying to keep the sneak in front of him.  Sneaky broke it and backed off, then tried to go in too quickly and ended up too low, making things easy for a Okinoumi hatakikomi.  3-4 each.

Tochiozan looked to have much better position from the tachiai, driving Myogiryu back and to his left.  Finding himself high Yogi tried back peddaling and slapping down, hoping that Ozan would over reach, which he did.  Win for Yogi.  3-4 a piece.

Goeido did not get the grip he wanted off the bat against Tochinowaka.  He tried for a makikae, but when it was entirely evident that wouldn’t work, he jumped to this right and pulled a quick kubinage that sent Tochinowaka flying.  A little odd to see him use this one when not against the ropes, but whatever.  If he wants to even be considered to be an ozeki he has to win every other bout and probably take the yusho in the process, highly unlikely.  5-2, 2-5.

Dangerous moment for Kisenosato while moving forward against Homasho, the Cigar store indian tried a pulldown.  Kise faltered slightly, then recovered.  Had Homey give one extra pull to make sure, he would have picked up the win.  Instead he decided to stand there and watch.  Kise recovered and pushed forward with Homey trying to keep him out.  Kise got his left hand in Homey’s pit and it was over. 6-1, 2-5.

Kakuryu brought some tsuppari to Toyonoshima’s face.  Then, as Toyo made a charge, the Kak backed off and to his left, slapping down on Toyonoshima.  The Kak narrowly escaped going out first with a little pirouette on the tawara. 5-2, 2-5.

Takekaze faired as you would imagine against Harumafuji when he is on.  2 or 3 shoves from Haruma had him on the bales.  Take then propped his feet against the tawara, and, bracing for the next impact, leaned forward.  Take was too far forward and , really, the only thing holding him up was the yokozuna.  Who made the smart, although a bit uninteresting choice to slap him down.  I agree with John Gunning here.  Although a prolonged belt battle or throw would have been much more exciting, for Harumafuji right now the win itself is more important than the witherto’s and whyfor’s.  4-3 for Take, 7-0 for Haruma.

A classic explosive tachiai from Hakuho all but nullified Shohozan’s usual thrusting technique.  He pulled Shohozan in, forcing him to go the belt and lean forward a bit then slapped him down abruptly and with vigor. Shoho is 1-6 and Hakuho also is undefeated.

leaderboard going into nakabi is as follows.

7-0 Hakuho*, Harumafuji**

6-1 Kisenosato***, Aoiyama****, Shotenro*****, Fujiazuma*****

5-2 Kakuryu***, Goeido***, Chiyotairyu****, Ikioi****, Masunoyama******

*probably gonna win, ** will win if * doesn’t, ***might win if * or** don’t, ****very little chance they will have any impact on the yusho at all, ****** needs an inhaler

That’s all from me on day 7.  Stick around and DeGama will be here to supply a bit of afternoon delight.

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