Kyushu Basho 2013 Day 11

It’s good weather for ducks here in Akita. If you happen to be a duck however, I recommend steering clear for the time being though.

E-M13 Yoshikaze (4-6) vs W-M7 Endo (4-6)
Coming off a fine win from yesterday the crowd favourite Endo, against de Gama favourite Yoshikaze. Yoshikaze started fast with some nice tsuppari. But Endo got a left hand grip quite quickly and kept him in close. When Endo got the right hand shallow grip Yoshi tried to break Endo’s right grip, but failed, and then tried to break the left grip which only set himself up for a yorikiri loss.

E-M15 Shotenro (7-3) vs W-M6 Ikioi (7-3)
Shotenro was shoving hard at the start, but a slap down attempt from Ikioi created enough time to get his left arm under Sho’s armpit. He tried to arm lock Iki but it was too little too late, as he was already at the edge. Ikioi them threw him off the dohyo.

E-M11 Masunoyama (6-4) vs W-M5 Kaisei (5-5)
No contest here as Masunoyama withdraws from the tournament because of an injury to his knee. Kaisei picks up a freebie. Masunoyama is the 4th makuuchi man to go kyujo this basho.

E-M7 Toyohibiki (5-5) vs W-M4 Tochinowaka (2-8)
Toyohibiki got right under Tochi’s chin with his right paw and then quickly followed up with a left hand push to his right armpit area. Two shoves saw Waka out boringly fast.

E-M6 Chiyotairyu (8-2) vs W-M3 Takekaze (5-5)
Takekaze tried to stall at the tachi-ai. But when Chiyo got going he forced the Akita duck straight back with perfectly placed tsuppari. Chiyotairyu continued moving forward all the time, without any pull down slaps.

E-M3 Takayasu (1-9) vs W-M8 Tenkaiho (1-9)
Takayasu got a double hand outside grip, but let Tenny get the double hand inside grip. With no makikae attempts coming from Takayasu, and Tenkaiho dropping his hips and lifting Taka up and forward, it was a straightforward win. Obviously neither of these guys are on their game this tournament though. Look at those scores, ouch!

E-M1 Myogiryu (5-5) vs W-M2 Toyonoshima (5-5)
Myogiryu tried hitting and moving to his right, and tried to arm lock throw, but didn’t have Toyonoshima’s arm. Toyonoshima took a really deep left hand grip, and while keeping Myogiryu at an angle was able to force him over to the edge and out.

E-M2 Kyokutenho (3-7) vs W-K Okinoumi (5-5)
Kyokutenho tried moving to his left to get an easy grip, but Okinoumi came in fast and reacted perfectly, turning to face and force out Kyokutenho immediately.

E-K Shohozan (2-8) vs W-M1 Aminishiki (4-6)
Aminishiki recently had a kid and a shotgun marriage. I wonder does his kid have eyes. And I wonder if the kid was hatched from an egg. Shohozan was forcing Ami up and straight back, looking like he was in big trouble. But then he pulls with both hands on Shoho’s outstretched left arm. Then stepped to the side as Shohozan landed on his belly.

E-M4 Homasho (2-8) vs E-O Kakuryu (8-2)
Kakuryu tried to raise Homasho before immediately going for a slap down. It didn’t work out though as Homasho circled around. Kakuryu then employed the exact same move, and again Homasho kept his footing, while circling around. Kakyryu then went in with a double handed shove. Homasho tried to circle around again, but ran out of real estate quickly.

E-O Kisenosato (8-2) vs E-M5 Aoiyama (7-3)
Aoiyama destroyed Kisenosato from the tachi-ai. Showing far superior strength shoving the ozeki straight back to the edge, but not out. When he couldn’t finish off the ozeki quickly he tried for a pull down, which was a huge mistake. It gave the initiative back to the ozeki. Aoiyama then stole it back as he forced the ozeki back to the edge to only repeat the mistake. Then as Aoiyama was being pushed he misplaced his foot and allowed himself to be pushed out by one of the ozeki’s shoves. It was an awful shame. Aoiyama was dominating the ozeki.

E-S Goeido (6-4) vs W-Y Harumafuji (10-0)
Harumafuji hasn’t had any of his fights go over 7 seconds so far this basho. Although way too many of those were henka’s. Today he hit Goeido hard at the tachi-ai, pushing him back slightly and creating some space. The yokozuna then slapped Goeido in the face. Goeido was hoping for a slap down, but the wasn’t anything there to slap down, and when he went to shove into Harumafuji, he got himself slapped down.

E-Y Hakuho (10-0) vs W-S Tochiozan (4-6)
Did Tochiozan turn up? I’m not sure. He didn’t seem to offer any more attack that you or I could have offered. Hakuho pushed him without resistance. He tried to slip to the side slightly, and Hakuho followed up with another push that easily had him outside the ring, then offered him a stronger shove, probably for not even trying to fight him.

2 undefeated yokozuna.

Goldstein will be back tomorrow.

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