Kyushu Basho 2013 Day 13

MatagisawaThankless jobs: janitors, garbage men, hookers, and reporting on Sumo & Stogies.   I had a rough work week and really wanted to go to the bar tonite and toss back a few relaxed pints with some buddies.  However, S&S is a cruel mistress.  I got home from work at 10:00 and i’ve got this report plus our betting sheets for tomorrow, plus 2 work reports to get wrapped up, and I got a 9:00 call tomorrow morning.  So I apologize if I didn’t cover every facet of every bout.  If you want to blame someone, blame Daly, Valentine, Briton-Meyer, Chalmers, and Montana for having families.

That aside we go in to today with a slightly interesting situation developing.  Kise is at 10-2.  Hakuho and Harumafuji are at 12-0.  Kise has got Haruma today, and Hakuho tomorrow.  If he beats Haruma today, and Hakuho wins, then Kise beats Hakuho tomorrow, and Haruma wins tomorrow, they will be tied going into senshuraku.  Which is good for tension.  However, if Haruma loses today and tomorrow, and Hakuho wins both, then Hakuho gets his 29th yusho.  Conversely if Hakuho loses to Kakuryu and Kise and Haruma beats both of them, then Harry will get his 6th yusho.  We’ll see how it goes.

I feel bad for my buddy DeGama.  He’s had a rough month, and Yoshi is not making him any happier.  However I bet today brought a little grin and a good mannered “huh huh huh” out of his Puerto Rican maw.  Yoshi slammed into juryo bigboy Terunofuji and got so far behind him so fast, that he took away his juryo yusho from last basho, then slammed him out of the ring.  Yoshi musta known you needed that win as much as he did.  Teru don’t lose his KK at 8-5 and Yoshi edges closer to his at 6-7.

the next bout matters neither now, nor ever. Tokitenku 5-8, Gaga 7-6.

the next bout matters neither now, nor ever.  Sadanofuji 7-6, Tenkaiho 2-11

Osunaarashi goes into day 13 at .500 against a solid rikishi who can take tsuppari like a champ in Takarafuji.  Takara has a knack for getting inside on pusher-thrusters and working them out.  He routinely works out with his stablemate Harumafuji and I’m sure deals with more than his fair share of nodowa.  Which speaks to one of two things either today was yaocho, or Boody’s nodowa must be devistating.  Because he had Takara back and out before you could say Amon-ra, and by the look on Boody’s face as he sauntered back across the dohyo… he meant it.  That brings both guys to 7-6 and leaves both with a chance to KK tomorrow.

the next bout matters neither now, nor ever.  Shotenro 8-5, Kaisei 6-7.

Man, Fujiazuma has taken one hell of a beating the past few days.  Especially today.  Aoiyama brought out the same big guns he did against Kise.  Fuji put up a good fight, but Titty-factory was just too much for him.  The Tits 9-4, The punching bag  7-6.

the next bout matters neither now, nor ever.  Tamawashi 8-5, Tochinowaka 3-10.

the next bout matters neither now, nor ever. Homasho 4-9, Tokushoryu 5-8.

the next bout matters neither now, nor ever.  Except in that Takekaze has the chance to KK from M3… John Gunning was right… late career renaissance (despite today’s 1/2 henka/hatakikomi) Take 7-6, Kyokushuho 7-6.

the next bout matters neither now, nor ever.  Ever seen “Bum-Fights”?  Looked kind like that.  Takayasu 2-11, Tamaasuka 3-10.

Compared with the rest of the bouts today, this was a nail biter.  Jokoryu and Kyokutenho locked up in a migi yotsu battle for a few seconds, before gramps showed Jr. how it’s done.  Kyoku 4-9.  Joker 3-10.

Kitataiki did what the bigguns often can’t today.  He stayed low and kept Aminishiki in front of him when the Sneak was trying to pivot away and pull him down.  Kita hangs on with 7-6. Ami is on thin iced at 6-7.

Myogiryu was all over Endo today.  Endo was high and off balance and had nothing to offer back, and thus picked up a MK.  Yogi still has a chance at 7-6.

Another crap bout.  When locked in a belt battle with Okinoumi Ikioi stood up straigh and tried to backpedal and slap down.  Needless to say Oki picked up the win.  Ikioi ain’t bothered at 9-4, and Oki owes him a Jack and Coke for his 7-6.

Shohozan vs Toyohibiki… now this is bound to be an exciting and bloody thrust and slap fest… nope.  They pushed for a while then both.went.for.the.belt.  What the fuck?  Beeker went for one for one of the weakest nage attempts I’ve ever seen, and Shoho stumbled forward, which pushed Beeker out by accident.  Fuck this.  Shoho 4-9, Beeker 7-6

Dammit!!!!  Even Toyonoshima let me down.  Tochiozan got to the side and Toyo slipped, allowing Ozan to get behind him and take him from behind.  I hoe they are just getting all of the fucking butterfingers out of their systems before tomorrow and Sunday… because this is ridiculous.  Toyo 7-6, Ozan 5-8.

Chiyotairyu’s thrusts today were WAY high and it was more than easy for Blow-Eido to get under and work him out lickity split.  Eido is at 7-6 and should have it easy from here out.  Chiyo is at 9-4.

Here comes the meaty bouts.

Right away Harumafuji was in control with a right hand inside and the left on Kise’s chest, Kise was going for the right hand inside.  They separated and Haruma went for some harite, while Kise got his right hand inside, which he quickly lost.  Haruma got the left hand inside right arm inside around Kise’s neck, and his right foot lifting Kise’s left foot of the ground.*  Kise was scrabbling for position and managed to bring the battle back to the center of the dohyo.  both men had hidari yotsu.  Kise moved forward and Haruma went for what looked like a kakenage (leg hooking belt throw), but Kise’s position was WAY to solid, and Haruma’s attempt was while back-pedaling.  Kise took this one.  Not a terrible bout, but I’m not sure how straight up it was.  The sentence noted with a * is where I was sure there was no way Kise could escape, and Haruma had him.  Although nothing was REALLY riding on it, so perhaps my imagination is running away with me.  Kise did the best he could which was play the spoiler for someone.  Haruma is 12-1 and Kise is 11-2.

Kakuryu got a right hand inside and Hakuho got his favorite grip.  The Kak thought about going makikae for a split second and paid for it with about 5 feet of dohyo.  He worked his way back into the middle.  Haks went for the uwate nage after a LIGHTNING fast slip to the side.  Kakuryu recovered but had lost any footing he had in the bout and it was just a few seconds before the inevitable happened.  Hakuho remains flawless.

Tomorrow is an important day.  Stay tuned… possible yusho decision.

3 responses to “Kyushu Basho 2013 Day 13

  1. Sumo and Stogies is your family, Creswell!

  2. Thank you. Too bad we couln’t read the report on the fabulous Kise x Hakuho match.

  3. Hey, it ain’t all thankless. The lurking viewers who enjoy your snarky and humorous comments and descriptions of the matches are quite thankful to be reading your comments on the basho after a long day and a drink or two while in bed.

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