Hatsu 2014 Day 10

MatagisawaFirst off, apologies for the limited coverage from us this basho.  After 2 basho of me, Connolly and Goldstein scrambling to report on 15 days, we decided we needed to cut back.  Skeleton crew means fewer reports, but we’ll be there where it counts.  At least until Montana, Daly, DeGama, Berturm, Valentine, Chalmers, and Johnson can get their petty personal lives sorted and get back to what’s really important in life… no, not kids, or jobs, or small businesses… not hectic work schedules, nor higher education, nor sleep, nor spouses, nor important paperwork… but the most important thing to any REAL man.  Reporting on sumo.  Speaking of which here’s day 10.

Egyptian Osunaarashi is on a roll this tournament.  After dusting Endo on day 8, and then Masunoyama on day 9 he put up a damn good fight against Chiyootori today, shaking off the nodowa and giving some good hefty thrusts.  Chiyo however was able to keep lower and was like a nagging fly to the Pharaoh.  Despite being able to occasionally get a favorable grip, Cheops just couldn’t get the lower position to match it, and after a pretty darn good bout, and despite the Egyptians massive strength, Otori’s low position was able to win the day, improving to 6-4, leaving Cheops still in good shape at 7-3.

Takayasu is down at M9 this basho and for someone who was tickling the shaft of joii/sanyaku, this cat should be sitting a lot higher on the pole than 5-4.  Tokushoryu put another feather in his own french tickler today, completely owning Takayasu with a lightning-fast hidari-yotsu.  5-5 for Taka, 7-3 for Toku.

Tochinowaka is having a cracker-jack basho.  Let me qualify that statement… for someone who usually melts down and get like 2-13, having a 6-3 on day 9 means he probably feels like he crackered his jacks pretty fucking well.  Well apparently they weren’t so amply crackered today.  Good ‘ol Yoshikaze snaked his way into a morozashi and (surprise surprise) stood Tochi up and worked him right back and out.  Yoshi is looking yoroshii at 7-3 and Tochi is still more than  half-crackered at 6-4.

Day 9 saw Endo tied with Cheops for wins at 7-2, there have been a few tiny hiccups this basho, but nothing has resulted in too many losses.  Today was a good bout with Kaisei.  Straight up exciting to watch.  Endo had a migiyotsu, and seemed to have the advantage for most of the bout, but Kaisei kept him on the move.  There were some touch and go moments, and some tawara tickling by Endo.  The Mage-less wonder spun the Brazilian around… and just after Endo’s grip was broken and just before his palm hit the clay, Kaisei stepped out.  That is Endo’s first makuuchi KK.  Kaisei is less than half crackered at 4-6.

I always say that Toyonoshima does his best sumo when he’s got morozashi on his opponent.  Well today was the exception that proves the rule.  Okinumi had Toyo’s arms locked up from the outside and escorted shawty out with a kimedashi.  5-5 for Toyo, 4-6 for Casanova.

Shohozan is doing from M5, what Takayasu should be from M9.  He’s even strayed out of his comfort zone and done some belt work.  Today was no different.  He managed to keep Kotoblowshu away from the belt, then get inside and under the Bulgarian’s arms and trust him out with a double palm to the chest.  That gets Shoho his KK and almost surely a special prize if he keeps it up.  However, Blowshu can only lose one more bout.  But with Hakuho, Kakuryu, and Kisenosato still to come it looks like we’ll remain at 3 ozeki next tourney.

Kotoshogiku is doing as good as he ever does at ozeki, and that’s with some kind of injury… i guess… coulda fooled me.  I mean… yeah it’s taped to shit, but he’s not really doing any worse that usual.  Tochiozan, however, is having his best komusubi tournament ever.   He’s never picked up more than 4 wins in the first 9 days, taking out Kise and both sekiwakes.  Way to go sideburns.  Ozan scored a left hand inside at the tachiai and kept Geeku moving in an awkward manner.  Ozan made a kotenage attempt, then used Geeku’s weight shift to drag him around the tawara and drop him via sukuinage.  7-3 for ozan and 6-4 means the Geek is also more than half crackered.

Goeido can suck my balls.  He would be so much better if he could just balance his skill and his enthusiasm.  It seems that he’s either all technique and no drive to win, or all guts and glory at the cost of balance and favorable position.  Kakuryu  (who is really the only ozeki whose flag is close to full mast) knocked Bloweido around with some tsuppari, didn’t give him a sniff of the belt and easily slapped him down when he leaned too gutsy.  9-1 for Kak, and Eido’s jacks are exactly 50% crackered at 5-5.

Kisenosato… what can one say that my co-worker didn’t drunkenly say last weekend.  “He pulls out wins over the best… but I’m always like ‘why the fuck are you losing to garbage piles like Kitataiki… Who the fuck loses to Kitataiki?!'”  Cat is not ready for the rope by a long shot.   Despite being a bit high today at the tachiai against Takekaze… and let’s face it who (besides Toyonoshima) isn’t, Kise was able to pull out a fairly decisive win over the little Akitan “improving” to 6-4.  Takekaze’s jacks, like Goeido’s are also half crackered.  Just to be fair, Kise didn’t lose to Kitataiki this basho, but how many of you had to check to be sure?

“Hakuho wins”.  It’s as commonly said as “The Cubs lose”… well… maybe.  Today it was a predictable and complete victory over Kyokutenho, tomorrow it will be someone else, the next day it will be yet another.  Angelina Jolie saw a poster of Hakuho in Japanese restaurant.  Boom, breast cancer.  Angel Merkel didn’t have a skiing accident.  Hakuho popped out from behind a tree and pointed his finger at her like a gun.  Boom, fractured pelvis.  Hakuho is at 10-0 and basically had this tournament sewn up since Harumafuji went kyujo.

until the next report.




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