Hatsu Basho 2014 Day 12

MatagisawaHere I am again for day 12.  Although this basho was Hakuho’s first negative day yusho, there has been some decent stuff going on.  It seems that two goons have been hired to toss Kotooshu out of the ozeki saloon by the scruff of his neck on to the dusty road permanently; the era of the euro-zeki flung out after him, flopping down on his head like a cheap dress (or is Freakanomics going to prove right again?).  It seems that Endo and the Pharaoh have reached a basic level of competence in makuuchi.  Kisenosato has gotten more egg on his face than an ovaraptor, and Kyokutenho is still about to hang in at 39.  Here are today’s highlight bouts.

Osunaarashi, after two frustrating days of missing out on that sweet kachikoshi nectar, came out with guns blazing against Tokushoryu, finishing him off handily, and even throwing in a little dame-oshi that made me think of Asa for a second.  Sneferu picks up his first makuuchi KK and Tokushoryu is one step off at 7-5.

Takuyasu finally seems to be realizing there is a basho going on.  He got right inside on Kagamio and ran him out in good time. Takayasu is now half crackered at 6-6 and Kagamio picked up his 8th loss for a MK in his makuuchi debut.

Satoyama came in wearing his judo pants today.  He got a hold of Tochinowaka’s left arm and snuggled up as the little spoon, then pulled an ipponzeoi (one armed shoulder throw) to topple the awkward giant and even their scores to 7-5 a piece.  Little Satoyama might pickup his first ever makuuchi KK.

In a nice, straight up, yotsu bout Okinoumi worked Ikioi out to hang on for one more day with 5-7, while Ikioi racks up a makekoshi.

Kakuryu won today as he has 3 other times this basho, by slapping down an over streched rikishi.  This time it was Shohozan, who can probably pick up a prize if he can squeeze out 2 more wins in the next 3 days.  Kakuryu remains alone in second place at 11-1, and Shoho is at 8-4.

Kotooshu false started twice going straight in, then on try number 3 henka-ed to the left to throw off Kisenosato.  The henka ploy didn’t work, but sadly Kotooshu still “somehow” managed to win this one.  Kisenosato has pretty much crapped in the kiddie pool this basho and is now just splashing around pretending his giant discharge is a toy submarine, so god only knows if this was yaocho or not.  From my point of view… who the fuck cares.  Both guys at 7-5.

For whatever reason m10 Endo fought ozeki Kotoshogiku today losing quickly to the ozeki’s gabburi yori.  Patience, you must learn patience.  Whatever, at 9-3 his record still beats the Geeku’s 8-3.

Goeido pulled the old hit and switch, going for a Takanoyama special tottari on Hakuho’s right arm.  Hak’s pulled the youngster in, took his time to get set and inevitably won via uwatenage, making sure to fall right on top of the already humiliated Goeido.  Haks is perfect at 12-0 and Eido has little chance to survive at 5-7.

Well those are all the bouts of note for day 12.  Briton-Meyer will be back from a long hiatus to bring you all coverage for day 14.  Personally I can’t wait to hear what kind of crack pot theories about the next ozeki and rikishi performance predicting algorithms he comes up with.  Welcome back bud!

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