Osaka Basho 2014 Day 1 and 2 recap

MatagisawaGreetings.  As any of you who have lived in Japan know, this is the busy season.  The fiscal year is winding down, co-workers are getting transferred and new ones are coming in, and there are a plethora of farewell and welcome parties to attend.  Needless to say, this has one hell of an effect on the way things are run here at S&S.  As it appears, ol’ Creswell is holding down the fort all by his lonesome for the time being.  So ya’ll’re gonna have to deal with it.  Let’s dive into day 1 and 2.

Takanoiwa, Chiyomaru, and Masunoyama all put up wins on both days, but the big story in lower maegashira is Osunaarashi pulling an uwatenage win over sanyaku tickler, Myogiryu.  Boody also has both wins, whilst Yogi’s picnic basket is only filled with goose eggs.  Kyokutenho also has stepped up to the plate with two wins, pulling Gagamaru’s mawashi all the way up to his chest, making it look more like a man-zire.  Ta   ke   ka   ze… pulled a henka on day 2 against Chiyotairyu (who was, himself, on fire on day 1 against Toyohibiki), the henka was ineffective, but Chiyo refused to move forward against the little guy, Kaze figured that someone eventaully had to win the bout and pushed out Chiyo with not to much effort.  Akita’s pride is alos a shining 2-0.

Ikioi had a crackerjack opening bout against Yoshikaze, but got a finger in the eye on day two from Aoiyama, both a 1-1.  Sekiwake Goeido was in trouble during days one and two, but pulled them both out with a throw at the edge.  Props to Tochinowaka and Kaisei on their gutsy day 1 and 2 bouts against Goeido, they may have lost, but they made Eido work for it.  Sekiwake Kotooshu was competent on day 1 against Kaisei, but got OWNED handily by Okinumi on day two, Don Juan now has a 7-3 record over Oshu.

Ozeki Kakuryu nearly lost his chance at the rope prematurely on day one against Endo, but saved it with a step and a slap, Day two saw him own Shohozan (Whose clock was severly cleaned by Hakuho on day 1) with superior tsuppari and better footwork, 2-0 for the Kak.  Kise has also been in trouble on both days, just barely pulling it out, although day 2 against Tochiozan was much closer than day 1 against Okinoumi, still a 2-0.  Kotoshogiku had a slippery day 1 against Tamawashi, but won cleanly enough.  However day two against Toyonoshima was a shit-show.  Shima was inside and had the Geek back before you could blink.

Hakuho beat Tamawashi today (but not quite as handily as he beat Shohozan yesterday), to remain at 2-0, and Harumafuji came at Endo with tsuppari BLAZING reopening the cut on Endo’s head given him by Kakuryu on day 1, Harry moved in and pulled a quick sukuinage that left Endo spinning on his ass like a pork roast on a lazy-susan.  Endo has shed a lot of blood only 2 days in.  But it hasn’t equaled a win yet, Haruma, however, has 2 as well.

That’s all for right now, but we’ll (read: probably I’ll) be back to update you on day 4, unless Connolly, or Valentine, or Daly, or Jesus will help a brother out.  Good night, and good luck.

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