Sumo & Stogies is an organization which seeks to combine great elements of the great cultures of the world to be enjoyed by those who seek an international life-style.  The combination of the finest sport from Japan, the finest tobacco from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, et al, the worlds finest distilled beverages from every corner of the globe, and fine clothing and accoutrements serve as the perfect quadrumvirate with which to support this goal.

Sumo & Stogies ethos, while having existed long before, was first applied to the frame work of it’s two namesakes (and two unnamedsakes) in the spring of 2008 on the open plains of Mongolia and has grown and solidified as a gentlemen’s club of the highest repute ever since.  If you love nothing more than the peaty warmth of a rare single malt Scotch, the leathery billows of fragrant smoke fuming from a corona especial, the luxurious feel of a velvet smoking jacket, and tension and excitement of a grand sumo tournament, then look no further than Sumo & Stogies.

Want to see a particular Cigar or Whiskey reviewed?  Is there something in sumo you want to see disucssed?  Do you have questions, comments, compliments, or criticism, please feel free to reach us at sumoandstogies@gmail.com

S & S

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