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Hatsu Basho 2014 Day 12

MatagisawaHere I am again for day 12.  Although this basho was Hakuho’s first negative day yusho, there has been some decent stuff going on.  It seems that two goons have been hired to toss Kotooshu out of the ozeki saloon by the scruff of his neck on to the dusty road permanently; the era of the euro-zeki flung out after him, flopping down on his head like a cheap dress (or is Freakanomics going to prove right again?).  It seems that Endo and the Pharaoh have reached a basic level of competence in makuuchi.  Kisenosato has gotten more egg on his face than an ovaraptor, and Kyokutenho is still about to hang in at 39.  Here are today’s highlight bouts. Continue reading

Hatsu 2014 Day 10

MatagisawaFirst off, apologies for the limited coverage from us this basho.  After 2 basho of me, Connolly and Goldstein scrambling to report on 15 days, we decided we needed to cut back.  Skeleton crew means fewer reports, but we’ll be there where it counts.  At least until Montana, Daly, DeGama, Berturm, Valentine, Chalmers, and Johnson can get their petty personal lives sorted and get back to what’s really important in life… no, not kids, or jobs, or small businesses… not hectic work schedules, nor higher education, nor sleep, nor spouses, nor important paperwork… but the most important thing to any REAL man.  Reporting on sumo.  Speaking of which here’s day 10. Continue reading

Hatsu Basho 2014 Day 8

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first basho of 2014, the Hatsu. As always this basho is hosted in the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo. It started last Sunday, but we can only provide select coverage from today. I’ve chosen a select few bouts to cover today, the rikishi of interest.

E-M12 Gagamaru (5-2) vs W-M16 Satoyama (5-2)
Gagamaru notably weighs in under 200 kgs this basho, just. This is a positive thing because he was in need of being able to move faster. Only losing to Yoshikaze on Day 1, and Fujiazuma on Day 6 he comes into today with a 6-2 record. Continue reading

Hatsu Basho 2014 Day 4

It’s a night of wrestling.  And drama.  Wrestlama.  They should come up with a better name for that.

Good evening, folks.  Goldstein here, introducing tonight’s main event.

They had their eyes on each other.  Two star-crossed heavy men in diapers on a date with destiny.  One, the big boy in the sumo equivalent of the scandalous red dress (leaving nothing up top to the imagination!), an ozeki with designs on the top spot.  He knew he had what it takes to win; he had the crowd on his side.  But his wily opponent… if Big Red let his guard down for just a moment, it could be all over.  That opponent, that dashingly ugly upstart in his baby blues—he could taste the glory, if only he could get the right grip.  He’s done it before.  Does he have another miracle in him?  The wind carries a whisper of his future; it says, “Kisenosatoooo.”  All eyes are on them.  Their intense but brief encounter would play out before millions—okay, let’s be honest, thousands—of eager eyes, four judges, and a noisy referee.  It all plays out in the ring.  The crowd is mildly excited.  The moment of truth nears.

Stay tuned for tonight’s episode:  Dohyo Really Love Me? Continue reading

2014 Hatsu (January) Banzuke

Here is the banzuke for the January Hatsu basho. It’s gonna kick off on Sunday, January 12th and run through to January 26th. Former ozeki Kotooshu Katsunori finds himself down in the sekiwake rank for the first time since 2005. Kimurayama and Higonojo both retain their exact same positions as last basho despite both failing to earn their kachi-koshi.

Also I included a picture of the actual banzuke that I found floating around the Internet, I’m sure most of you have seen a real one before, but for those of you who haven’t, this is what it looks like.

The official Makuuchi banzuke for the 2014 Hatsu (January) Basho

The official Makuuchi banzuke for the 2014 Hatsu (January) Basho

The official Juryo banzuke for the 2014 Hatsu (January) Basho

The official Juryo banzuke for the 2014 Hatsu (January) Basho

The official banzuke for the 2014 Hatsu (January) Basho

The official banzuke for the 2014 Hatsu (January) Basho