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Osaka Basho 2014 Day 9

goldsteinGents and Ladies, Butterballs and Meat-slabs, welcome to Day 9 of the Osaka tournament.  Goldstein here, back again to bring you due coverage like a warm mawashi.  Our two Yokozunae lead the pack with Ozeki Kakuryuu and M11 Oosunaarashi one behind the game.  Endou is batting .500, and Kotooshuu is all kinds of not-even-trying.

Yeah, I’m slow on the pick-up today.  I want to do something in honor of my first coverage of an Osaka tournament, but I’ve yet to visit the place.  Or comprehend the dialect.  And that’s got me thinking.  Whenever a Kansai dialect is dubbed over into English, they turn it into a Brooklyn accent or a Southern accent.  I’m not entirely sure why.  But as I’m a Texas boy, I think I’ll settle on the latter. Continue reading

Osaka Basho 2014 Day 1 and 2 recap

MatagisawaGreetings.  As any of you who have lived in Japan know, this is the busy season.  The fiscal year is winding down, co-workers are getting transferred and new ones are coming in, and there are a plethora of farewell and welcome parties to attend.  Needless to say, this has one hell of an effect on the way things are run here at S&S.  As it appears, ol’ Creswell is holding down the fort all by his lonesome for the time being.  So ya’ll’re gonna have to deal with it.  Let’s dive into day 1 and 2. Continue reading

Osaka Basho 2013 Wind-up

MatagisawaI was going to write “Haru (spring) Basho” for the headline here, but I don’t have much reason to.  Up here in the frozen north of Akita (especially in my neck of the woods), things are still as cold an snowy as ever.  Spring is the time of new beginnings, and although the weather ain’t doing anything new, there are some interesting things going on in sumo.  Hakuho, Harumafuji, Kakuryu, Kisenosato (maybe), and of course the golden boy of the Japanese media… Endo. Continue reading