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Osaka Basho 2013 Wind-up

MatagisawaI was going to write “Haru (spring) Basho” for the headline here, but I don’t have much reason to.  Up here in the frozen north of Akita (especially in my neck of the woods), things are still as cold an snowy as ever.  Spring is the time of new beginnings, and although the weather ain’t doing anything new, there are some interesting things going on in sumo.  Hakuho, Harumafuji, Kakuryu, Kisenosato (maybe), and of course the golden boy of the Japanese media… Endo. Continue reading

Hatsu Basho 2014 Day 14

S&S Briton-Meyer

Briton-Meyer here after some time away both from the blog and from Sumo.  As I sit down to write this, I am reminded why I haven’t been watching Sumo recently.  I have a puppy that eats everything within reach, and so I am constantly having to find that puppy and figure out what its eating off the floor.  Ok, I’m back.  It looks like it was some kind of paper, though it could have been spaghetti.  I know, I know, the guys here at the blog will think I’m making excuses, and to tell the truth, when I think about it, I somehow managed to write about Sumo back in the day when it was DeGama who needed watching when food and floor came together to form some glorious (and delicious?) mess (I miss you, man).

Continue reading

2012 & A Few of Our Favorites

Dear S & S fans,

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for sticking with us in 2012. We’ve been doing this for about five years now, and after a conversations with Valentine and the crew we’ve been posting our reviews/thoughts/reports to this blog for the past three years. We’ve tripled and now nearly doubled our viewership in those three years and considering our lives haven’t gotten any easier we’re pretty pleased to have kept this thing going.

The site has always been about a group of friends trying to entertain each other, but the funny thing about posting things for the world to see is that it slowly becomes something more. Your comments, feedback, and questions inspired a lot of content this past year and we thank you for that.  From helping some cool folks in Canada who wanted to send Kokkai a letter after his retirement to joking  around with some awesome sumo fans on Twitter and facebook, not a day goes by where I don’t think about sumo and the friendships I’ve been able to maintain because of this site. Hakuho recently said he wanted to go after Asashoryu and Kitanoumi’s yusho records in 2013, the year of the snake. It’s our hope that we’ll be able to share the Dai-Yokozuna’s intensity and keep the English updates going strong here with the occasional review of our namesake and unnamed-sake. Thanks for a great year. Below you’ll find a few lists of links (some of our favorite posts in the last three years).

Happy New Year,

Team S & S

Kyushu Basho Warm Up

At the risk of being boring, all I have to say by way of a warm-up this basho is that I’m still following my interest in Homasho and I am glad to see him ranked at Komusubi.  I hope to see him kachi-koshi this time.  A year ago, Homasho was also ranked Komusubi and he went 4-11 at Kyushu last year.  I would like to think Homie has improved over the last year, and this is the basho to find out.

Feeling the lack of inspiration, I asked the fellow commentators at Sumo and Stogies to step in and let you know what they would be following.  I’m glad to find that I have a fellow commentator rooting for a rival rikishi.

Daly has this to say about Myogiryu:

Myogiryu is one to watch this basho. This reporter believes Myogiryu will be the next Ozeki. Period. He went 10-5 last basho in his debut as a Sekiwake. It might take him some time, but mark my word, the forward moving, fearless, aggressive rikishi from Hyogo prefecture will be an Ozeki. Don’t be surprised if he gets a kinboshi and beats 3 out of the five Ozeki at the Kyushu Basho.

The last time Daly and I went head to head in rooting for a rikishi, I was, as always, rooting for Homasho and Daly was rooting for Okinoumi, both rikishi were ranked M1 in that basho.  Last time, Homasho was able to outperform Okinoumi, but this time I have to concede that outperforming Myogiryu will be both very hard and a long shot.

In other news, this will be Harumafuji’s first basho as a Yokozuna – I hold off on saying whether this is a good thing or a bad thing until after I see his performance this basho.  My eyes, for the first time in a long while, will be on the top of the banzuke this basho – hopefully, this means that Sumo as normal (with all its normal problems) has returned and the scandals are over.

I’m looking for some wood to knock on after making that last statement, but this post has come out kind of limp, and it looks like Daly hasn’t gotten his post up yet either.  Don’t you worry though, Daly is gonna get it up for you and then this basho is going to start rocking.

Aki 2012 Senshuraku

After flaking out on nakabi’s report, Dick Montana is here to pleasure all of you sumo fans with some senshuraku reporting. With the first real yokozuna contender in 5 years, this basho has been a fun one to watch, especially with all of the K.O.s later in the tournament. Although I feel Haruma’s slaps can be excessive, they are unfortunately necessary for someone of his size, and I think that if he keeps up the sumo he has been displaying the past two tournaments, he will make a fine Yokozuna. Continue reading

Questions after Nakabi (Day 8) Aki Basho

With five rikishi with 8 wins a piece, this basho is starting to get pretty exciting. Will Harumafuji gain the top rank? Will Hakuho win the Yusho or will he pretend to be off his game and let someone else take it? Will Kyokutenho shock the world once again? Will Takayasu continue his winning ways (currently he’s won 14 of his last fifteen bouts after losing 7 in a row in July). Finally where would we be without Kisenosato? Will he revitalize sumo with a Yusho this tournament or will he drop yet another opportunity? Stay with us as we do our best to keep you up to date on all the action.

Ask a Rikishi

The Akita and Hanamaki Sumo Exhibitions are coming up on 8/10 & 8/11 and the gentlemen of Sumo & Stogies will be there rubbing shoulders, slapping mawashis, and waxing philosophical with the men of makuuchi.

If there is anything you’ve ever wanted to ask a rikishi, or rikishi in general let’s us know in a comment here, or mail your questions to . Then drop by the site and see what the sekitori had to say.