In Fashion of a Good Smoke

How seemingly easy it is to just pick up a smoke and light it. Sure you’ll get the hit, but will you get the enjoyment?
Smoking is an art. And like any type of art, it takes patience. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day and indeed the great masterpieces of this world didn’t happen in a day either. They took careful consideration and patience. A smoke is no different, time and patience are the key to enjoyment. So let me present to you a few tips of advice, from experience, that will help you obtain the fullest from your smoke.

First, is time: Cigarettes are all too easy to pick up and light when you are on go, in a car to work for example, or when you just need that hit from a busy day. However, a smoke is almost like form of contemplative meditation. It helps you to relax. Thus, first of all, be sure to have the time necessary to enjoy your smoke – at least a couple of hours should suffice. A couple of hours enjoyed with friends or in solitude.

The right setting is also all too important for ones enjoyment. A good smoke can take 30-40 minutes and so you should be in a position to feel comfortable. Perhaps some light music, or your favourite chair will help you to feel comfortable and to relax. In a position where you can lean back and take in the finer points of your surroundings.
When you take out your smoke, reflect upon your purchase, the size and the smell of the un-tainted tobacco. Place your cutter on the end of the smoke and be careful not to cut too much. There should be a slight lip that helps to guide your draw. Again reflect upon your craftsmanship. If it is a clean cut, you’ll find that the smoke will draw better with no bits breaking away.

The next important thing is the light. Don’t, and I repeat, don’t use a standard lighter. Of course, a match is more traditional but a zippo will suffice just as well. The flame on these will embrace the whole of the cigar and help to give an even burn, unlike the smaller flame of a lighter. A smoke has been cut and despite the humidor, the end of the smoke is a little dry. Before lighting in the mouth, first just burn the ends slightly to rid the smoke of this. When you light the smoke in your mouth, puff a few times and the baccy will simmer gently. Then wait a little while before the next intake. For, it takes a little while for the smoke to release its flavour and more importantly, its aroma. After a minute or so, take a few steady pulls before holding the smoke in your cheeks. Now, some people like myself, like to take the smoke into the lungs slightly. This is purely by matter of choice and some argue that you lose flavour in doing so. I however, find that this helps me to obtain a mellow feeling about halfway through. One thing that is agreed, is to not inhale all of the smoke as this will bring about a sick feeling in your stomach and may even put you off your smoke altogether.

Don’t hurry to get to the end of your smoke. Savour the flavour like you would a good whisky. When you feel like the flavour is waning after a few moments, take another few puffs. If you over do it, you’ll overkill the sensation. And whilst you sit there in peace allow your mind to wonder, wherever the smoky haze takes your thoughts. You should find when you finish, that as the air clears, so should your thoughts find conclusion and help to give you the answer and the way that perhaps wasn’t so clear before.

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