262 Paradigm Torpedo

Now that I am back in the old country, I am going to start partaking in smokes from a wider variety of locales, and this one fits the bill.  262 makes all of their cigars here in the ol’ US of A.  In the Paradigm line, Seco and Ligero tobaccos from Nicaragua, mixed with a Cuban seed grown in Columbia make up the filler.  A Honduran binder and a Brazilian wrapper blend pull everything together and form the character of this, rather interesting and enjoyable smoke.

This baby was fragrant right from the start.  The aroma reminded me of my childhood summers; napping in the hay loft of my aunt’s horse farm.  Washing off a hard day’s work with brackish water from a rusty spigot.  A rich layer of dried hay and damp wood hits the nasal palette immediately, and the smell of dirt and dried citrus lingers slightly.

This thing pulls like a champ.  Nice and easy, but with a tiny bit of resistance, so as to keep your smoking pace in check.

The flavor of this one reminds me a bit of the monte 2 torpedo; Grassy, earthy, and dark but not too heavy, and with a slightly more bitter after taste.  Not a bad bitter, a good bitter.  One that leaves you slightly thirsty… a thirst which I encourage you to explore with the whisky of your choice.  I would recommend something peaty, but not overly so.

The ash was firm and even, a creamy grey with a nice, even burn.  For those of our readers in the states, who have trouble getting the real deal, this is a great smoke, for a great price.  Inquire about 262 at your local, keep in mind the Paradigm series has 4 styles: Robusto, 4sixty, Box-pressed Toro, and this here torpedo.  Don’t ignore the rest of the line-up.


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