Alec Bradley “Black Market” Churchill

If stogies can be spoken of in terms of sumo, this cigar is exactly what Makuuchi is short on right now.  It is certainly not the Hakuho that is Cohiba, dominating the market with exquisite quality and near perfect consistency.  It isn’t the Kaio, Kotooshu, or Miyabiyama that are Bolivar, or any of the miriad “old guards” that have slightly faltered, or gone stale of late.  Nor is it the Takamisakari or Yamamotoyama that are the brand crossover and gimmick smokes with flavors that come and pass like trends.

This is more like an Iwakiyama or a  Musoyama.  I wouldn’t go so far as to describe it as “fantastic”, “unparalleled”, or “sublime”, but I also wouldn’t speak ill of it.  But always a good smoke, with decent flavor, a nice medium body, no cheap burn, and a good price point.  A good standard smoke that is easy to enjoy and easy on the wallet.

These hand-rolled Hondurans are a solid blend of Honduran and Panamanian longfillers, a Sumatra binder, and  Nicaraguan wrapper.  It’s got an attractive, soft, dark, color, the afore-mentioned medium body, and an interesting flavor, with an aroma that makes you wish there was time for one more.  For under 10 bucks a pop, 5 styles (Robusto, Toro, Churchill, Torpedo, and Gordo), and a solid flavor, there is no reason not to .

Is this smoke bound to wear the twisted rope? No.  Will it be winning the yusho with technical awards galore?  No.  But can you expect good solid effort every time with no short cuts, no henkas, and to be left satisfied every time.  Yup.

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