La Aurora Preferidos Treasure Box

When the five Sumo & Stogies associates of the Council get together for a bit of R&R, we must be entertained.  And on a warm June night, Valentine pondered upon the question “ What do five stags need for a night of drinking, smoking and roasting of meat?”he had just the idea…

In a gilded carrier, they come to us, five of them and five of us.  Tasteful and nicely decorated, but like any warm-blooded males, we’re only interested in what’s inside.  “They’re like the spice girls!” says an excited Bertrum.  His is called Emerald, and boasting the kind of beauty that would even make Connolly proud.  Moving in to make his moves rather quickly, Bertrum blurts out another comment which throws all of us off guard; “this ring looks better than my engagement ring!” Slightly taken aback and seeing Bertrum with his hands full, we leave him to have his fun.

Creswell matched up nicely with Platinum while Brown took a liking to Gold.  De Gama loves his spice, so he hooked up with Sapphire, and lastly Valentine found himself pleasured by Ms. Ruby.

Ruby knew him quite well.  “We share the same birthstone” was the first thing she said.  “July, huh?” Valentine was uninterested in the small talk, yet quite perplexed how she seemed to have known him so well.  On first contact to the lips, she had the breath of red wine, but the sensations melted into a fruity spice.  She had a temper unlike the others, and she might as well have been the only one to blush when revealing herself.

Quite a mix of Brown and Gold.  Brown was a happy man with Gold – dare I add that even Mr. T would be jealous.  We all agreed she was the sexiest.  She was creamy, smooth, and full of flavor.  “It was like tucking into a crème brulee,” he would later account of the experience.

Creswell was pleased to find that he had his hands caressing Platinum near the barbecue pit.  “You can taste the wood,” I hear him exclaim – for I don’t think he was expecting to get any that night, after seeing what the other gents were indulging in. “but the best part is in the backtaste.”- he says, with a mouthful.  With a wry grin, he exclaims “Daddy’s got you covered.”

In the warm summer heat, the latino likes nothing more than to feel the heat. And to be a little closer to nature.  Along came Sapphire in peppery earthtones, which suited de Gama delightfully.  “I’m just going to take it all off to enjoy this.”  And indeed, he did – carefully slipping off her thong.  As she lay bare before him, he seemed to take one last earthy sniff of her entirety before drawing her essence in.  After a few minutes of enjoyment he looked down at Safire and said with a smirk, “Oh, this is going to be a quick one, guys.”

All in all, about 45 minutes was well spent by the Council.  Among the five of us, we didn’t hesitate to have a taste of the others – endorsing in the code of brotherhood. We had our time to unwind, and then share our experiences once our guests had come, and gone. In the end, as we lay beneath the stars and embers of the fire burned low, there was not a man who had trouble dozing… with a little grin.



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