Liga Privado T52 Robusto (Drew Estates)

Another quality smoke made by an American company (although the plantation is in Nicaragua.)  This one comes from the Liga Privado line made by Drew Estates.

The guys at Drew Estates are serious about their tobacco and take chances.  In this case they took a chance on the wrapper.  They bounced back and forth between 3 or 4 different options before settling on something completely different at the last second.  Something which they call an “American Habano”, which is a stalk cut tobacco from Connecticut.  Nicaraguan on the inside, but Cuban-American on the outside, this smoke is a full bodied attempt, and does not disappoint.

I picked this one up when I was relaxing for a week at the beach.  Luckily there was a shop with a walk-in humidor nearby.  I had tried the Liga Privado #9 before and was impressed so I decided on the T52.  A sit on the back deck on a muggy night ,with a slight salty breeze, and good conversation with the occasional beer is all this smoke needs.

The dark wrapper bemoans the oily cocoa scent, and the filler has a leathery and resiny quality to it.  In fact it was the attractive wrapper that set this one apart for me.  The flavors were thick and rich.  Lots of cocoa and some spice, very earthy.

This was an incredibly enjoyable smoke, and not just because of the flavor.  The pull lets you sit back and ease the neck, the nice firm ash and slow burn allows the smoker to concern themselves with something other than when the ash is going to fall.

Like I said before, this smoke doesn’t need much to be enjoyed.  It’s almost a meal in itself, but a drink that won’t complicate things is the way I’d go.  A good pils, weizen, or kolsch, or even a dark ale would match well here (if you’re a beer drinker.)  If you prefer the whisky, I’d go Irish here.  The sweet copper pot taste of Irish whisky would be a good contrast, or a slightly smokey highland might be a good match as well.

However you choose to pair this smoke, do pick it up, and do try the other fine stuff that Drew Estates makes.  There aren’t many guys pioneering new horizons in the future of cigar enjoyment, but these guys are, at great cost, and with great result.

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