Santa Damiana Corona – Dominican Republic

“It’s been a long time…” – Valentine
“…but I’ve never had it” – Bertrum

So what made us choose this Smoke? “Particularly when I,” says Bertrum, “find meself favouring the noble Bolivar above others.” Pray let us set the scene for you, where you may indeed find yourself with a similar smoke. If you have the whole entirety of a Sunday afternoon (the day of rest), and a particularly rainy Sunday afternoon at that – with enough time to blow on a slightly tight pull, you can’t go wrong and will surely find yourself in a similar situation that we did.
Dark leaves, a sweet taste to the palette, a steady burn – that might we add, is complimentary in not burning the throat (and equally, neither does the bourbon, though forgive us for leaving this til later) – are attributes that are acquainted with Santa Damiana.

Valentine relates a story…“it was a number of years ago.  I was lookin’ for a new bottleneck for my guitar. I was in an unknown town on an unknown street when I stumbled up upon a smoke shop run by a man with a blind dog.  With the situation as was, I chose an unknown smoke at a reasonable price.  Picture nightfall, I found myself sitting at a campfire with drinkin’-buddies.  At this time, I was still experimentin’ with Japanese whiskey.  It was before I officially gave up on that venture.”
“Useless pursuit, wasn’t it Valentine?” Bertrum added.
“Indeed,” Valentine replies after taking a full puff.  “Well, by the campfire I had my first taste of ole’ Santa Damiana, and I knew then this is a smoke which ain’t gonna fail ya.  It’s a smooth, oily touch, with a satisfyin’, slow burn.  It ain’t no full taste, but must they all be?”
Valentine takes a sip of his bourbon and thinks deeply before making his next comment.  “One of the joys of a real good smoke is the memories it can bring back from years gone by.”

As we sit tres knuckles remaining on this hearty smoke, we contemplate on occasions where we may very well find ourselves embracing this piece. Picture this if you will, you are relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon and are caught un-expectantly at the behest of an unannounced guest. Let me tell ye, you won’t feel ashamed by no less but a Santa Damiana Corona to offer your compadre!

It is worth noting, upon this contemplation, that at this point that Valentine is willing to take back his previous comment of not smoking a stogie with Basil Haden… with a Santa Damiana Corona, you can… as he did! It is equally worth noting, that in order to counter this smooth burn from Señior Basil and a smooth smoke, we listen to Led Zeppelin – “The Song Remains the Same,” very much in the way that the sensation from this hazy afternoon is remaining the same: Basil Haden accompanied by Santa Damiana – pleasantly lingering on…

With a third left on the smoke, and a caramel tincture in the back of the throat, the music changes to Led Zeppelin – “Gallows Pole.” When the smoke burns to the end of the afternoon… you identify with one upon the gallows!  It’s time to go home.

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