Quiz Answers

Quiz 0: Maezumo

1)Please write the following ranks in order from lowest to highest.   Juryo, Maegashira, Komusubi, Sekiwake, Ozeki, Yokozuna

2) What is the name of the loincloth that rikishi wear? *B) Mawashi

3) Which is the English equivalent of the following three kimarite? * Yorikiri       A) Frontal force out

4) Uwatenage *   B) Overarm throw

5) Uchigake *  D) Inside leg trip

6) What is Japanese word for the judge on the dohyo that calls the winner of each bout? *B) Gyoji

7) What is the Japanese word for the fan he carries *      B) Gunbai

8) What is the name of the current Yokozuna? *   C) Hakuho Sho  (Mönkhbatyn Davaajargal is also correct, but that wasn’t among the choices, so suck it)

9) He is the ______ Yokozuna. *   D) 69th (sure plenty of you thought I was joking with this one)

10) What is the name of the Ozeki recently expelled for gambling on baseball? *  A) Kotomitsuki  (if only he weren’t the only ozeki to be expelled…)

11) How many Georgians are currently in Makuuchi? *  B) 2  (Just Gaga and Tochinoshin, Kokkai got demoted to Juryo)

12) Former Yokozuna Asashoryu was from which country? *   D) Mongolia

13) What is the name of the traditional leg lifting exercise practiced by all rikishi? *    C) Shiko  (all the other ones were dirty)

14) What is it the initial charge in a sumo bout called? *   D) Tachi-ai

15) What is it called when a rikishi jumps to the side at said initial charge? *           B) Henka   or   E) Chicken-shit Sumo  (yes, both of these are one in the same, and therefore acceptable)

Quiz 1: Jonokuchi

1) Currently, how many sekitori are there? *    Makuuchi – 42, Juryo – 28

2) The “Home of Sumo in Tokyo” lies in what neighborhood? *  Ryogoku  (Can you imagine the amount of scandals sumo would have if it was in any of those other neighborhoods?)

3) Which of the following is not a kimarite *    Unkodashi  (this one is dirty)

4) Which of the following IS a kimarite *    Shitatehineri (all those other ones were dirty)

5) What kimarite to we here at Sumo & Stogies refer to as the “Burt Reynolds” * Okuridashi  (I thought about accepting tsuridashi… but it has to be from behind, so really anything with “okuri… will work)

6) The chonmage of sekitori are styled to look like the leaf of what tree? *  Ginko (known as the oicho-style)

7) Who is the current Rijicho of the Sumo Kyokai? *  Hanaregoma (wonder how long he’ll keep that post?)

8) In which 4 locales are the Basho held? *  Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka (I wonder why no one picked the Bronx)

9) What’s in Chanko Nabe? *  What isn’t in chanko nabe? (the recipe is different for every heya, and YMY is only at Onoe-beya… well, now he’s not really at any heya, but you get my point)

10) If the shinpan(judges) disagree on the Gyoji’s call what is called *   Monoii  (sometimes we yell bakayaro though)

11) The name of the rice bales that make up the rim of the dohyo are called… * Tawara

12) When a rikishi is too injured to fight in a basho he… *  is kyujo  (I guess this one depends on the rikishi, but…)

13) The elaborately decorated mawashi worn during the dohyo-iri is called… *  kesho-mawashi  (most of those other choices made no sense… and one was dirty)

14) What is our nickname for Homasho here at Sumo & Stogies? *         Cigarstore-Indian  (just look at the dude’s face)

15) Which NHK English Commentator do we have the most respect for here at S&S? *   Doreen Simmons  (We like Ross, we respect Doreen)

Quiz 2: Jonidan

1) Who is the tallest rikishi of the modern era? *   D) Fudoiwa (stood at 213cm, Dewagatake was between 203-207, Kotooshu id 203, and Raiden was 197.  I specified modern era because there are unverified claims of height that go well over 7 feet back to the from the mid 1800’s all the way back.)

2) Which rikishi snapped Chiyonofuji’s famous 53 bout winning streak? *  A) Onokuni (that’s who it was)

3) Who spent the most tournaments at Yokozuna? *   D) Kitanoumi  (official count was 63, but the kyokai persuaded him to stay on for 4 tournaments more than he wanted to)

4) Current Yokozuna Hakuho shares the #2 spot for most consecutive wins with which Rikishi? *   C) Tanikaze (Tachiyama won 43 in a row, lost 1 bout, which he later claimed he threw to Nishinoumi, then won another 56.  his total would have stood at 100.)

5) Who is the heaviest rikishi of all time *   B) Konishiki (didn’t fool many of you with that one)

6) Currently the most heavily represented Japanese prefecture in Makuuchi is… *   C) Aomori (well… not anymore)

7) How about from makushita on down? *   D) Tokyo (probably still true)

8) Current Naruto-oyakata used to fight under what shikona? *  C) Takanosato  (stable master of Kisenosat and Wakanosato)

9) Who was the first mongolian rikishi to make it to Makuuchi *B) Kyokushuzan (he opened the flood gates, or the leg-waza gates as it were)

10) How many non-japanese rikishi are in Makuuchi, given the unofficial Osaka Bazuke? *  C) 21 (Tochinowaka is not foreign born, but both of his parents are Korean, so he counts)

11) What rikishi was known as “Waza Depato” (technique department store) due to his breadth of kimarite? *   B) Mainoumi (you can often see Mr. Depato on the NHK sumo broadcasts)

12) How many kimarite did he use in his career? *   C) 34 (one of the few to pull off a Nekodamashi)

13) Which of the 4 rikishi listed used more waza than the “waza depato”? *           A) Asashoryu (36, baby)

14) Which Yokozuna had the fewest Yusho *   D) Futahaguro (he had 0, he was one of 2 yokozuna in history promoted without a single yusho)

15) Which non-yokozuna rikishi attained the most yusho? *   D) Raiden (although they were not official he won 28 championships, but I will also give points for Kaio, because he was the only one of the choices around during the Yusho system)

Quiz 3: Sandanme

1) What are the basic height, weight, and age requirements for shin-deshi? *         C) 180cm, 70kg, 20 years (I don’t remember the 20 years thing, but that’s what I read)

2) What are the requirements for a rikishi to become and oyakata upon retirement? *   B) One Basho in sanyaku over 20 basho in Makuuchi, or Over 30 basho over all including 1 in Juryo or Makuuchi.

3) If an ozeki fails to get kachikoshi he is said to be… *  B) Kadoban (Technically I should award points for E as well, but I won’t)

4) If such an ozeki loses 7 bouts in the following tournament and pulls out with an “injury” what will happen? *  B) He will be demoted to Sekiwake, and must get 10 wins to return to Ozeki (Trick question.  The next day will be a fusenpai, as the bout is already determined, which means 8 losses and a make koshi.  if he gets 6 losses and then kyujo, then nothing will happen.)

5) What is a “mizu-iri”? *   C) A small break called by the gyoji in an unsually long match, in which the rikishi must remain in the same position.  (These happen sometimes, but not often)

6) Which is not a banned manuver *  D) Kicking the opposing Rikishi in the shin (Tokitenku uses this one all the time.  Valentine even tries this one now and again.)

7) True or false: If a rikishi is due to fight the Yokozuna, they may not serve as the Sword bearer or Dew Sweeper for that day. *  A)True

8) What is the most severe punishment for a rikishi who has broken the rules of conduct? *  A) Jomei (complete excommunication from the sumo world)

9) True or False: The Tokkuri-nage (double headed hand twist down) has been banned from use in honbasho. *  B) False (this was just used in makushita a basho or two ago, but no one is very happy with you when you use it on them)

10) What are the requirements for a rikishi to keep his fighting shikona after retirement? *   D). May be decided in special cases by the kyokai (usually only yokozuna)

11) Before a fight and before bowing at the shikiri-sen(starting line), the rikishi must assume a respectful position called: *  D) Sonkyo

12) What is itami-wake? *   A) When a rikishi is too injured to continue to fight, so the match is stopped.

13) Before one can become oyakata, a rikishi must obtain a secial licence called a: *   B) Kabu

14) When is a “hiki-wake” called? *  B) After at least 2 mizu-iri and 2 torinaoshi are called (this apparently happened quite often in the Meiji period, but I have never seen one)

15) Why does Kimura Shonosuke Gyoji carry a dagger in his belt? *   C) To take his own life, if he were to make an incorrect call. (not that he doesn’t roll like an OG, that just isn’t the reason he carries the blade)

Quiz 4: Makushita

1) Although his historical existence is dubious, who is considered to be the first yokozuna? *   C) Akashi Shiganosuke  (said to be 258cm, which is like 8.5 feet…but)

2) Who was the first Yokozuna to hold a Yokozuna licence and perform Dohyo-iri? *   A) Tanikaze (One of the best of all time trained THE best of all time, Raiden Tameemon)

3) What were the 2 historical Houses which granted Yokozuna licences? *           C) Yoshida, Gojo (one was in Osaka, one was in Tokyo)

4) Of those two houses which has been considered illegitimate? *    G) Gojo (most think this is because they were related to rivals of the Tokugawas, but no one knows for sure)

5) Who was the first rikishi listed on the banzuke as “Yokozuna”? *                         D) Nishinoumi (The council bent because he was pissed that although he a yokozuna licence, he was listed as lower than an ozeki because the ozeki had posted a higher score at the previous tournament)

6) Coinciding with the opening of the first kokugikan, yokozuna was finally recognized as the highest rank in sumo in what year? *  B) 1909 (The Yoshida licence house recognized the title, but not the rank, until this date)

7) What are the two schools of yokozuna dohyo-iri? *   A) Shiranui, Unryu (there is actually evidence to suggest that the Unryu style is actually created by Shiranui, and vice versa, and that a simple clerical mistake on the researchers part is to blame.  he was a senior researcher, so no one dared challenge him)

8) Which of the two is said to bear a curse that current Yokozuna Hakuho seems to have broken?   A) Shiranui (Yoshibayama, Tamanoumi, Futahaguro, Kotozakura, Asahifuji, an Wakanohana III were all said to have been victims of the curse.)

9) List these 6 Yokozuna in chronological order from earliest to latest. *  Onogawa, Umegatani, Tachiyama, Futabyama, Terukuni, Maedayama

10) Yokozuna Taiho was promoted to yokozuna at the same time as his rival… * D). Kashiwado (Strangely enough their rivalry was called the Hakuho Age)

11) After Asahifuji’s retirement which stable did he take over? *   B) Isegahama (home of Harumafuji and Aminishiki)

12) Which 2 rikishi share the distinction for spending the least time at the RANK of Yokozuna? *   A) Nishinoumi II / Musashiyama (only 3 basho each)

13) Which Yokozuna earned the most special prizes during his time in makuuchi/sanyaku? *   C) Hokutoumi (Raiden was never yokozuna, Asa got there too fast to accumulate anything, and the Wolf spent a bit too much time bouncing in and out of Juryo)

14) Which Yokozuna had the highest win ratio? *  A) Umegatani (at 95.1% Taiho had the highest in the modern era with 83.8%.  Hakuho is currently at 82.7%)

15) What is the most common birthplace for yokozuna? *   A) Hokkaido (There were 9.  Chiyonofuji, Chiyonoyama, Hokutoumi, Kitanofuji, Kitanoumi, Onokuni, Taiho, Wakanohana, Yoshibayama.  Aomori had 6.)

Quiz 5: Juryo

1) How many foreign born rikishi are allowed per heya? *  A) 1  (cryin shame, that is)

2) Currently how many heya are there? *  C) 50  (for now)

3) All the heya are divided into groups called ichimon. How many ichimon are there? *  B) 5

4) Name the 5 Ichimon.   Nishonoseki, Dewanoumi, Tokitsukaze, Tatsunami, Takasago

5) How many heya are currently run by ex-yokozuna? *  C) 8  (Naruto, Isegahama, Kitanoumi, Kokonoe, Takanohana, Shibatayama, Hakkaku, Magaki… made a mistake and forgot about Shibatayama. If you put 7 you got it)

6) As of September 2006, what are the requirements for an oyakata to open a heya? *  A) at least 25 tournaments ranked in sanyaku or 60 tournaments in the top makuuchi division

7) What is the oldest continuous running heya? *  D) Takasago  (many have been around longer in name, but have been shut down and re-founded numerous times. Takasago joined Tokyo sumo in 1878)

8) What is the largest heya? *  B) Kitanoumi

9) In the history of sumo, which stable has raised the most Yokozuna? *               A) Dewanoumi (10 of them)

10) Which heya currently has the most sekitori? * D). Sakaigawa

11) Which heya has the least amount of rikishi? *  A) Magaki (only 2 guys)

12) Legendary Yokozuna Futabayama was a member of Tatsunami beya, however, during his reign as yokozuna he founded the Futabayama-dojo, which became what heya after his retirement in 1945? *   C) Tokitsukaze

13) Current Takanohana-beya used to go under what name? *  D) Futagoyama

14) Which heya’s rikishi often have the character 栃(tochi) in their shikona? *  C) Kasugano (Tochinoshin, Tochiozan, and Tochinowaka just to name a few)

15) What is the name of sumo & stogies stable? *  B) Matagino

Quiz 6: Makuuchi

1) Why did the Japan Sumo Association decide to extend the number of bouts in each day of a sumo tournament in the late 1930’s? * There was a lot of excitement caused by Futabayama’s consecutive win record, so the kyokai cashed in.

2) Which legendary person is thought to be the human creator of sumo, and is now worshipped as sumo’s diety? *  C) Nomi no Sukune  (According to the Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan) he kicked a dude, and so is regarded the founder of sumo)

3) What was Yokozuna Maedayama’s punishment, for dropping out of a tournament for illness, then being photographed at a baseball game with former Yankees left fielder Lefty O’Doul? *  D) Forced retirement  (however, when Kitanofuji was found surfing in Hawaii after going kyujo, was only cautioned, and had to apologize)

4) What was the longest stretch of time in sumo in which there were no licenced Yokozuna? *  C) 31 years (Between Onogawa and Onomatsu)

5) The first sekitori from the USA was from what state? *  A) Colorado  (yup)

6) What shikona did he use? *   Toyonishiki  (one of many 2nd generation Japanese Americans, who joined Sumo in the 30’s-40’s.  However Toyonishiki posed as being from Fukuoka, as there was a bigger foreigner population in Kyushu.  Joined the Japanese military during WWII but never returned to sumo.)

7) Yokozuna Futabayama kept a disability secret his entire career, only revealing it after his retirement. What was it? *  D) Blindness in one eye

8) What rikishi holds both the most special prizes, and the most kinboshi *          A) Akinoshima (19 special prizes, 16 Kinboshi)

9) Who holds the record for most career wins? *                                                                B) Oshio (1,891 from 1962-1988)

10) Who won the Kyushu basho 8 times in a row? *  D). Chiyonofuji (only person to dominate Kyushu in such a way, Dr. Doyen being a close second)

11) In 1684 professional sumo tournaments began in what shinto shrine? *         C) Tomioka Hachiman Shrine (By the order of Oda Nobunaga)

12) What is the origin of the word “Juryo”? *   A) How much the wrestlers were paid (Ryo was an old Japanese currency, and Ju means 10)

13) After Chiyonofuji retired from sumo, but before he became Kokonoe-oyakata, what was his oyakata name?    B) Jinmaku (Kitanofuji was Kokonoe, then they traded when Chiyonofuji took over)

14) What former Yokozuna is credited with introducting chanko-nabe to sumo heyas? *  C) Hitachiyama (When he was the stable master of Dewanoumi-beya in 1914 he began building the stable, by siphoning rikishi from Osaka and Kyoto, ballooning the stable to about 200 wrestlers.  Chanko was the next logical step.)

15) Who was the former sekiwake who spearheaded the 1932 Shunjuen Japan Sumo Association walkout, then went on to etablish a seperate sumo association in Osaka? *  D) Tenryu  (some say he was pissed over not making Ozeki, even though he had a good enough record, although there is no proof of this.  He later went on to advise the JSA, after a stint as the director of sumo in Japanese occupied Manchuria.)

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