S&S Guess the Banzuke Contest

S&S Fantasy Banzuke Contest

See if you can beat the S&S commentators in the S&S Fantasy Banzuke Contest.  Here is how it works.

1.  Click on the link of the file you want, then click the download button on the lower right hand side of the tool bar at the bottom of the document screen.  There are both Japanese and English versions. (Micrsofot Excel Required.)

2.  Fill out your predictions and email the excel spreadsheet document to sumoandstogies@gmail.com .  Make sure to include the name you would like us to display on the score sheet in the subject line of your email.

3.  Sometimes the banzuke gets leaked a day or two early, so your Banzuke MUST BE EMAILED TO US NO LATER THAN 2 DAYS BEFORE THE BANZUKE RELEASE.  Hatsu 2011 email deadline is Sunday December 19th.

4.  Once the banzuke is released on Dec.21 we will tally the scores and post the winners (and not-so-winners) on the “Guess the Banzuke” page.  Good luck!


2011 Hatsu Basho Guess the Banzuke (English Version)

Unsure of How the Banzuke is Calculated?  We got your back.  Check below for the banzuke rules and how we calculate scores.

Some General rules of the Ozumo Banzuke…

  1. A kachikoshi guarantees a rise in the ranks (except for Yokozuna, Ozeki, and East Sekiwake)
  2. A makekoshi guarantees a fall in the ranks (except for Yokozuna and Ozeki)
  3. fusensho, or forfeits due to injury, are counted as losses
  4. some rikishi will fall out of the division due to a poor record at a low rank.  They will be in Juryo, while high ranked Juryo rikishi will be promoted to Makuuchi to take their places.  We’ve included the Juryo ranks and records  for your reference on the attachment.  As well as the ranks and records of Makushita rikshi promoted to the sekitori ranks.
  5. The banzuke is theoretically based on nothing except the rikishis’ performances in the previous basho.  Of course, what makes it difficult to predict (and more interesting for us) is that there is also ‘political’ wrangling going on between the stablemasters in order to make the banzuke.

* – sometimes due to either retirement or promotion to Ozeki/Yokozuna, there may be an uneven amount of maegashira positions.  This will be reflected in each fantasy banzuke document.  (Don’t worry we probably won’t make any mistakes)

Scoring Rules

Here is how it’s scored.  East rankings are always a 1/2 step above West.
How to Score:
a. If you predict Takamisakari to be in Maegashira 5 East, and he is, your score a 0.
b. If you predict Takamisakari to be in Maegashira 5 East, and he’s in Maegashira 5 West, its 1/2 point.
c. If you predict Takamisakari to be in Maegashira 5 East, and he’s in Maegashira 6 East, its 1 point.
d. If you predict Takamisakari to be in Maegashira 5 East, and he’s in Maegashira 11 West, its 6.5 points.                                                                                                                                                         e. If you added someone in your banzuke who isn’t there in the official banzuke because he was placed in Juryo, find out what his rank is in Juryo and count up the points between what you predicted and his real rank.  For example, if you put Sagatsukasa at Maegashira 16 East, and he ends up at Juryo 2 West, that’s 2.5 points (the difference between M16 East and J2 West).
f. Vise versa.  If someone is in the bantzuke whom you didn’t include, total up the points as if you ranked him Juryo 1 East.  So, if Bushuyama is at Maegashira 15 West, but you didn’t put him in the banzuke, assume you would have placed him at Juryo 1 East, and add 1.5 points (the difference between M15 West and J1 East).                                                                                                              g. In the rare case of a tie, the most consecutive spot on predictions, starting from Yokozuna West and continuing down, will win.

In the end you total your points and whoever has the least total points is not only the winner of Fantasy Bantzuke and worthy of praise, but will get a throw away mention from the staff here at Sumo and Stogies.

2011 Hatsu Basho Results


1st Keishikazawa – 20.5 (44 including Juryo)

2nd Matagidan 31

3rd Matagiyama – 31.5 (51.5 including Juryo)

4th Mataginoshin – 40

2010 Kyushu Basho Results


1st Keishikazawa – 34

2nd Matagiyama – 36.5

3rd Mataginoshin – 47.5

4th Matagidan – 64

2010 Aki Basho Results


1st Matagiyama – 35.5

2nd Mataginoshin – 37

3rd Keishikazawa – 43.5

2010 Nagoya Basho Results


1st Keishikazawa – 21.5pts

2nd Matagiyama –35pts

3rd Matagidan –42.5pts

4th Mataginoshin – 75.5pts

2010 Natsu Basho Results

1st Keishikazawa/Matagiyama – 41.5pts

2010 Haru Basho Results

1st Keishikazawa – 30pts

2nd Matagiyama – 40pts

3rd Matagidan – 42pts

4th Hajinochikara – 68pts(or something ridiculous like that)

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