Sumo & Stogies Quizes

Think you got the stones to make it to the big leagues?  Well, none of us probably do, but it doesn’t mean you can’t know your stuff inside and out.  Test yo’ skills, readers.  Questions will get harder in each quiz.  Each Quiz has 15 questions, scores will be averaged at the end of the 7 quizes.  Scores and answers will be posted in the links below the quizes.

  • Day 0: Maezumo. Click Here (basic trivia)
  • Day 1: Jonokuchi. Click Here (mixed trivia)
  • Day 2: Jonidan. Click Here (rikishi)
  • Day 3: Sandanme. Click Here (rules & regs)
  • Day 4: Makushita. Click Here (yokozuna)
  • Day 5: Juryo. Click Here (heya)
  • Day 6: Makuuchi. Click Here (advanced mixed trivia)

For the answers to the quizzes click here.


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