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Hatsu Basho 2014 Day 8

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first basho of 2014, the Hatsu. As always this basho is hosted in the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo. It started last Sunday, but we can only provide select coverage from today. I’ve chosen a select few bouts to cover today, the rikishi of interest.

E-M12 Gagamaru (5-2) vs W-M16 Satoyama (5-2)
Gagamaru notably weighs in under 200 kgs this basho, just. This is a positive thing because he was in need of being able to move faster. Only losing to Yoshikaze on Day 1, and Fujiazuma on Day 6 he comes into today with a 6-2 record. Continue reading

Kyushu Basho 2013 Day 8

S&S DeGamaBack from the grave thriller style though I know its not quite the right month, its everybody’s favorite spicy piece of filth: de Gama!  Sky rockets are in flight today as I am about to serve you some Afternoon Delight.  Its what I do… do you want a scone and some tea.  That’s right you do, you old bird.  Why don’t you just take this sausage [roll] and this god damn Americano.  Anyways I digress, I started off this morning feeling so polite until after I showered where I continued to rub sticks and stones together until the sparks ignite.  I would say that the thought of rubbing you is getting me so excited, however to be perfectly fair we all know the only person I thought of rubbing was in fact myself.  So without further ado lemme get that chili oil because this rubbing is about to get real spicy!

  Continue reading

Nagoya 2013 Day 10

MatagiyamaLeaderboard: Hakuho 9-0, followed by Kotooshu and Kaisei at 8-1.

M16E Tokushoryu (3-4) vs. J1E Takanoiwa (5-2): first Continue reading

Nagoya 2013 Day 6

S&S DeGamaComing back for the second time this week it is none other than everyone’s favorite spicy sweaty little love bear, De Gama.  I can hear the crowds going on about as loud as when a comedy gives an awkward joke on stand up night.  Continue reading

Nagoya 2013 Day 5

photo unavailable“My Aunt is crazy. Her house is covered in pictures of Princess Diana. And they’re all from right after the accident.”

Now you may ask yourselves what this has to do with sumo. It’s a perfectly reasonable question. I’m not going to judge you for thinking too much into things. I might. We will see. The answer is that it has nothing to do with sumo. It’s funny because she is dead. She was hot, what a waste.

On that note, I should introduce myself. Continue reading

Nagoya 2013 Day 3

S&S DeGamaWell its that time again.. What time, you ask? I say Natsu, you say Basho….Natsu (Basho) Natsu (Basho). And we’re off to the third day of men fuddling about in oversized diapers throwing sand and trying to take control of another man in order to score well.  Its called sumo, folks.  Before get down and dirty I want to mention a few things. Continue reading

Nagoya Basho 2013 Pre Basho Wind-up

MatagisawaIt’s been a hot and humid (not to mention rainy as hell… i can barely hear the TV over the downpour) start to summer this year in Japan, and it’s about to get hotter.  Sunday begins the Nagoya basho.  Always one of my favorites.  Not only do we have a few interesting storylines going on, but the myriad of “the clay is really slippery in all that humidity” excuses will soon be tingling in our ears.  We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so lets get wet. Continue reading