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Hatsu Basho 2014 Day 8

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first basho of 2014, the Hatsu. As always this basho is hosted in the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo. It started last Sunday, but we can only provide select coverage from today. I’ve chosen a select few bouts to cover today, the rikishi of interest.

E-M12 Gagamaru (5-2) vs W-M16 Satoyama (5-2)
Gagamaru notably weighs in under 200 kgs this basho, just. This is a positive thing because he was in need of being able to move faster. Only losing to Yoshikaze on Day 1, and Fujiazuma on Day 6 he comes into today with a 6-2 record. Continue reading

Kyushu Basho 2013 Day 8

S&S DeGamaBack from the grave thriller style though I know its not quite the right month, its everybody’s favorite spicy piece of filth: de Gama!  Sky rockets are in flight today as I am about to serve you some Afternoon Delight.  Its what I do… do you want a scone and some tea.  That’s right you do, you old bird.  Why don’t you just take this sausage [roll] and this god damn Americano.  Anyways I digress, I started off this morning feeling so polite until after I showered where I continued to rub sticks and stones together until the sparks ignite.  I would say that the thought of rubbing you is getting me so excited, however to be perfectly fair we all know the only person I thought of rubbing was in fact myself.  So without further ado lemme get that chili oil because this rubbing is about to get real spicy!

  Continue reading

November Kyushu Basho 2013 Day 4

I’d like to start of this report today by taking you back to Day 2. Kotoshogiku faced off against Shohozan, or Shohoxan as Bertrum referred to him as, although I do expect that was a typo.

Kotoshogiku totally overpowering the Ox, with all forward moving sumo. But after the bout he was in a lot of pain, holding his right shoulder. Murray Johnson thought it looked like a dislocated shoulder but after being taken to hospital it was announced that he tore his pectoral muscle, what you or me might call pecs. Either way he was told it’s going to take 3 months to heal correctly!

My beef with the reports about his injury is how he managed tear the muscle. Continue reading

Aki 2013 Day 2

MatagisawaLong time no see.  Time for day two.  You’ll have to excuse my business-like manner today.  No time for comedy.  Only sumo, and perhaps a cheeky glass of whisky.

Down in Juryo Chiyomaru picked up his first sekitori win over Takanoyama, meat ‘n ‘taters oshidashi.  Osunaarashi got into a sorority-style slap fight with Asasekiryu.  Boody came out on top with a katasukashi. Next was the best mata ever.  Chiyonokuni literally leap frogged completely over Sokokurai, made it all the way to the tawara then had to jog all the way back around to the shikirisen.  Sokokurai was all over this one.  Shifted right at the tachiai and worked his way back for an impressive uwatenage.  Now on to makuuchi. Continue reading

Aki 2013 Day 1

MatagisawaHave to apologize ahead of time.  We are on a skeleton crew this basho.  Valentine is still gettin back into life in the states, and DeGama and Bertrum are busy rolling each others sausages.  (They can’t keep their hands off the sausage since the wedding.) Connolly, Johnson, and I will hold down the fort as best we can.  So let’s get things started with day 1.

We’ll start the day off in The lower ranks.  Musashimaru’s nephew Musashikuni won today by an EXCEEDINGLY slow oshidashi.  Slow as it was the technique was sound.  Takanoyama picked up a win over Tanzo via arm bar which he then turned into okuridashi.  Satoyama had a possible injury to his right hand after his win over Kagamio.  Osunaarashi fell to Azumaryu after not being able to produce with his tsuppari.  Chiyonokuni is back after his ball crushing injury, out of the gates he looked goo, but Kyokushuho won via slap down.  Last, Sokokurai was looking in control but at the bales he lost to Takanoiwa by utchari.  Now on to makuuchi. Continue reading

Nagoya 2013 Day 14

Chalmers here, again!  As we all saw yesterday, Hakuho has taken his 27th yusho, though I think (I KNOW) I was mistaken when I said he’d taken the record for most consecutive Yusho from Asashoryu.  That was my mistake!  I think was just over zealous since I haven’t been watching sumo for a while (had to finish up some grad school priorities).  So, just to clarify, it’s his third consecutive of his current run, but possibly extending his zensho yusho record to 11.  Needless to say, he’s still untouchable.  Much apologies for the confusion!!! Continue reading

Nagoya 2013 Day 13

Aloha kakou, Sumo Geeks! Chalmers reporting from sunny Hawaii!  It’s good to be back for this summer basho!  Today was certainly a scorcher, by Hawaii standards!  It may have even hit the low 90’s, or low 30’s for the rest of the uninitiated world.  And I am supposed to be living on the cool side of paradise!  On with the show Continue reading