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Hatsu Basho 2014 Day 8

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first basho of 2014, the Hatsu. As always this basho is hosted in the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo. It started last Sunday, but we can only provide select coverage from today. I’ve chosen a select few bouts to cover today, the rikishi of interest.

E-M12 Gagamaru (5-2) vs W-M16 Satoyama (5-2)
Gagamaru notably weighs in under 200 kgs this basho, just. This is a positive thing because he was in need of being able to move faster. Only losing to Yoshikaze on Day 1, and Fujiazuma on Day 6 he comes into today with a 6-2 record. Continue reading

Kyushu Basho 2012: Day 13

“We couldn’t see the crucial body parts”—Stuart Adkin’s quote of the day.

Continue reading

Aki 2012 Day 11

Due to my work hours and lack of internet at home, I have been relying on the NHK late night recap of makuuchi bouts for my reports, and for general watching.  These come on at different times every night, but almost always after 2:00am.  It’s good, because I can watch the bouts without having internet.  However, I think this might be having some adverse effects on me.  I had a dream after Hakuho’s loss to Tochiozan.  In this dream I got drunk at a rikishi Continue reading

Virgil Valentine’s Summer Basho Top Ten

Wait for it…and bam!!!  Virgil Valentine’s Natsu Basho 2012 Top Ten… Continue reading

Natsu Basho 2012 Day 4

This morning I woke up in a daze. I looked to my right and saw a blackboard. I looked to my left and saw three anekomushi going about their usual business. I remembered going to bed, but it wasn’t so long before. The taste of nihonshu flashed enough memories my way to remember where I was, Yagisawa, a super-remote, mountain area with a population of just 15 people. Last night I was drinking with the yougest Continue reading

May Technical Examination Basho: Day 3

After an honest day at work, I drive home and naturally my mind dwells upon the the reporting I’m about to write up – particularly as it’s been A WHILE! Tired, at first I give off a long sigh… I sit meself down, get comfortable. Then good Old Taylor decides to pay a visit, and so I have a good chat with him. Conversation done, it’s then time for the sumo. However, a change appears inside as I watch the Juryo. I get excited again, the blood pumps, fists clench and eyes try not to blink as I am awed at some of the bouts. I realise that I have been missing the Sumo more than i thought, and glad that it’s back on the telly. Continue reading

Hatsu Basho Day 15: Senshuraku

So the final day of Sumo has finally arrived.  With more than half of the pack in their cars driving home for most of the day, it was good to sit down watch some sumo and enjoy this beverage kindly given to me by a distinguished gentlemen from South Africa.  Now some people may say that the rains are blessed in Africa among other things, but perhaps it was only this fine drink.  Continue reading