Laphroaig 10 year Original Cask Strength


Review by Keisikazawa

For my first whisky review I’m going to start with something manly.  Anyone who knows whisky knows that Laphroaig is a peaty, smoky Islay scotch.  However the 10 year cask strength is a different animal altogether.  At 57.3% alcohol its significantly stronger than the standard of 40%, which is evident in the taste.  There is a bit of alcohol burn but not quite as much as one might expect.  This is an extremely fragrant whisky.  A few drops of water really unlock the flavors in this one, and that’s the way I prefer the cask strength.  However, a single ice-cube does wonders as well.  It poured a deep gold color and the initial aroma was heavy peat with hints of honey.  The body is full, oily, rich and warm.  The taste is certainly that of an Islay whisky, lots of smoke up front, with a twang of honey and wood that was almost vaguely medicinal.  This whiskey finishes strong with a lingering warm and spicy, yet soft and sweet feeling.  The cask strength was ranked best scotch in the world back in 2005 for a reason.  I had a few drams of this with a Monecristo Tubos back in November, and with a Cohiba Siglo III in January.  The leathery, and subtle flavors of the Tubos worked as a good contrast, where as the complex flavor profile of the Siglo III was a good match.  This is a great whisky for drinking at home, but I wouldn’t recommend carrying this one around in a flask, as the potent aroma will certainly alert anyone when you try to take a discreet sip.

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